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 Kaali Charen

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PostSubject: Kaali Charen   Kaali Charen Icon_minitimeSun Feb 16, 2014 1:02 am


Name: Kaali Charen

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Symbol:A spear laid over a flowing river.

Occupation: Third Year Student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Kaali is a cat faunus, featuring black ears sticking out of her neck length dark grey hair, and a black furred tail. She stands at 5'6", weighing around 138 pounds. Her green eyes are covered by oval shaped rimless glasses. A bracer on her left arm matches the colors of her spear. She typically wears a dress shirt under a black dress coat, featuring her symbol on the left breast pocket. Pants accompany these things, and very occasionally a short skirt over the pants. She always carries her scroll and a pad of paper with pen with her for communication.

When faced with combat situations, the only main difference is the large case she carries on her back. Her spear is attached to this case, unless she doesn't have the case, in which it is strapped to her back.

Face Claim: Sanya V Litvyak

History: Kaali was born in Ascevis, a small town outside the Kingdom of Vale. Built on a large holm in the middle of a river, the town has a natural barrier against threats from the outside. Kaali's family has been in charge of ferrying both supplies and people to and from the mainland.

Born mute, due to an unknown cause at the time, Kaali spent much of her time reading and studying. She became quite fascinated with the technology of the world, but was unable to actively pursue such interests, as her father wished her to continue their family tradition. So she was forced to train for basic combat with a spear and staff and how to handle a boat in the river. She never disliked these things, but found herself wishing she was on land studying more about mechanics and technology.

As time passed, Kaali and her mother convinced her father to let her move to Vale live with her aunt, uncle and two cousins and attend Signal Academy. Father agreed, only because her brother was remaining behind to carry on the tradition. Kaali enrolled at Signal Academy after a few months of living in the city of Vale. Kaali wondered how people could live in a tiny city such as Ascevis when places like Vale existed. Her light combat training helped her get started, but it was her mechanical and technical knowledge that led her to excel during her stay at the combat school. She constantly tinkered with things, from her own weapon to others, and became fairly popular because it. Popular for her skills, not as a friend, however. The combination of being a faunus in Vale and being unable to speak made it extremely difficult to make friends. But as the years went on she gained a few of them, keeping her happy enough as she was never very keen on social interactions in the first place. Eventually constructing the first version of a beam cannon, she decided she would focus on turning it into some kind of portable device she could use to compliment her in combat.

During her final year at Signal, she completed the first iteration of Daedalus. It couldn't walk, and had to be manually aimed, but those things were all rectified when she graduated and headed to Beacon Academy. Only one of her friends went with her, and as they were on separate teams, they eventually grew apart. She is now a third year student at the Academy, and has done nothing but continue to study and construct things.

Personality: Kaali is always interested in weapons and any form of technology or mechanics. She is not the most social person, as she cannot speak freely and must write everything down, but she does enjoy spending time with others, as long as she doesn't need to complete her latest project. Since coming to Vale, she tends to be cautious around others, especially humans, due to her faunus heritage.

Strength: Natural Engineer: Kaali simply 'gets' technology. Simply looking at something can give her excellent understanding of how something works.

All Around Okay: Kaali is not exceptional in strength or agility, instead possessing very even levels of both things. She is strong enough to carry her somewhat heavy equipment, and fast enough to effectively use her spear, but is outclassed by high strength or high agility targets.

Mute: Being unable to speak freely makes it easy to focus on tasks instead of idly chatting. Kaali is excellent at focusing on whatever it is she is doing.

Weakness: Mute: Being unable to speak greatly limits communication. People have suggested various things to solve the issue, from medical to technological help, but Kaali has always declined them.

All Around Okay: Kaali is not exceptional in strength or agility, instead possessing very even levels of both things. She is strong enough to carry her somewhat heavy equipment, and fast enough to effectively use her spear, but is outclassed by high strength or high agility targets.

Confidence: Kaali has huge confidence in anything she builds, even if its about to explode in her face. This leads to overconfidence in battle. On the other side of the coin, she has very little confidence in social situations. She typically won't deal with arguments, and instead be silent or just run away from them, metaphorically or physically.

Semblance: Safe Passage: Kaali can choose a single person at a time to guard. It takes a few seconds of concentrating to select this target or change it from one to the other, and she must be in physical contact with the person. The visual effect is a small, circular white glyph on the ground under Kaali's feet that actively points toward her guarded target.

When this person is in immediate danger, Kaali's strength, speed, mental agility and general combat abilities are all increased. Kaali uses this semblance to provide protection for her allies, although it only works on a single target at a time, and if the target of the ability becomes gravely wounded or is killed, Kaali becomes extremely fatigued from the resulting backlash of her semblance. She cannot use it while fatigued, and will have a tough time continuing any fight in such a state.

General Combat Abilities: In combat, Kaali focuses heavily on a single target, deploying her cannon somewhere nearby then keeping suppressive fire up with that. In close range combat, her tactics shift to defensive fighting, trying to get the enemy off balance in some way, so she can back off and paint them for her turret. She is vulnerable to targets that she can't shake, and very long range attacks.

While using her semblance, her tactics remain the same, with the only change being she never strays far from her allies' side.


Name: FBC4a Daedalus

Storage Form: A black square case carried on Kaali's back. A strap on the side holds Kaali's second weapon, a spear. The case straps can be easily undone so it may rest. Small wheels protrude from the bottom, allowing it to be wheeled if needed.

Primary Form: The FBC4a is Kaali's 4th generation deployable laser guided auto cannon. When activated, the case rests on the ground and opens, revealing a lightly armored mess of technology and metal. Four small legs hold up a chain gun and its ammo cartridge, and just above those is a large extending barrel capable for firing a concentrated beam of focused plasma. Kaali is able to manually aim this machine using one of her two laser sights. One is on her arm bracer, and features a scope with a 2x zoom. The second is attached to the end of her spear, but has no scope for increased aiming. Kaali fires the plasma beam cannon as much as she can, as it can do very high damage to whatever it strikes. However, it has a long cooling down and recharging period, and during this downtime she uses the chain gun with its low accuracy to lay down suppressive fire until the primary weapon is charged. The cannon has only light armor, making it an easy target in the field, assuming you can get past Kaali and the stream of bullets and beams coming from it.

Secondary Function/Support Device: Kaali's bracer has a 2x zoom scope on its side, calibrated to help her align her targeting laser. On the underside there are some basic controls, allowing her to remotely communicate with Daedalus. The machine can be undeployed, using its four legs to walk around. It cannot fire at all while walking, and is highly vulnerable.

History: Kaali built her weapon at Signal Academy, and modifies and changes it whenever she has the opportunity. This is currently the 4th complete rebuild of it, the latest changes being the ability to remotely control Daedalus so it can move without her manually doing it.


Name: AX14 Nyx

Storage Form: The spear is stored using straps to attach it to her stored cannon. If she doesn't have Daedalus with her, her spear is either carried by hand or strapped to her back.

Primary Form: A spear with a blackened tip and dark grey handle. Has a small cartridge on the handle to insert vials of dust. Typically ice dust is used to freeze targets or create small barriers and obstacles.

Secondary Function: The spear has a small laser sight on the dangerous side of it, allowing Kaali to aim her deployable weapon, Daedalus.

History: While the current version was built only recently to add the laser sight to it, the dust capable version was constructed during her time at Signal Academy, to replace the spear she had used in her hometown.

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I can't think of anything funny to say. So...2/2 and moved.


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