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 Tan’mer Tan’zeit-Tetrakorah-Clan Osorai-Ola

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PostSubject: Tan’mer Tan’zeit-Tetrakorah-Clan Osorai-Ola   Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:27 pm


Name: Tan’mer Tan’zeit-Tetrakorah-Clan Osorai-Ola

Age: 24

Gender: Female


Occupation: Huntress

Appearance: Tan’mer is just shy of 5’11’, weighing 140lbs. At first glance, Tan’mer appears to be a mummy of sorts, wrapped from head to toe in dark blue leather straps, leaving an opening only for her dark yellow eyes. Over her mouth and nose is a thin black cloth mask, Tan’mer often paints her exposed skin black when hunting. though she is almost never seen outside her battle garb, under her wrappings, Tan’mer has short grey hair, pale white skin, smallish breasts, and a set of squirrel ears, as well as a shaved squirrel tail, tucked against her back.

History: Tan’mer was born into the Osorai clan as the second eldest of the clan chief, R’xier Tan’zeit-Eilah, and his wife, Mar Tetrakorah-Ko'un. The clan was known for its strong culture, many of the adults moving on to become musicians, artists, swordsmen, hunters and thieves. Despite being a squirrel faunus and having grown up in a village filled with squirrel and other rodent faunus with a very strong sense of pride and community, Tan’mer never felt quite the same. When she left home to train formally, something very uncommon in her clan, Tan’mer was met with the sight of other faunus being harassed and bullied. Before she was spotted, Tan’mer hid and modified her outfit, from full leather set to the mummy-like ensemble she now wears. She graduated a member of Team Cobalt(CBLT), who have since disbanded.

Personality: Unlike most squirrel faunus, Tan’mer is quiet and reserved. This is intentional, so as to hide her true nature. Tan’mer tends to be cynical and dour, though this is an act, she may let her enthusiasm slip or an unnecessary giggle may escape. One thing Tan’mer cannot resist doing is talking, this is where her true nature shines through, as Tan’mer can talk for hours at almost incomprehensible speeds on whatever topic she slips on. She tends to get bored or distracted easily.

Strength: Tan’mer excels in stealth, she can make her way through dense forests and populated areas silently with ease. Tan’mer has excellent endurance, able to run for very long distances without stopping for rest, food, or water. Tan’mer has excellent aim, depending of course on her projectile and target. She is most accurate with her darts and the least accurate with her knives.

Weakness: Tan’mer is very susceptible to damage, her armor protects her very little, especially as she uses more of her projectiles. Tan’mer gets antsy very quickly; she may attack out of turn or get distracted easily in a fight. In the day or when areas are lit, Tan’mer’s stealth skills become almost non-existent and she sticks out. Tan’mer has a phobia of spiders.

Semblance: Doppelgangers
Tan’mer creates the illusion of up two other copies of herself. The copies will follow one simple command, usually “run in that direction”, determined before being produced. The copies cannot actually interact with the environment and will dissolve into smoke after about 30 seconds or one minute (depending on how many she has summoned) or if struck. Tan'mer must wait 3 minutes per copy after summoning, regardless of how they were banished.


Name: Throwing knives

Primary Form: Normal throwing knives. Tan’mer carries around 50 of them, tucked under the folds of her wraps. They may serve as weak armor before being thrown.

Name: Darts

Primary Form: Poison throwing darts. Tan’mer carries around 20 of them in the folds of her wrappings, primarily on her arms and legs.

History: Tan’mer was taught by her older brother, a circus performer, to throw knives and darts, eventually, Tan’mer succeeded even her brother’s skill and was begged by the circus to join alongside her brother. Obviously, she declined.
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PostSubject: Re: Tan’mer Tan’zeit-Tetrakorah-Clan Osorai-Ola   Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:00 pm

Approved.    ...But that shaved tail is still really weird.

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PostSubject: Re: Tan’mer Tan’zeit-Tetrakorah-Clan Osorai-Ola   Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:36 pm


Player of...



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PostSubject: Re: Tan’mer Tan’zeit-Tetrakorah-Clan Osorai-Ola   

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Tan’mer Tan’zeit-Tetrakorah-Clan Osorai-Ola
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