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 Walter Dean

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PostSubject: Walter Dean   Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:56 pm

Name: Walter Dean, more commonly known as "V"

Age: 18




Personality: Walter is typically a friendly and sociable guy. He does not like enemies, but wants to be the very best Hunter of his generation. He has a very tough-guy aura about him and acts like a stoic person before an enemy even if his friends are hurt by them. Sometimes, he has an over-the-top mannerism when he's provoked or excited. He is very confused on who he is and how he should be given his upbringing. Walter is unbias towards humans and monsters, and would like it if they actually left each other alone. He does not known whether to stay at Beacon and become a good Hunter to slay monsters, or to do his own thing even if it means opposing Beacon and helping the monsters. Walter does not like cowards or weaklings. He's not much of a family man.

History: Walter Dean was born to Will Dean and Jessica Elizabern in Vale City. His father was a decent Hunter, who owned the Nuke Schneider. His grandfather was famous back in the old days, but had suddenly retired for no reason. Within the family, Whammy Dean was apparently losing his mind and slowly going insane. He left when Walter was 2 and no one saw him ever again. He had high expectations of him. From a young age, he trained to be a true warrior, pushing his physical limits to the peak of human ability and harnessing his mind to combat monsters. After all, it takes a man to slay a monster. He had been training for over a decade until at age 15, when he learned his Aura after his spiritual training. He could use is to moderate extent, such as forming force-field like barriers around parts of his body at will capable of tanking gunfire or bladed weapons. This raised his father's expectations. He adopted the nickname "V" for no particular reason other than the fact that it sounded nice to Walter. He had fought three or four Ursas prior to him entering Beacon.

At age 17, a fatal incident occured to his father. After a duel with a monster, he was crippled by a Beowolf. This led to the passing of pistols to Walter, who had been training with it since he was 9, but had now officially inherited it. He waited for a year to enter Beacon (wasn't really sure whether to attend or not and instead focused on normal academics), where he got accepted and is now awaiting initiation.

Strength: Extremely good at close quarters combat, expert marksmanship, very sneaky and crafty, superhuman speed + reflexes.

Weakness: He'll be mad if anyone tries to connect him back to his family, has a strong inferiority complex, he'll go berserk if someone humiliates him, has a bad habit of getting close into a battle rather than "sniping" with his guns.


Name: Nuke Schneider

Primary Form:
The Nuke Schneider is a pair of handguns that fires powerful red-neutro colored bullets with a sharpened tip compared to normal bullets. They travel at a speed of 680+ m/s usually. Effective range is 40 meters.

Secondary Form/Function: Once red Dust is used as gunpowder in the catridge, each bullet will be given a fiery, explosive effect on anything it hits.

History: The Nuke Schneider is a heirloom of his grandfather, "Big Whammy Dean", a legendary Hunter of Beacon Academy. These guns were made by Whammy using materials found in the Red Forest. The guns were his prized masterpiece, as it was made with the finest dedication that Whammy had put into anything. His father wielded it as well and passed it along to his son.
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PostSubject: Re: Walter Dean   Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:22 pm

Borderlands! Great game.

Your Character! Looks great! Approved!

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Walter Dean
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