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 Issac d'Aterni

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PostSubject: Issac d'Aterni   Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:04 pm


Name: Issac d'Aterni

Age: 18, Born December 20th

Gender: Male


Appearance: 6'3", 180 Lbs. He dresses in regal looking clothing with lots of red and gold in it and his symbol somewhere on his shirts, has two red and gold dragon tattoos on his forearms, and a large scar halfway down his left side.

He's very charismatic, and likes to talk to people and use big words. Anytime he's in his room he goes around without his shirt because he likes to see how people react. He's a very different person in battle, usually only communicating using hand signs and short, quick sentences. He has some survivor's guilt, stemming from his father's death, and tends to refer to his sword as a person instead of an object.
Issac grew up in a little cabin in the Red Forest with his elderly father. So, he learned how to fight from a young age, and how to talk his way to extra food and supplies when in town. After his father was killed by some Ursa when Issac was 14, Issac decided to enroll in Signal where he achieved middling grades. The only reason he got into Beacon was through his combat skills.
He's a good strategist, an expert swordsman, and is very good at using his aura for defense. However, that's the only thing he can do with his aura.
He has a hard time making actual friends, but when he does make friends he tends to be overprotective of them. He also gets basically disabled if something hits his scar hard enough. No ranged attacks, he just hopes his aura can protect him while he's charging.

Name: Midnight

Primary Form: It's a 4 and a half foot long hand-and-a-half sword.

Secondary Form/Function:
A Dust crystal can be loaded into the hilt to add the corresponding elemental effect to the blade.
Midnight is his father's old sword that Issac modified to accept a dust crystal while he was in Beacon.

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PostSubject: Re: Issac d'Aterni   Fri Sep 13, 2013 3:41 pm

Simple. Nice.


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Issac d'Aterni
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