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 Closing of the third initiation.

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Closing of the third initiation. Empty
PostSubject: Closing of the third initiation.   Closing of the third initiation. Icon_minitimeSat Dec 14, 2013 11:20 am

Unfortunately, the third initiation has to end early. The pace of the initiation was pretty slow, people were starting to vanish, and with the holidays coming up, it was only going to get worse. Rather than try to smoothly transition out, and potentially take another week or two to finish, I'm just ending it now.

Regardless, to those teams that faced the unnamed "boss" Grimm, you can still name them, as was my intent the entire time. Just PM me the name for my documents, and maybe PM DrGustave so he can update his list of Grimm.

Now, I present the teams being created as a result of initiation three. Some members have been drawn from here, so if you signed up in that thread and the fourth initiation, please edit posts accordingly. If you signed up for the list of replacements and have since decided against it, please let me or another modmin know as soon as possible.

Team one:

Team two:

Team three:

Team four:

Once you know your team, you should work on contacting them (I suggest just PMing them) to sort out your team name, color, and leader. When you've done so, have the selected leader PM either Kooplah or Navolas2 with the name, color, and link to each profile. If you run across a problem, feel free to PM any of the modmins to help you sort it out.
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Closing of the third initiation.
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