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 Vega Anansi

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PostSubject: Vega Anansi   Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:25 pm


Name: Vega Anansi

Age: 21 Birth: Sixth day of the Twelfth month

Gender: Male

Symbol: A Red Hourglass with a Black Background

Occupation: 3rd Year Student at Beacon Academy/Biologist (Specializes in Arthropods)

Appearance:  Vega stands at 6’0” with a slight muscular build. He has black shoulder length hair with red eyes behind a pair of thin frame glasses along with his red eyes he also wears two stud earrings with red gems. Vega’s fighting style does not require a huge amount of movement and as such he chooses to wear less battle oriented clothes. He wears a black suit with a shirt and tie with web designs.  At the knot of the tie Vega also has a pendent in the shape of a red hourglass.  At his waist he carries a sword with parallel blades. Vega’s most distinct feature would be his hands. He wears simple white gloves but around his wrists he wears two spools with a large number of wires wrapped around them. 

History: Vega comes from the small country of Allemagne which has been at civil war for years. He came to Vale around 5 years ago after the war was too much for his family and they finally managed to save enough money to leave.  Vega has chosen to never associate himself with that his homeland ever again, the only hint of his origin would manifest itself as a slight accent he could not rid himself of.  During his time in Allemagne Vega trained as an assassin as it was the only life he knew would earn him and his family a living. This harsh lifestyle is what lead to Vega’s no nonsense type of personality. He would never indulge in any of the few pleasures he had in life, it was always work in order to survive. There was only one thing he would ever stop training for and that was arthropods.  When the civil war was in its early stages the tyrannical government tried to stop the rebels by dispersing poisonous arthropods such as scorpion, spiders, centipedes and many others into the major parts of the country to stop them.  A young Vega would often come upon these creatures and instead of fearing them he came to love them. He would often study their habits seeing them hunt, eat, and interact with each other.  When Vega decided to become an assassin he chose the Black Widow as a large influence for his style. Coming to Vale Vega knew the life of an assassin was one he could no longer lead but fighting and killing was all he knew. Shortly after arriving he learned of Beacon Academy and saw he was a few years short of the average age. For a time he trained alone and decided to better associate himself with the Creatures of Grimm studying their habits for when he would hunt them. After he felt satisfied with his new knowledge Vega applied to Beacon at a slightly older age than his classmates and was accepted. That was nearly three years ago and Vega is now in his third year as a student of Beacon.

Personality: In his studies, his work, and in battle Vega is a no nonsense type of person. He prefers to not waste time in distractions often coming off as a sour person. When Vega has a task he makes sure to put all of his effort on this task and is a bit of a perfectionist.  People who don’t seem to have a care in the word irritate Vega but he has learned to ignore such behavior as long as it is not directly affecting him.

Strength:  Vega’s greatest physical aspect is his speed. Although he does move much when he needs to Vega is able to out maneuver most opponents. Vega may not be physically strong outside of his speed he however choses to rely on his mind and his eyes in close combat. Vega’s nearsightedness makes ranged combat troublesome but when an opponent is close even without his glasses he is able easily follow their movements. 

Weakness: Vega is horribly unsuited for close combat, his eyes may be able to follow his opponent’s movements but the lack of training for his body makes dodging the only thing he is capable of.  Physically speaking Vega is weak after deciding to hone his mind and weapon instead of his more athletic qualities. If not for his weapon Vega would be completely defenseless when fighting an opponent hand to hand. He is also unsuited for long range combat as his glasses can only help so much with his nearsightedness and his weapon lacks the features for long range.

Semblance: Vega is able to send out his aura in various directions to make a type of web pattern. When using his semblance Vega must concentrate and remain still or he would break the connection between the aura strands canceling out the effect. Vega uses this web in two similar manners. The first is the defensive form. Vega remains still while sending out his web in equal directions around him. He can set this web up as a form of security being tripped when something approaches him. Vega is limited to knowing where the opponent is, how many so long as they are not clumped to together, and a very rough estimate of the size but cannot know what they carry or whether they are friend or foe. The second is a recon form. Using this mode Vega decrease the size of the area covered but is able to send the web further proportional to the decrease in size.  The max range of the full circle would be 40 ft and the specific direction version would be 80ft.


Name: The Strings of Fate (SF for short) and the Fangs of Judgment (FT for short)

Primary Weapon: Although they are called the Strings of Fate Vega’s weapons are actually two set of wires located around spools attached to his wrists which Vega can manipulate using his aura. This also makes them useless when using his semblance.  SF bundles sets of wire bundle together to form thicker wires, the wires alone are incredible sharp but as more wires are bundled their cutting power decreases while their tensile strength increases. If enough are bundled they could easily lift and throw a large Ursa but Vega is nowhere near physically strong enough for that. Vega instead uses the wires in smaller bundles to keep their sharpness, wrapping the wire around body parts to cut them and manipulating them to slash the opponent vigorously. When used for slashing the wires do not make deep cuts but cut over a large area. The max range of the wires is 40ft.

Secondary Weapon: Aside from SF carries around a katana with two blades which bear resemblance to spider fangs named the Fangs of Truth. The blades are parallel to each other and are poisoned coated. Aside from the poison which only causes mild paralysis the sword is just a sword. Vega choses to only use the blade when his wires are disadvantage or when blocking against other edged weapons in quick succession. 

History: The Strings of Fate and Fangs of Judgment were inspirations Vega had after studying Black Widows. Once prey entered the spider’s web they were paralyzed and wrapped in web for the Black Widow to feed.  Vega loved the effectiveness of the arachnids fighting style and strived to emulate it. The result was two poisonous fangs in the form of a sword and web in the form of his wires.
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PostSubject: Re: Vega Anansi   Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:42 pm

Just a typo.

Quote :
Fangs of Judgment (FT for short)
Quote :
Aside from SF carries around a katana with two blades which bear resemblance to spider fangs named the Fangs of Truth.
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PostSubject: Re: Vega Anansi   Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Vega Anansi   

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Vega Anansi
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