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 Lugh Airgid

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PostSubject: Lugh Airgid   Lugh Airgid Icon_minitimeMon Dec 02, 2013 1:33 pm


Name: Lugh Airgid

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Lugh Airgid New_lo10

Occupation: Student

Lugh Airgid Lugh_a12
Lugh is 7’3” and he weighs 220 pounds. He has short silver hair, bronze eyes, and pale skin. He wears a bluish-silver clothing that somewhat resembles Eastern culture. He also wears silver chest armor. His pants are of the same color as his torso and he also wears white shoes.


Lugh was the youngest of the family and he was the son of a lawyer and a doctor. Though his parents had already chosen that he would become a lawyer when he grows up, Lugh had his own goals. Wanting to help people not only through medical or legal means, he wanted to become a Hunter. From his childhood to his early teens, he secretly trained his body and had also undergone training from some of the relatives of his friends who were Hunters and Huntresses; simply telling his parents that he was only going out to play with his friends.

Lugh’s family was rather rich so with his saved up allowance, he bought all the materials (and it wasn’t cheap either) he needed in order to create his weapon, Silver Spiral; though he also needed a lot of help from the adults who trained him. Eventually, his dream weapon was finished but it was too heavy for him at first. So he continued training to further strengthen himself, until eventually managing to wield it.

Lugh was a student at Sanctum and he was well-known there for being capable of wielding a lance/drill/pile bunker/minigun, Silver Spiral. He was raised in a well-known family of lawyers, doctors, and other professional occupations. Though he was also quite intelligent, he didn’t like having to live his life in a corporate setup so instead of going to a school where he could practice such professions, he managed to convince his parents to allow him to go to Sanctum. Though his parents were reluctant at first, he tried to become the top of his class in order to prove to his parents that allowing him to become a Hunter was a good choice. He was able to prove that to his parents and thus they allowed him to become a Hunter and then study at Beacon.

Personality: Lugh is a very lively individual. He’s the type of person who always sees things at a more optimistic viewpoint. He is also the type of person who likes to be challenged. He is also a very determined person who does not let anything keep him down for long. He is very devoted to his friends, and loved ones; often willing to sacrifice himself for them. He typically does not hate anyone and often regards individuals as his potential friends or acquaintances; either good or bad. He does not believe in true evil since he believes that there is always a reason for one’s actions.

Strength: He is quite strong and he has high endurance. He is quite skilled in handling his weapon even if it is fairly heavy and complex. He also wears some armor to protect him from some attacks though he also wears the armor to prevent him from being shaken by the force of his weapon if ever he uses the minigun function. He is good in fighting at close and medium range. He can jump very high if he were to remove his armor and activate the pile bunker function while it faces the ground.

Weakness: He isn’t that good with fighting long ranged opponents. He also can’t move that fast if he were to have his armor on. Having his armor off prevents him from activating his minigun function because of the recoil it provides when being used at which he would most likely lose his balance. He doesn’t have any easy means of defending himself other than attempting to dodge or block his opponent’s attack with his weapon or just using his chest armor or lessen the damage dealt to him with his aura. If he uses his minigun and it runs out of bullets, it’s difficult to reload since he has to separate the handle and the minigun in order to reload a new set of bullets.

Semblance: ‘Aura Sight’
His semblance allows him to detect someone’s aura 10 meters from him. He can sense if that person has high or low aura and he can also sense if that person’s aura is still at a sufficient and safe amount or not.


Name: Silver Spiral


Primary Form: Spiral Lance [First Gear]
Silver Spiral is a lance with a drill and a minigun. The drill can be extended to 1 foot, similar to a pile bunker when he turns the first gear in the handle clockwise. Turning it counter-clockwise while in pile bunker form returns it to its normal function. Turning the first gear counter-clockwise from its normal function starts its drill function. Turning it even further counter-clockwise activates the pile bunker function while in drill mode. The drill functions through electric dust crystals and replacing it is quite easy since the location of the crystal is in a compartment in the handle near the second gear. The weapons allows him to easily penetrate concrete or other hard materials, and also penetrate defense and to parry attacks due to its drill function.

Secondary Form: Silver Minigun [Second Gear]
Silver Spiral also has a minigun attached to it. When turning the second gear in the handle clockwise. The minigun’s barrel starts turning and shooting. Turning the handle back stops that function. Turning the second gear in the handle counter-clockwise from its normal state separates the spear from the minigun, allowing Lugh to reload the minigun or wield only his spear instead. But separating the minigun from the spear prevents him activating the drill function of his weapon.

Tertiary Form: Idle
When Silver Spiral is not in use, the handle and the drill retracts until the only thing that can be seen is the minigun itself. Lugh may put it inside his backpack to carry it easily. This can be done if he turns the first gear clockwise and the second gear counter-clockwise.

Silver Spiral was created by him with the help of others when he was 13 years old. He used up his whole allowance that he had saved up for 7 years in order to buy the parts he needed to make this weapon. He managed to start wielding it when he was 15 after some intense training.
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Seems fine to me. Approved.
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Player of...



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Lugh Airgid
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