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 The General Info +Pictures thread!

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The General Info +Pictures thread! Empty
PostSubject: The General Info +Pictures thread!   The General Info +Pictures thread! Icon_minitimeThu Dec 26, 2013 2:02 am

So, essentially, just post who you are, and some general info about yourself (A/S/L type thing).

Picture (it's kind of big):

Age: 25
Location: Utah, USA (GMT -7)
Fun facts:
-I play Smash Bros competitively (have one of the best Zelda's in the US for Brawl)
-I also play DDR competitively (I've slacked a lot recently)
-Was on my high school's dance company (1 guy of a team of 16, that was me)
-Have a black belt in Chun Kuk Do
-Starting up tournament organizing for competitive video gaming in the SLC, UT area (and hopefully going big from there)
-Going to school right now, majoring Accounting, minoring Computer Sciences (still yet to specify further in the those fields)
-BONUS: Video of me playing a custom modded and stepped DDR chart:
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The General Info +Pictures thread!
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