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 Tarra 'Skippy' Rosso

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PostSubject: Tarra 'Skippy' Rosso   Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:40 am


Name: Tarra 'Skippy' Rosso

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Symbol: A pattern of multiple gold swirls creating the image of an eye

Occupation: Ex Huntress, Store Owner

Face claim:
Makoto Nanya:

Appearance: Skippy has shoulder length redwood colored hair with a more blondish colored bangs on either side of her face. She has two deep burnt-orange eyes, seemingly lit up with joy. On top of her head sit two tall squirrel-like ears, the same color as her hair. Skippy's head is constantly darting around looking a new and newer and newest things that she notices around her. On her lower back a great, big, fluffy squirrel-like tail extends about two feet outward and up then finally in a small curl back down. She has a pretty average build for someone of her nature and heritage; She is 5'7'' at 150 lbs. Even when outside of combat Skippy wears her old combat outfit as a person reminder and to protect herself from any extremists that may have negative view about faunas. Her armor consists of almost full body, 10 millimeter thick, dark brown leather armor with golden colored trimmings over top of semi fire retardant cloth. She usually keeps her helmet, which has the same thickness and pattern as well as a protective face mesh, nearby or at hand almost always as a personal reminder. She keeps her weapon holstered on her back inside of a converted arrow quiver now able to hold a pump-action shotgun.

History: Skippy has almost always been the happy faunas she is today. She had grown up wanting to be a Huntress like in the movies she had seen with her mother and older brother.She always dreamed of being a heroine and save people from the terrors of Grimm. Although she eventually realized the real world wasn't exactly as 'fun' as it seemed in the movies. Her first realization of this was in Signal where her best friend had made a miscalculation in a dust canister, causing it to explode and blow her own leg off. Skippy's friend recovered physically but never fully recovered from losing a limb at such a young age. They both, however, moved on to be accepted into Beacon academy and were both placed on become teammates and become part of team TAUP, of which she became leader. As leader she adopted the name "Skipper" which slowly transitioned into "Skippy" and she has been using that pseudonym ever since. Her first, second, and third years all went by with relative ease as she showed more and more traits of becoming an exception huntress. It was on her fourth year that she experience that she had her second reminder that she wasn't in a movie. During her teams final Hunters exam, her team was assigned to eliminate a large Trectahorn that had been roaming the cliffs to the north of Alden's Valley. When they arrived that found the reports had not been lying, the beast had to be at least twenty feet tall with bone plating covering most of its body. After a long and hard battle They has finally able to defeat it by blinding it and forcing it to charge off the cliffs into the murky water. TAUP's came at the cost of one of their own, Pearl had been driven through her gut by the beasts horn shortly before Skippy and her other teammates blinded it. Upon returning to Beacon The remaining three were given their certificates of Huntsman training and official graduated and Pearls body was condemned to the earth and her name was added to the Beacon memorial. After graduating from Beacon team TAUP, now just TAU, stayed together as a a normal team of Hunters and Huntresses, taking jobs for clients, getting paid, doing jobs then refusing the pay, adventuring across the land of Vytal; even getting to travel to other continents. While traveling to the Kingdom of Perentie, a kingdom referred to as "The one true safe haven of Faunas everywhere." Ariela, a lioness faunas, decided to retire from the Huntress business and make a lifer for her self in the kingdom. After a somber goodbye the remaining two members of TAUP returned home to Vale. Not long after returning, Skippy's best friend and only teammate disappeared. He simply disappeared off the face of Remnant. She was told by the police that he most likely jumped on a ship and traveled back to Perentai but she know the he had most likely been abducted, beaten and probably killed by extremists against the Faunas kind.With a heavy heart she pretended to accept the police's story and returned to Beacon to personally etch the name Uaithne Necramb into the stone of the memorial. Skippy has since retired from being a huntress and instead opened a clothing store for Faunas, something she had seen in Perentai and thought was needed in Vale. She still wears her armor and keeps her gun close at hand though, for fear of more extremists.

Personality: Despite what happened in her past, Skippy is a very happy and cheerful person and appears to have completely moved on from the death of her friends. She is seemingly upbeat and cheerfule to almost anyone in almost any situation despite the manner. However, despite her all around happy personalty if she were to start talking about her old team she may drop her act and seeming a different person, somber, slow, uncaring about others.

Strength: Skippy, being a squirrel faunas, is very fast and relatively unpredictable. One moment she could be charging toward someone and the next she could have run right past them into the trees as an escape. Wearing her armor and keeping her weapon nearby almost all of the time helps her stay ready for anything almost all of the time.

Weakness: While Skippy is fast, she is also very easily distracted by almost anything, easily taking her attention away from battle. She also is easily frightened and, when frightened, will freeze in her tracks, unable to move.

Semblance: "You'll get better!"
Skippy's Semblance simply allows her to channel her own aura into others in an attempt to heal, or speed up the healing process. While normal aura would suffice, she uses small fragments of aura which she then uses her semblance to magnify before giving to the recipient, thus giving more than she's taking from herself.


Name: Perazzi

Primary Form: Perazzi is a full metal pump action shotgun. its main body is a glossy brown texture, with intricate golden patterns and markings all along the stock, handle, and barrel. It is loaded via a magazine filled with shells being loaded upward into the bottom of the gun, the magazines also have the same texture and markings.

Secondary form: When in need of a melee weapon all of Perazzi's parts begin to shift and move into a more dense and long metal whip with multiple joints to allow for whipping action. Skippy can use this as a bullwhip or a lasso. The transformation is not possible if there is a magazine currently in the gun.

History: While in Signal on the day that her best friend had lost his leg, Skippy had decided to create a powerful and fearful weapon to cover her truer, more frightened personality.

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Tarra 'Skippy' Rosso - The Happy Squirrel - Ex-member of Team TAUP
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PostSubject: Re: Tarra 'Skippy' Rosso   Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:34 pm

Seems fine to me... more or less. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Tarra 'Skippy' Rosso   Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:59 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Tarra 'Skippy' Rosso   

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Tarra 'Skippy' Rosso
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