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 Non-Player Character Rules

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PostSubject: Non-Player Character Rules   Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:01 am

I just glossed over the 2 main 'rules' topic and I realized that NPC rules were never addressed. I was wondering about things like these.

For example, I think it's to be widely accepted that certain NPC's can be controlled at will - like, for example, a shop owner that your character is interacting with, or a bunch of monsters that you are fighting. Of course, common sense needs to be used, otherwise it would end up being a load of confusion that simply wouldn't work and shouldn't happen.

But what of things like a character who, say, might be a mob boss of some kind, similar to Torchwick/Junior, who each had underlings under them who will be NPC's. On one hand, a private army isn't that cool. On the other hand, just from the episodes we can see that those who don't even reach Ruby's skill level can probably take on NPC Henchmen like that easily. Common sense would naturally dictate that there would be better henchmen for 'higher ranking' characters, who would in turn be leagues more capable, but I think there's a point where we should expect clearing through certain Henchmen won't be a peace of cake like how Yang handled the Nightclub girls (An example of not being a peace of cake would be Melanie and Miltia, who could qualify as NPC personal bodyguards who could fight, but RP well enough and you would still take them down [Realistically]) or RWBY handled the goons at the dust shop raid.

And then, what if you were running your own plot where somebody kinda did have an NPC "Army"? Would that be allowed, since you're running a plot that others are participating in?

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PostSubject: Re: Non-Player Character Rules   Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:34 pm

That is a good point. I'll get on those right away.

They should be out very soon as I have to make an announcement anyway today.

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Non-Player Character Rules
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