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 Grimm Cafe (Open)

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PostSubject: Grimm Cafe (Open)   Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:31 pm

Adélaïde Shivanson sat behind the counter of the sweet shop with her feet on the glass display case, which was currently displaying delicacies that ranged from cakes to sandwiches. The cafe itself was impressive as well, with stained glass windows, wooden flooring and paneling, and intricate paintings all over the old looking walls.  
Adélaïde sighed and cracked her neck, she was in a good but lazy mood that day from being overworked as of late. She used her tail to reach behind her and pick up her scroll, jacking in her headphones and putting on the new "Daft Grimm" album whilst humming the music slightly. "Yeah, these guys are pretty good" She thought, wishing slightly that there was more main stream bands who used bagpipes in there music (So that her instrument would finally be relevant)
She looked around at the tables with there pretty doilies and carvings before standing up at the loud bell ringing that showed that some hungry customer had decided to step into the beautiful cafe.
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Grimm Cafe (Open)
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