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 Isabelle Kyoto

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PostSubject: Isabelle Kyoto   Isabelle Kyoto Icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 12:56 am


Isabelle Kyoto


Female (Faunus)

None yet, may add one later.

Isabelle is 5 foot 4 and 105 pounds.  She has black, straightened, hair that reaches down to her back.  Like the average feline faunus, her cat ears and tail are visible, both covered in black fur.  She has a small body and a flat chest, one of the many things that she is very self-conscious about.  The clothing that she usually wears consists of a black hoodie with two light blue vertical stripes on it and jean shorts, though she will sometimes be seen wearing other outfits depending on the situation.

Isabelle doesn't normally talk to people she isn't familiar with, unless they confront her, which usually ends in her embarrassing herself by saying something stupid.  Due to the fact that she doesn't really like or trust many people, she often seems to be a very quiet person.  This also causes her to have a hard time making friends, making her become very attached to those who she believes she can trust.  She isn't exactly a straight A student, but has plenty of common sense.  Her Faunus instincts also cause her to be very curious, often to her disadvantage.  While usually appearing to be calm, she has a somewhat short temper.  Obviously, she hates anyone who is racist towards faunus.  Ironically, she tries to avoid any unknown humans when she can, though this is mainly due to growing up in a place with no humans.  She sometimes has trouble understanding modern tech, but is capable of using things like simple wiring or a cell phone.

Isabelle was born in the forest of Forever Fall, inside of a small village that consisted of about eight families total, all made entirely of faunus.  The town was separated from most of modern civilization, no electricity or advanced technology present.  Her father worked in the city for most of her childhood, but refused to tell her anything about it in fear of her wanting to go there.  Her mother was somewhat distant from her; this was because, unknown to Isabelle, that her birth was an accident.

At the age of 13, she decided that she was tired of living separately from the rest of the world.  After stealing her father's machete and a sleeping bag, she left in the middle of the night with no warning to her family.  She followed the path that her father took to get to the city each morning, luckily not encountering any Grimm on the way.  By dawn, she had made it to the outskirts of Vale's commercial district.  Weeks passed, Isabelle spending her nights sleeping on rooftops and various homeless shelters.  She had managed to get a job at a corner store, which was enough to support herself for the time being.

After months of trying to make a life for herself in the city, and beginning to give up, she began to realize that becoming a Huntress would be her best chance of being able to stay there.  Obviously, it would be difficult, but it was worth a shot.  She managed to get into a combat school, graduating four years later, despite having to deal with constant bullying due to her faunus heritage.  After applying for Beacon and successfully getting in, she was beyond relieved that she would be able to stop living on the streets.

Isabelle is very agile, relying on her speed and stealth to take down large enemies.   Typically, when fighting against 1 foe, she uses a single blade, and uses both when fighting multiple enemies.  If unable to block an attack with her sword, she would have to rely on her aura, luckily having a good amount of it to make up for her lack of armor.  Fighting in the dark is one of her specialties, as being Faunus grants her night vision along with enhanced hearing.  Her fighting style can easily be described as hit-and-run, as she can dodge well, but not hit hard.

Because she is very light weight, she isn't able to take many hits without getting knocked down, and is bad at fighting groups of enemies.  Seeing other Faunus in pain is the thing she hates more than anything else, and will become extremely pissed off if she sees anyone threatening one.  She is very self-conscious and easily insulted.  Her over-curiosity often gets her into trouble.  Not good at teamwork due to her trust issues and being reckless when aggravated.  Her temper sometimes gets the best of her.



Primary Form:
Twin swords that are worn on her back when sheathed.  The wooden handles have spikes on the bottom that can be used as temporary weapons as well, though not sharp enough to be lethal.


Secondary Form/Function:
On the inside, each handle contains a battery connected to transformers that increase the voltage.  Small copper wires (also inside the handles) are connected to the transformers and make contact with the bottom of the blade.  There is a small switch on each handle that powers the battery when turned on, sending large amounts of electricity through the blades.  This can be used to increase regular attack damage, or can be used as a non-lethal weapon.

Isabelle created it while in her first combat school; she didn't want to create anything too ridiculous or difficult to replace, so she went with a basic swords.  After entering Beacon, she decided that she'd stand a much better chance against other students and large Grimm if she added some sort of secondary function, resulting in the electric modifications.

The Scaredy Cat - Isabelle Kyoto

The Armless Wonder - Vivian Palladino

The Quiet Trap - Cassidy Nyanza

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Short, but to the point. Just because you're a mod, I'm gonna make you add something. Smile

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Isabelle Kyoto
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