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 Olivia Yakolev

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PostSubject: Olivia Yakolev   Olivia Yakolev Icon_minitimeSun Nov 10, 2013 11:47 pm


Name: Olivia Yakolev

Age: 28

Gender: Female


Occupation: Private Guard, Mercenary

Appearance: Olivia is 5'4”(162cm) tall and weighs 115 lbs(52kg). Her hair is a faded white color, with a few random strands of black. Its cut to stay out of her face as much as possible, but is quite long and usually kept loose, but occasionally in a single ponytail. Her temples have been replaced with jacks, implants to connect her interface headband. She has green eyes.

Her standard attire is dark green pants with heavy boots over them, and a black leather belt. A black shirt is worn over a leather, green, long sleeve mini-jacket, revealing her midriff tattoos on the sides of her body. Thin black gloves cover her hands, and on her wrists are two metallic bracers, small in length but they appear to contain a fair bit of technology and armor. On her back is a large leather bundle, designed to hold her many weapons. Her throwing knives are kept on her thighs and the back of her belt.

History: Olivia was born in a Dust town in a kingdom that is not Vale. This town was right on the edge of a large dust quarry and mining area, so they had plenty of Dust shops setup. The town wasn't very big, however, and security was low at best. Crime was high. She never had much interest in Dust, and as she grew up there, she became more and more interested in fighting, and various weapons. Her family owned a Dust shop, so she was used to robberies and thieves. She was almost sucked into their world when some of her school friends went down that path, but she made an easy mistake and was caught by a police member. It was a minor infraction, but her parents were furious. They argued a great deal, and this event caused her to become isolated from her friends and family.

However, her combat skills continued to grow, and eventually she caught the eye of a member in the Kyronic order, which was an opportunity to leave her tiny hometown and get some real combat practice in. At the age of 17, she learned that her father was killed by a Grimm beowolf while he was outside the town. This caused her to want to learn to be a huntress, and as such, she joined Beacon Academy using help from the Order, and her excellent combat skill. She was placed into Team Kyanos, and by being forced to interact with these other three, they eventually became her new friends. And only ones at that. After graduating, she stayed with the team and worked with the Order for several years.

Personality: Olivia is quiet, and keeps to herself. She typically only talks to her teammates, or friends, but they are few in number. She will avoid direct conversation unless its needed, but won't flat out ignore people. She also has a very heavy accent, different from Vale citizens. It is occasionally difficult to understand her.

Strength: High defense in melee. Olivia can fight with up to five weapons at once at close range, making it hard to land a strike on her.

Her small stature allows her to avoid many attacks more easily, and gives her improved stealth ability.

Weakness: Olivia's small stature comes with penalties, however. She isn't very strong, relying on speed and quick strikes to defeat her target.

Damaging, disabling, or removing her bracers or headband would also cause her to lose the ability to control three of her weapons. These things don't come off very easily though, when the wearer is trying to stab you with a bucket of swords.

Her personality also leaves a lot to be desired. She has difficulty holding conversations with people, as she is usually disinterested.

Semblance: Shunpo. Olivia can teleport instantly from her current location to another one. The range on this ability is only 10 feet, however, and cannot travel directly through solid walls, or otherwise non-passable objects. She's able to do it several times in a row, but each time it becomes harder and harder without taking a break.

General Combat Abilities: Olivia's combat style focuses on slowing or stopping an enemy with her throwing knives, then getting close, making large series of attacks, jumping around her target, and repeating. When she needs to rest, she will back off and take a defensive stance, using her pistols to harass opponents.


Name: Full House

Primary Form: Full House is a set of five swords. Two of the swords are short bladed and ornately designed. The handle can shift positions to switch into firing mode, in which the weapons become pistols, firing rounds from a barrel in the middle of the blade. The accuracy of the pistols is not very high, so they are typically used only in close and mid range combat. The five blades are stored on her back, with two pointing left, one pointing right, and the two ornately designed ones over her right shoulder.

Secondary Form/Function: The other three swords in the set are medium length blades that fold in half when being stored, allowing them to be used as blunt weapons. Their crossguards have a faint glow when they are active, signaling Olivia's control over them. These three swords are able to fly around, but must remain within a 5 foot radius field being generated by Olivia's bracers. They can be controlled by Olivia using neural interface, which is connected via implants in her temples. She has a removable headband that attaches itself to both these implants, and is held on by her ears and by wrapping around the back of her head.

Third Form/Function: Olivia's final weapon is a set of throwing knives, tipped with ice dust which are used to freeze the limbs of opponents.

History: Olivia trained herself in the use of swords and pistols, due to crime being high in her hometown. She received some official training with the police force, and eventually went to join the Kyronic Order, where she had her weapons upgraded. Upon attending Beacon Academy with excellent combat exam scores, she met Nathan, a teammate, and he built her the second half of the set.

Team Kyanos: Kirkka Scarlet Olivia Yakolev Nathan Khrysos Sacha Cichlid
Other Things: Kaali Charen Alban Skyn Event/Moderator
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Auto-approved without reading so I can claim I've done Approvals.


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Approved, not counting Vox's as a real approval though.
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