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Frankenstein Joe

Frankenstein Joe

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PostSubject: Milisendis   Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:37 am


Name:    Omega-001 Designation ‘Milisendis’

Age:  3 Months since activation (Visual age of a 30 year old).

Gender:  Female

Symbol:  An Omega symbol.

Occupation: Android Lieutenant of Imperia Orsborn, White Fang Member

Appearance: An Android with black hair, bright blue eyes and a pair of Wolf ears, on the surface she seems like the average Faunus with the exception of a Golden Omega imprinted onto her left cheek. Underneath her synthetic mix of cultured skin cells and rubber covering, she has a metallic endoskeleton is microprocessor controlled, made specifically for combat situations with the limbs having axial drive motors to move. Inside her cranium there would be her main computing systems instead of a brain. Where her heart is would be her main powering unit: A reactor powered by both electricity and dust as a secondary fuel supply. Just above it would be the house for her circulatory systems, a bag of nutrients kept at a constant pressure as it is pumped around her body. This keeps the skin cells from starting to die out and acts like blood, though this needs to be replenished every six hours on average, decreasing with extended amounts of exercise. The covering also has minute pressure pistons beneath it, allowing for her to gain a sense of touch and feeling, though this is not the case around her joints, in case the need for removal for maintenance.  Her clothing outside of her White Fang gear is a Spaulder on her right arm, it looking like a large horn with flaps of fabric coming off of it, giving them the look of feathers. On her left arm has golden armour on it in the shape of two faces. The top one being of a Dragon and the bottom being that of a cow and a feather collar made out bird feathers. The clothing worn with these features usually consists of Cheongsam’s what fit loosely around her body, coloured black and gold, underneath her gown she wears a pair of trousers with a just as ornate design, the golden embroidery of both making them seem at first glance like the trousers were a part of the gown, having the same form of swirls and imagery.

History: First conceived by Imperia Orsborn when she was Eight years old, since then she has been upgraded more and more into her current form. Despite initially having problems with making Milisendis able to go more than a set distance before she shuts down as well as some power problems, when she joined the White Fang, this changed with the help of the resources and members of the group. Changing away from her status as a bodyguard and assassin for Imperia, to that of a reconnaissance android, her dense armour would be replaced with a lighter version yet still strong enough to not be seriously damaged by small arms fire. Her entire endoskeleton having to be replaced and the computing systems updated from the aging systems what had been in for the past three years. Her covering having to be remoulded and replaced, it would be made to make up for the difference in defensive power. With the new computing systems she was given a new personality to help her coordinate with her teammates in the White Fang, no longer refusing to speak to others though the biggest change to her would be the ability to move further from Imperia via the addition of wireless networking added into her ears much like the one she shares with the rest of the Omega androids. After the deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction of her finished, those that had the ability to replicate what she had done to her other than Imperia were silenced and their work destroyed, not allowing any others like her being produced despite her hidden dreams of wanting another one of her kind to speak to.  Since then, she has participated in raids for the White Fang and scouted out their targets for them, continuing to do so to both help their cause to come to fruition and in the small hope of finding more androids to get to know and befriend.  

Personality: Hates humans as a directive, there are only few exceptions for this and it is only if her creator allows it where they become her friends, otherwise they at most are to be used until the need is lost.  Due to having no morality, she has no qualms with killing someone if the need arises, or stealing from someone if the object is wanted. As for Faunus, she is usually friendly, choosing them over humans in an instant if it comes down to one or the other, stemming from both her masters instructions and her nature as a member of the White Fang. Preferring to talk things out instead of going into combat when it is not necessary, this stems into her combat, normally aiming to kill humans yet only injuring Faunus enough to stop them fighting, then treating the injuries after the fight to try and get them to at least listen to her.

Strength:  Her endoskeleton is made out of a metallic alloy, protecting against gunfire towards her body. Her central processing unit allows for tactical analysis for combat to decide the best counter attack needed and can track multiple people in her sight at once, leaving frontal assaults by multiple people ineffective compared to side or back attacks. As her skin lacks any form of nerve vessels, it causes no pain to be felt by Milisendis. Her computing systems and reactors are protected by a faraday cage to protect against electrical attacks. Her skin is made of a compound of both cultured skin cells and rubber, while being able to be cut; it allows for a small layer of protection from bullets and adds shock resistance, though it also has the side effect of decreasing the power of her own punches or kicks significantly. Her eyesight is based from two video cameras with the toggle able ability of thermal vision, meaning she can still see fairly well at night. Has an expert knowledge of Chinese martial arts, using it in combat if disarmed.  

Weakness: Has no semblance or aura, Joints are easily assessable underneath the skin, leading to limbs being removed if struck with even a relatively weak strike into the socket. If parts of her (E.g. Her ‘Blood’) get in her joints or into her camera-eyes then it slows her down until it is removed. When seeing with thermal vision, it means that large flares of heat can blind her or individuals who can lower their temperature to match their surroundings are camouflaged from her. Due to her lack of pain, she would not be able to realise if a limb had been removed unless she had seen it as such, causing attacks to be attempted even though the limb doing it would not be connected to her. While her metallic body does not have any real organs to protect, she is still affected by temperatures; -50 degrees Celsius freezing her circulatory systems, -196 degrees Celsius freezing her in place, 100 degrees Celsius starts to evaporate the fluids in her, 120 starts melting the rubber-skin covering and 1350 degrees Celsius melting her exoskeleton. The ears, serve as a link to Imperia, meaning that the removal of them serve to slow her down and outright stop her if both are removed. While her fuel levels are usually enough to last her through a day, they only allow for thirty minutes of sustained combat in a day before they need to be recharged, causing her to tend to avoid combat altogether. Her cooling systems and nutrient systems also diminish in combat, either through damage to the sheath around her endoskeleton or through increased usage to keep her from suffering necrosis.  Unable to run as it overtaxes her leg’s joint motors, fast walking at most in terms of the average human though even this is limited before she has to slow down, though this is not the case for her arms, letting her block and use her weapon with ease.  

Semblance: None.


Name: Omega’s Finality

Primary Form:  A modified White Fang sword, the modifications were made with spare metal from when she was recently upgraded. The blade now looks more like a Jian than its original form, an array of blue hues what brighten as it gets closer to the tip. It is larger than most Jian, at 1.4m long, and can be used with either one or two hands, depending on the situation.  It has the allowance to use dust in the form of lightning.

Secondary Form:  The electricity emitted by the blade when toggled active takes the colour of the blade and acts like a flame, wisps of electrical energy coming off the blade. These tendrils do not possess enough energy to do any damage more than a static shock to the opponent; however this cannot be said for the electric what courses across her blade. Being more than enough to stun or injure.

Tertiary Form:  None.  

History: Receiving a sword upon her joining of the White Fang, the blade would of received modifications to work with both Imperia and Milisendis’ preferences for combat, serving as a new way of defending themselves against any attackers.
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PostSubject: Re: Milisendis   Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:54 pm

Should be okay, I think, at least once Imperia is edited as well. Tentative approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Milisendis   Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:22 pm

I'll give my solid approval on this.

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PostSubject: Re: Milisendis   

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