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 Minette 'Minty' Finnigan

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PostSubject: Minette 'Minty' Finnigan   Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:20 pm


Name: Minette 'Minty' Finnigan

Age: 16, 14th day of the 11th month

Gender: Female (Cow Faunus)


Occupation: Pizza Chef, Waitress, Delivery Girl, Unofficial shop mascot

Minty stands at 5'8'' (her measurements are 110/64/94 cm for anyone interested) and weighs 150 lbs, though most of the mass comes from her chest and her strong, muscular legs. She has a nice, rounded face and is covered by smooth, pale pink skin despite the injuries obtained earlier in her life. Her eyes are large, round and deep blue. Though her arms are of rather average length and strength, her legs are rather long and strong, part of the reason why she manages to be so much taller than many of her peers. A small cow tail portrudes from her lower back, though it usually hangs lazily under her skirt and is hard to notice unless you look under it. On her head is a pair of cow ears, one with a visible hole in it, topped off by a pair of small, but tough, horns.

Casually, Minty would wear a bright green top with a flowery pattern, going all the way down to her waist when it would give way to a white skirt, flowing all the way down to her knees. On her head, Minty would pretty much always wear a large bucket hat on her head to hide her cow ears and horns. On her neck she has a small pink collar with a bell attached to it to herald her approach. She also carries around a large, pink handbag, although its contents would be mostly basic kitchen utensils, her beloved rolling pin and a small amount of space left for anything she wishes to put in there.

When at work as a waitress or a delivery girl, Minty would normally wear a much more revealing uniform - although she's allowed to still wear the bucket hat, she has to wear a typical maid uniform, though one tailored especially to her unique body structure. She still has the collar on her but now also long white stockings running up her legs and heels instead of sneakers which she'd usually wear, along with a pair of white gloves.

Finally, when catering (which she only really does for special orders or her friends) her clothes are much less revealing, her instead wearing a proper chef uniform - white trousers, white jacket, a red apron and a big chef's hat to top it off, although one would rarely see her when she is dressed like that.

History: Minty's family, Lucile and Eustace Finnigan (as well as her brother Adell) were a part of a group of travelling Faunus, looking for somewhere to settle. During their travel to the kingdom of Vale, the expecting Lucile gave birth to Minette, and as it was already in Vale's lands Minette became an official citizen of Vale. Taking this as a sign, the family decided to settle in Vale and set up a pizza shop, as both parents were good cooks and Adell was already being home schooled in cooking, although he was more suited for management, as it turned out when he helped with running the shop.

For a while, nobody really found Minty's lack of speech notable - after all, you don't expect such a young baby to be really talkative. It was only later, when she was around four that her parents started being concerned. Taking her to a doctor, they discovered that her vocal strings were really undeveloped and were unable to produce any speech. Of course the most problematic thing was explaining it to her, and though she didn't understand that, she could theoretically speak as she knew words and sounds... she just couldn't copy them audibly.

Fastforward a few more years of Adell managing to run the business greatly, even beginning to expand it, as the mute Minty was taught how to make cook. She was much more of a natural than her brother, memorising the steps after just 3 attempts and even making pizzas 'extracurricularly'. Her interaction with other children was basic, although she always wore a bucket hat provided by her parents to hide her Faunus parts, saying that the children might laugh at her. They did anyway, but not because of the tail, horns or ears but because unlike other 8 years olds, Minty developed a healthy pair of breasts, clearly a part of being the daughter of a cow and bull Faunus. Because of that, she was bullied, and it was only a matter of time before the kids stole the hat and found out about her. The reveal of her Faunus parts caused her to become an outcast, laughed at and always left out by other kids, and even their parents urged the less racist children to stay away from her. She, however, never made an attempt to tell her parents, scared that they might shout at her for being careless, and they urged her to keep coming out.

One day, she came back extremely beaten up as she picked up someone else's toy and 'tainted' it. Only then did her parents realize what's been happening all the time, and realizing that they urged her to go outside even when she didn't want to they became extremely stressed, to the point of becoming sick, though Minty blamed herself more than them. From that day, Minty cared for her parents while Adell took care of the income. While she couldn't do much in terms of self-defence, having been very untrained, he insisted she carried around at least a weapon of some sort... to which she pointed at her favourite rolling pin. In addition, he paid for the services of someone well versed in Aura to unlock hers, hoping it could be something to help her, yet despite now being able to speak she became much more shut-in, and very timid, all thanks to her traumatic experiences. However, with the meeting of a new friend Fantasia, she has begun to become much more open and talk to her about her troubles... through the only way she could.

Aged 15, her brother decided to properly employ her in the pizza shop and send their parents onto retirement, to which they agreed, deciding that they didn't wish to hinder Minty's shot at regaining some of her lost childhood. From that point onwards she spent most of her time working at the pizza shop, managing to even get her brother to reserve a special table for her friend... and hopefully friends to come in and be served by her.

Personality: Minty is a rather quiet, easily startled girl. If you're very forward when first meeting her, or try to surprise her she will most likely burst into tears, run away, hide or hit you in the face with her rolling pin. Being a mute, she's pretty much always the most quiet person in a group and often won't even attempt to make a point. She's pretty self conscious after two years of physical and mental abuse and as such insults can really get to her.

On the other hand, if you befriend her she's a very pleasant person. If she trusts you enough she'll readily speak to you in her own way, and seeing how her speaking ability developed she's not shy on talking with her semblance to any friend, although first time might be somewhat embarrassing. Despite being more endowed than most girls, she would consider the more forward ones her older sisters and will often hug them and hide behind them if something happens. While she is normally quiet, hurting her friends could make her very upset, to the point of aggression.

Strength: Thanks to the physical abuse endured at somewhat early age, Minty's body is now very damage resistant. Cooking skill. Caring and helpful to friends, even if it means becoming slightly agressive and fighting for them. Strong legs let her jump high and achieve a scary speed when charging at someone on all fours.

Weakness: Can't speak. Easily frightened. Lazy walker beyond charging at people. Somewhat submissive to people who scare her. Has to be milked from time to time.

Semblance: Mental Expression - Minty has a particular set of skills... Her semblance allows her to communicate to people through various means.

One ability is her touch-telepathy. When touching someone else, Minty can relay her basic feelings (happiness, sadness, fear, anger etc.) to them. It works by letting people know her feelings, not thoughts, and so once she opens that link she cannot lie about how she feels to people. The connection can be opened as easily as closed, so she can touch people without letting them know how she feels.

Another ability works on a similar basis, though is more... intimate. Minty can 'talk' to people with her mind, but only during lips-to-lips contact. Just like the simpler touch telepathy, this one can be toggled on and off as to not always talk to people during kissing, although she can choose what to tell them when using this ability and similarly, can lie to them.

Her third ability is a sort of more offensive and defensive one - As Minty is unable to call out to people in case something happens to her, she can produce a loud sound with her mind. It usually takes shape of a sharp, headache-inducing noise, to throw off the unprepared atacker.


Name: Just a rolling pin

Primary Form: A 50cm long metal rolling pin... that's literally everything it is. Completely metal. No parts, just a large block of aluminium molded into a rolling pin.

Secondary Form: -

Tertiary Form: -

History: Minty just carries her kitchen utensils around, and this is the one on the top of them all.

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PostSubject: Re: Minette 'Minty' Finnigan   Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:25 pm

While some of the things are... iffy, there's nothing really wrong with it. Edits may be required in the future, but approved for the time being.
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PostSubject: Re: Minette 'Minty' Finnigan   Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:14 pm

I'm fine with her except for two paragraphs.

Those paragraphs being the ones in the spoiler as it crosses the line of what is acceptable and what is not, in my opinion. I would like to see if cut down so it is not as graphic.

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PostSubject: Re: Minette 'Minty' Finnigan   Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:38 pm

Right! Well, I feared it might be too much, so hopefully this milder version is alright, taking out the two paragraphs and replacing them with a different scenario.
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PostSubject: Re: Minette 'Minty' Finnigan   Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:45 pm

It still kind of grazes things, and sticks way too close to the herd with some tropes, but I'm not really having a cow over it. If more edits need to be made, we'll horn in, but udder than that, I'll leave my series of puns as my form of a wagging finger for being responsible for an eight year old with tits, because that's sort of magical realm stuff.

Approved, though, because Vox is the last person who should criticize on that category.

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PostSubject: Re: Minette 'Minty' Finnigan   

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Minette 'Minty' Finnigan
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