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 Daisy Dunkelman

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PostSubject: Daisy Dunkelman   Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:47 pm


Daisy Dunkelman
17, 28th April
Symbol picture
Beacon student
Daisy pictures
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 122 pounds
When in combat she wears her combat suit (the red suit in the pictures.) When wearing casual clothing she usually wears a shirt, hoodie, jeans, trainers and she can also usually be seen with a pair of headphones on but she does not wear the same thing all the time. When school uniform is needed she wears it correctly.
Daisy was born into a moderately wealthy family with caring parents called Catherine and Kurt Dunkelman and a very caring older brother, Tom, who was also probably her best friend.

When she was 12 three armed burglars broke into her house in the middle of the night thinking the house was empty, it wasn't. The whole family was home, she was woken by the sound of screaming and shouting, before she could react she was at gunpoint with the rest of her family, the burglars had already got the loot but were heard by Daisy's parents who went downstairs and got captured while the other two went to check for any other people in the house, they found Daisy and Tom. In a fit of panic the burglars killed the rest of Daisy's family in front of her to get rid of any witnesses. The burglars shot Daisy in the stomach missing her chest, believing her to be dead the burglars left. After waking from passing out
from blood loss Daisy found herself in a hospital bed.

The neighbours heard the gunshots and called the police who found the bodies and Daisy unconscious so they called for an ambulance which took Daisy to hospital where she was stabilised, she was informed of what happened and that her whole family was dead. To the doctor's surprise Daisy did not reply, in fact she didn't seem to speak for days, at first the doctors believed it to be a short term reaction to the trauma but Daisy didn't speak for weeks and the doctors found it was actually an extreme form of post traumatic stress disorder where Daisy lost the ability to speak due to the traumatic event.

5 years later, she was 17 and had spent this time in an orphanage. she was also fluent in sign language now but the police still hadn't gotten any evidence about the killers as Daisy refused to communicate about it in any way due to the trauma, but she had her own plans...

She would become a huntress, train and one day use the skills she would learn to hunt down her family's killers, she could picture their faces perfectly, after 5 years, the pictures in her mind were crystal clear. Her plan began when she made her weapons, then it came closer when she received an invitation to Beacon school.
Despite her muteness she is actually quite friendly, she is quite confident and happy to make new friends. In battle she is very brave and will attack head on but will sneak around if there is no point in fighting. She is quick to help others in combat and will come to other's aid if they need help or are injured. She takes fighting very serious and doesn't joke around when it comes to combat. Due to her traumatising past she can sometimes be very depressed and not want to be disturbed but she is mainly quite happy. She is also attracted to both genders.
She can attack and dodge very quickly, this is increased by her semblance, she is very intelligent which is useful in the classroom and in the battlefield, very high stamina and her running speed is also quite high, her confidence is also useful as she will go for risky tactics to win, her aura is also quite strong.
Her main weakness is that she has to get close to her foes to be effective due to her fighting style and weapons but when in range this is no longer a problem, her confidence is also a weakness as she can sometimes be over confident and her tactics can fail which usually leads to bad consequences but her tactics don't fail often, her light build is also a problem as it means she is not very durable in battle and this is worsened by the fact that her combat suit has no armour and is designed for lightness. When she is depressed her soul is dark making her aura weaker.
Her semblance is very useful for her fighting style and is great with her weapons, her semblance is the ability to increase reaction speed, meaning she can attack, block or dodge a lot more quickly and her light, rapid weapons make this even more powerful meaning lightning quick attacks.

Spartan and Orion
Primary Form:
Dual .50 handguns with 12 round magazines but can also accept shorter 8 round magazines which are used in stealthy battles as they are harder to see, they can fire many types of ammunition including hollow points for soft targets, full metal jacket for armoured targets and even small explosive rounds, very high fire rate, unfortunately high recoil due to the power of the round, the range on them is quite good but low accuracy means that they are not effective at range anyway, they can also accept under barrel attachments like flashlights or laser pointers.  
Secondary Form:
The barrel of the pistols fold downwards on a hinge in the grip meaning that they cover the knuckles and fingers, two spikes also pop up from the iron sights transforming them into knuckle duster type weapons, very quick attack speed due to being light, good against armoured targets due to the crushing nature of the damage, not as effective against soft targets as a blade but still quite effective, due to the length they are not very good at combat against foes with longer weaponry but once moved in and up close this is not a problem.
She custom made her weapons especially for her and to fit her combat style during her time in the orphanage to exact her revenge in the future, they also turned out to be good at killing Grimm.

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PostSubject: Re: Daisy Dunkelman   Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:43 pm

Looks good, approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Daisy Dunkelman   Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:47 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Daisy Dunkelman   

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Daisy Dunkelman
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