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 Nathan Khrysos

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PostSubject: Nathan Khrysos   Nathan Khrysos Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 10:55 pm


Name: Nathan Khrysos

Age: 32, Born on the 11th day of the 4th month.

Gender: Male

Symbol: Black background, golden brown colored great sword pointing upward, with the image of a hunting rifle on the blade.


Appearance: Nathan is 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 189 pounds, is well built, with short spiky black hair. He wears a brown and dark orange jacket over a brown and grey long sleeve shirt. Camouflage cargo pants. A large metallic gauntlet on each forearm, and a heavy sniper rifle on his back. The inside of his jacket has several small pouches, likely to carry ammo or various small tools. On the back of his jacket is his symbol in gold.

Personality: Nathan is very patient and calm at all times. His favorite things are talking, and eating potatoes. He can often be seen eating one, and usually talking while doing so. His manners are... sub par. He once offered a half eaten potato to a strange girl he'd never seen before, after barging into this couple's room without warning or permission. He greatly enjoys fighting. Not killing exactly, just the fast paced action of combat. While he doesn't actually believe he is the greatest man alive, he does try to convince others of the "fact". Also he really likes potatoes.

History: Nathan is from the Kingdom of [REDACTED], but his family moved to Vale when he was eight years old. His father was a game hunter, and Nathan enjoyed hunting as well, going with him on many of his trips. He eventually became well-versed in long range rifles, and while at Signal Academy, made use of his affinity for technology, by designing Hyperion during his years there. He continuously upgrades/changes it when he can. Upon graduating Signal, he and his friend Uilliam were accepted into Beacon Academy. He graduated with average grades, due to a lack of studying and too much time hanging out eating potatoes.

After Beacon, Nathan and his whole team left the Kingdom of Vale for unknown reasons, but returned about a year later. Not much is known about him between then and now, except that he has joined the Beacon Guard recently, and Ozpin isn't super excited about it.

Strength: Patience. Nathan has nearly infinite patience, which he got from his father, and from being a hunter. A wizard of technology. Technology just comes naturally to him. He's good at figuring things out on the fly and such. In case it wasn't implied, he's also really good at sniping.

Weakness: Nathan is loud, and generally ill-mannered. In combat, he lacks expertise in close range combat, preferring sniping from a distance. If he does engage up close, he makes slow, powerful attacks at the expense of defending himself. This lack of defense has come from being a teammate of Kirkka Scarlet, who focuses heavily on tactics and defense.

General Combat Tactics: Nathan's combat tactics are fairly straight-forward. Be sneaky, find a nice sniping spot, and lay in wait. In melee combat, however, his tactics change quite a bit. He makes a show of his attacks, ensuring they are flashy. His gauntlets and great sword are large, flashy weapons to complement flashy giant swings. Due to this, a lot of his attacks are slower but hard hitting. He tries to avoid melee combat when possible, as he doesn't tend to excel at it like he does with long range combat.


Name: Hyperion

Hyperion Rifle(Minus the wires going into the FACE:

Primary Form: Hyperion in its standard form is in three parts: a heavy sniper rifle, and dual gauntlets on his arms. The sniper rifle is capable of firing a wide range of shots, all custom made by Nathan. He keeps ammunition in cases kept on the inside of his jacket. In his array, he has rounds tipped with different types of dust, smoke shots, flash shots, and explosive rounds. The weapon's scope is very advanced, featuring both thermal and night vision, variable zoom, and range finding.

Secondary Form/Function: The dual gauntlets on Nathan's arm are large on the topside, but remain out of his way when wielding his rifle. On the bottom side are handles that flip up and into his palm. When like this, Nathan is able to charge the gauntlets with electricity, to make electrical powered attacks. When an attack connects, two large spikes on the sides of his fist extend at high speed into the target for additional damage.

Third Form/Function: Hyperion's three parts can be combined into a single weapon. The rifle extends along the barrel, forming a massive blade, while the stock and gauntlets shift into a hilt and guard, forming a great sword. The sword is charged with electricity in this form, and can be swung for high damage but slow attacks. Nathan typically doesn't make use of this often in serious combat, due to the fact that he isn't as skilled with a blade as with his rifle.

History: Originally a hunting rifle his father let him use, it has been completely rebuilt several times. In Signal, he modified the weapon to be able to fire dust tipped rounds safely, and in his later years there, built the gauntlets. They were simply called Shock Gauntlets when they were made, as Nathan had not yet modified them all to combine. After he graduated, however he did that. And decided to consider all three parts one weapon. Hyperion.

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Nathan Khrysos
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