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 Alban Skyn

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PostSubject: Alban Skyn   Alban Skyn Icon_minitimeSat Dec 07, 2013 7:00 pm


Name: Alban Skyn

Age: 62

Gender: Male


Occupation: Wanderer.

Appearance: Alban is a massive dragon faunus. He stands at an even eight feet, towering over most others. His silver hair is cut fairly short all around, in a simple style. Gray eyes glance forward, and often downward. His skin has patches of very durable scales, giving him some protection. This is made up by the lightweight but powerful armor covering his left arm, shoulders, and legs. His fingers are clawed, with his left arm being covered in armor, strengthening his claws for when he strikes with them. The armor over his hand can retract, moving out of the way, giving him full use of his hands. Two large, powerful gray-white wings extend out of his back. His age, while older than many, is deceptive, as he looks to be much younger, perhaps around 35.

History: Alban was born in a land of snow, far to the north. He lived a reasonably normal childhood in his homeland, having lived in the faunus sector of the town. He was raised believing that the segregation was the best way to maintain peace and happiness between the who peoples. It kept the humans and faunus together, but seperate enough to keep them safe from each other. There was little hostility between the two when they did meet, just uncomfortableness from both sides. Perhaps they would eventually learn to tolerate each other more easily and one day remove the separation entirely. Or so Alban had hoped. A radical group of faunus eventually gained power, and started getting violent. The human's reaction was extreme, and they killed the entire group plus a fair number of innocents as well, before they were stopped. Since that incident, faunus never left their sector of town. Alban became the first exception to this rule, when he was 24 years old. He met with several human members of the city, and worked with them on behalf of the faunus to create new rules and laws that would provide more rights to Faunus. However these rules couldn't erase the history between them, and racism and hatred held back progress. After five years of struggling, Alban left the city to explore the world and see firsthand how Faunus are treated elsewhere.

He spent about 20 years wandering, moving from city to city and Kingdom to Kingdom, learning all he could about the interactions between faunus and humans. His stature and appearance protected him from many who would normally look down upon him, as few were willing to make comments about someone almost twice their height and over three times their weight. Upon returning to his homeland, he learned that a large group of the faunus population had decided to leave and build their own town in the forest nearby. This forest, however, was known for its high number of Grimm. They believed that by staying near the edge of the forest, the attacks would be lessened, and they could defend against them. The village was slowly weakened every attack, and eventually they were forced to give up their idea. Abandoning the town, the survivors returned to the city but met new resistance from the humans. Many were glad to see them gone, and didn't want them to return. Alban's return heralded change in this, though,  as Alban brought his wealth of worldly information to both sides, and once again worked with them to find a solution, however temporary, to the issues at hand. Most were uncertain that things would work out, but for several years, it was stable and people were happy. Small groups that despised the other species still existed, but they remained small and mostly non-violent. After these years, Alban's wanderlust called him once more, and he left, and has yet to return.

He has spent his recent years learning more about Vale and its politics, along with a only somewhat known organization dedicated to maintaining peace between the Kingdoms and various factions. But, knowing these things were not his battle, he has maintained his distance, preferring to study and research the events rather than influence them.

Personality: Alban is a calm, collected man. He is friendly whenever possible, but tends to keep his distance from strangers, as his size can also be quite intimidating to someone not expecting him. His calm demeanor is maintained in nearly any situation, as it is difficult to scare such a large creature. Whenever the opportunity arises, he attempts to sneak puns into conversations. They are often quite bad.

He is a strong proponent of peace, and believes faunus and humans will one day be free of the racial distinctions that separate them. He appreciates the way they White Fang operated in the past, and worked along side them for several years before discovering their shadier side, and eventually the violent side in recent years. His interaction with them has left him bitter about his own people, but he tries not to let it get to him. Alban maintains his calm demeanor in nearly any situation, as it is difficult to scare such a large creature.

Strengths: Alban is huge. And with that extreme size comes extreme strength. He can easily lift massive objects with little effort.

The dragon wings on his back have a great wingspan and allow Alban to fly. This flying however is very clumsy, and aerial maneuvers are not likely to happen. Its usefulness in close quarters combat is limited due to this.

Alban is wise. He's spent a long time exploring, wandering, and learning what he can about the world. He understands how many things work, both politically and mechanically.

Weaknesses: Alban is huge. Huge things are easy to hit. His maneuverability in the air and on the ground is limited by his size, his armor, and his combat style. He likes to get up close for the kill, and his ranged weapon does little damage, as its purpose is to assist him in catching his target. He also struggles with hot weather and heat in general, preferring much cooler climates.

Semblance: Chillwind: Alban emits a freezing aura, chilling those near him. It becomes more difficult to move while chilled, and people tend to move more slowly, both defensively and offensively. Alban also gains icy armor around his body, yielding increased defenses. These effects are one and the same, he cannot have the armor without the aura, and he cannot exclude allies from its effects. As such, he tends to fight alone.

General Combat Abilities: Alban has seen a lot of combat. He makes use of his experience to judge his enemies quickly, and activates his semblance if he believes its needed. He fires the cannon mode of his weapon at an enemy whenever they are far away, in an attempt to slow them down so he can catch up.  He prefers fighting within the frozen area his cannon makes, but won't fire the weapon in melee range, as he can be affected by it. Once he closes in, his mace makes extremely powerful blows while his left arm makes quicker, but still strong claw attacks. He uses the armor on his left arm as a shield to block attacks.


Name: Blizzkrieg

Storage Form: Blizzkrieg is stored in its primary form, attached to Alban's belt on his left side.

Primary Form: The primary form of Blizzkrieg is a large morning star, wielded in one hand usually by Alban. The design is quite simple, with a large shaft leading up to a spike covered rounded head. The total length of the weapon is about five and a half feet, making this weapon very, very heavy. The strikes from it are extremely effective against armor, and will typically knock opponents back, especially if they aren't ready for the amount of force that's coming.

Secondary Form/Function: The secondary form is a large cannon. The Mace expands forming a wide looking tube, resembling a cannon or bazooka. In this mode, it can fire large amount of snow, mixed with ice dust. When the ball contacts something, it explodes, freezing a large area around it. The frozen terrain is slick and hard to walk on without boots that give good traction, and there are small spikes and icicles protruding everywhere, making it even more dangerous.

Being directly hit by this slow moving attack can cause severe pain and flash freezing, but generally won't be fatal.

History: Alban used a simple mace for several years during his travels, slowly becoming more proficient with it. Over time, he came to realize that he needed an additional weapon, and had a weaponsmith in Vale forge Blizzardkrieg for him, in exchange for various goods, money, and services. He has had the weapon for almost 30 years, and visits his good friend at the forge whenever he is in Vale.

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PostSubject: Re: Alban Skyn   Alban Skyn Icon_minitimeSat Dec 07, 2013 8:03 pm

Besides the weapon name, I see nothing wrong with this. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Alban Skyn   Alban Skyn Icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 12:40 am

Approved. Terrible punny weapon name. We'll live with it.

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PostSubject: Re: Alban Skyn   Alban Skyn Icon_minitime

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Alban Skyn
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