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 Liseran Dormirse

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PostSubject: Liseran Dormirse   Tue Dec 24, 2013 1:16 pm

"The futures I've seen have left none for myself and a past...regrettable."

Name: Liseran "Lise" Dormirse

Age: 20. Born on last day of the tenth month.

Gender: Female

Symbol: The Dormirse Seal


Occupation: Student at Beacon/ Librarian of the Vale Archives


An edited version of Ayano Tateyama from Kagerou Project:

Liseran is a tall girl with dark violet hair and pale skin. Standing at 5'7" with a thin frame, Liseran would be considered graceful, but her disheveled attire and unkempt hair make her look otherwise. She wears a carmine cardigan that reaches below her waist and hides most of her hand. On the inside, she wears a white collared blouse with an untied ribbon dangling in the middle. She wears a librarian's skirt and black buckle shoes. On warmer days, she settles for wearing a black sailor outfit trimmed with white, but wears a carmine scarf to keep her from exposing too much neck. The light blue skirt of the outfit is two inches below the knees and shows she's wearing black leggings.

Liseran wears red, thick-rimmed glasses that were made to disguise her heterochromia, a condition that makes her eyes separate colors: blue and green.  Her hair is usually tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon in combat or activities, but she occasionally let's it down while keeping her bangs in place with two clips. Liseran does not wear much jewelry, but one can find a golden ring with a topaz stone in the middle with gilded bells on it placed on her right ring finger. Though not a piece of clothing, she carries a book at all times, though the title will vary on what she's reading at the moment.

Her battle attire is the Dormirse Clan uniform, a long-sleeved light blue mage dress with dark blue ribbon trimming that reaches to just below the elbows. It has a high collared, blue-violet shawl that is tied by a white ribbon with blue-violet stripes and boots that reach midway to the knees.


For years, the Dormirse family was in charge of protecting the Vale Archives, which contained ancient history, government secrets and things that just weren't meant for the human eye. From childhood, a member of the Dormirse family is trained to manipulate Dust and learn basic combat in order to aid in the defense of the archives. They are all also specifically born with a special semblance known as The Remembering which lets them look into various pasts to gain knowledge and unlock the secrets of the present.

One exception to the rule, though, is Liseran. Though already very much past the average age of Remembering, Liseran never acquired it. Instead, she sees unfavorable futures which many of the family members refuse to believe. Whenever she tries to stop such futures from happening, it only leads to the misfortune itself and therefore making her the one to blame. Left as an orphan, she was ostracized by most of her extended family members and lived alone. She believes the only way to prove herself is to become the best protector of the archives.

When a mysterious group of strangers actually succeed in taking a precious item from the protected library, Liseran sets off to find it alone and is led to Beacon Academy. She stays near the premise in order to find the culprits and is led to believe the thieves are a set of students from the academy. She decides to apply as a student, pretending to be younger in age, and hopes this will get her closer to them.


Liseran is socially awkward, aloof, clumsy and scatterbrained. When confronting new people, Lise gets extremely nervous and will either remain quiet for the beginning of the conversation, mutter gibberish, or, intensely pressured, flee the scene. Like most members of the Dormirse family, she considers books as her life and will easily shun opportunities to socialize for reading a new book. This is supported by how she pet talks her books and gives each of them a name (e.g. she calls Edith Hamilton's Mythology "Edie"). She also likes to find nice places to daydream and nap (sometimes, unfortunately, in class). When she feels flustered or embarrassed she will rant in a touch-diary while saying it out loud. Aside from reading, Liseran likes to garden and cook.  She also shows a very loving and motherly side when confronted by children.

Liseran will eventually warm up to people when they show no threat and will listen as a good friend. When in a group she trusts, she'll make her way to protect them as much as possible or try to keep them from being unhappy. She cherishes simple pleasures and spending time with those she cares about more than anything in the world.

Strength:  Liseran is highly intelligent and knows how to analyze situations so she can make her way around it. Her keen eye of observation allows her to quickly see weak points and take them head on. She is a  proficient Dust user and can manipulate Dust in high amounts. Lise is also good at attacking in discretion or when the opponent least expects it. Like most students at Beacon, she has a considerable amount of strength, able to damage things severely with weapons (a good example would be how her weapons sliced a stack of books in half when she was furious), though her strength will mostly rely on her speed of attack.

Weakness: Though Lise is critical in analyzing her opponent to find attack opportunities, she is often careless about her defense. She tends to neglect her personal safety and can easily get hit if she's too absorbed in defeating an opponent immediately. She also has little defense abilities and equipment, so she has to rely on quick attack to make up for everything. This is supported by the fact that her weapon is not large enough to block huge blows (e.g. were it hit by a large axe or scythe). Her weapon, the Weeping Cerinthe, needs specific motions in order to conjure an effect and performing them wrongly will be at her disadvantage.

Semblance: The Sight

The Sight is Liseran's semblance, unique from the rest of the Dormirse clan as it looks into the future rather than the past. The Sight allows Liseran to see momentary visions which are mostly those of bad endings. Though it's a semblance, the Sight activates itself randomly at most time, giving her sudden brief visions at the most unlikely of tiems. For more thorough future telling, Lise uses Dust to crystallize water to activate the Sight willfully. Her foretelling of bad things to come using her Sight made her relatives further ostracize her.


Name: Weeping Cerinthe
Cerinthe is Liseran’s primary weapon and consists of a silver bell and a spare black bell handle, both of which can transform into stiletto daggers.

Primary Form: Bell Form [b]

Cerinthe’s bell form consists of a silver bell with a black ivory handle and is used to conjure Dust-related moves by ringing it in certain motions. She uses this with either the spare black bell handle in its dagger form or Briar Rose (her second weapon) in order to enhance spells and moves further. All moves summon the Dormirse seal glyph as the move is performed.

Walker- Uses kinetic dust. If the effect lands on the opponent, it will make the enemy momentarily lose coordination of the body and move randomly in different directions. Summoning pattern consists of striking the bell in the desired direction. When using it on herself, however, it will cast her into her desired direction by pulling her into the air and landing her. Glyph color: white

Binder/Shield- Uses gravitational dust. Casts a binding effect that draws the opponent closer to Lise in order to deal physical blows. Or it can gather opponents together into one spot by increasing gravitational force in an area without affecting herself. Summoning pattern consists of her bell forming a figure "8". Liseran can also create a "shield" by forming the figure "8" counter clockwise and therefore making the Binder spell "repel" instead of "attract". Glyph color: black

Speaker- Sends out a high-pitched ringing sound that may distract opponent in battle temporarily. Summoning pattern consists of bell creating a circle. Glyph color: gold

Waker- Summons a bright fire blast that can physically damage the opponent. Pattern consists of bell forming a figure "7". Glyph color:  orange.

Sleeper- Casts an ice-related move that can physically damage the opponent and freeze in place, depending on which areas of the opponent is hit (e.g. whole body, only the feet, etc.) Summoning pattern consists of forming a diamond shape. Glyph color: light blue

Shiner- Casts an electric current. Summoning pattern consists of bell forming a zigzag pattern.

Sorrowful- A water-related move that will send a small wave to hit the opponent, but not damage to the extent as the other moves. Best used when overwhelmed by multiple opponents. Summoning pattern consists of forming a “tear” shaped patter. Glyph color: dark blue

[b]Secondary Form: Stiletto Form

Cerinthe's bell is collapsible and allows a stiletto dagger’s blade to form. It’s length is about 12 inches in length and its greatest width is one inch. The spare bell handle also forms into the same blade and Liseran can either dual wield them or use the bell form along with the dagger, letting the dagger cast out the effects of the patterns she forms.


Weeping Cerinthe's origins remain in the dark, though Liseran believes it may have been the weapon from an old folktale in the Dormirse clan known as the Lamenting Lady. The lady in the story, Cerinthe, was said to have fallen in love with a bell maker but her duties forbade her from seeing him. When he was killed by her own family members, she poured all her sorrow into the bells and therefore rendered magical properties to it. The Weeping Ringer came into Liseran's hands the same way all Dormirse members do: through assignment from the clan head. It was given to her by the clan head because of her "tragic" nature and because "sorrow enjoys company."

Originally, both bells were still intact, but the second bell was crushed in an important test Liseran had to face.  Liseran now has learned how to conjure Dust magic using a single bell as well as using magic alongside the dagger of the handle.


Name: Briar Rose

Primary Form: Rapier

Briar Rose is 48 inch rifle of white bright sturdy metal with a hand-guard designed to look like a large rose surrounded by foliage and vines. The metal is dust-infused and can be used to conjure dust magic. The dust is manipulated by shifting the petals on the rose at the handle and will charge into the blade.

Summer Rose- Sends out a spiral of fire in the forms of twisting vines that close together to create a large fiery rose that tries to engulf its target in flames.

Winter Rose- Will create ice crystals in the form of large thorny bushes when stabbed against the ground or ice rose vines that entwine and enclose over the target if directly in contact.

Autumn Rose- Sends out blasts of airs in swirling motions and can also create a whirlwind of 5m radius that will spin in a straight direction for 30 seconds. The whirlwind seems to take the form of a rose at its highest point.

Spring Rose- Sends out electric currents against target

Wilted Rose- Uses gravitational dust that appears as vines that grab at the opponents feet and bears them down against the floor.

Lively Rose- Similar to the Walker spell of Weeping Cerinthe, it uses kinetic dust and can charge Liseran forward or even high above the ground with the image of twisting vines propelling or pushing her in the desired direction. She can also use this spell on others to pull them out of harm’s way or stop them from going where they desire to.

Entwined Rose- Sends out the image of black thorny vines that grab at its opponent and holds it where it is or suspended in air, arresting it at its hands and feet.

Thorned Rose- Uses dust to fortify the blade’s strength and deliver an extended piercing parry blow.

SecondaryForm: Gun-Rapier

At the handle of Briar Rose is a gun trigger while the handle itself can be loaded with normal or dust ammunition. The barrel where the ammunition extends from the handguard and uses the blade as a sort of "sliding ramp" to propel it faster into the air and towards its target. It can shoot up to 10 rounds before needing reloading.

History: Briar Rose originally belonged to Liseran’s mother and had been kept in the lower dungeons of the Archives heavily guarded with Grimm. Liseran had to pass four different levels in order to obtain it and she successfully did so and is now its rightful owner by effort and birthright.

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PostSubject: Re: Liseran Dormirse   Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:55 pm

Not entirely sure how the weapon is going to work while RPing, but approved all the same.
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PostSubject: Re: Liseran Dormirse   Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:24 am

In Bell Form it will be more of a long-range attack type and I'll do my best to write out how I fight in future forums if approved. Thank you for your approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Liseran Dormirse   Sun Dec 29, 2013 2:14 am

i'm with amber. approved and moved none the less...

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PostSubject: Re: Liseran Dormirse   Sat Mar 08, 2014 2:28 am


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PostSubject: Re: Liseran Dormirse   Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:09 am

Changes Made to Profile

1. Appearance
-Added spoiler image
-Added different hairstyle
-Added second outfit for “warmer days”

-Edited combat outfit along with link

2. Minor changes to personality
3. Major changes to WEAPONS
-Edited first weapon
i. From two bells to one bell only, hence changing movement patterns as needed
ii. Added colors of glyphs that appear
iii. Edited history to reflect change from two bells to one
-Added second weapon
i. As seen in this paragraph:

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PostSubject: Re: Liseran Dormirse   

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Liseran Dormirse
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