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 Haven Kyoujii

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PostSubject: Haven Kyoujii   Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:21 am

Note that the weapon forms may be a tad sloppily-described. Same goes for the ending parts of Haven's history. I got a little lazy, and I apologize for that in advance.


Name: Haven Kyoujii ; The Beastial Drake
---Is passive to the majority of nicknames that are created for him, but will make it very clear if he doesn't want to be called something.

Age: Seventeen years; Born January 5th.

Gender: Male

Symbol: A light blue tribal dragon, stationed in front of a tribal flame of a deeper shade of blue. Seen in the account avatar.

Occupation: Beacon student, bounty hunter (occasionally), part-time waiter, part-time dance instructor.

Appearance: Haven is a rather tall lad, standing at a height of about five foot eleven, give or take an inch or two. He maintains a somewhat slim yet toned body figure. Both of his eyes are a clear, frosty tint of azure. The left eye is a more faded tone of blue than the right, showing the slight blindness that it holds. (This was caused by an accident, which will be revealed next in the History section.) The same eye is often shrouded over by his spiky/scene-styled hair, which is mostly of a natural, white tint, but is also marked here and there by streaks of deepened ebony. This, as well as his abnormally-pointed teeth and enhanced strength, primarily gives way toward his Tasmanian Devil bloodlines as a Faunus.

[Battle Gear/Outfit When Out]
Upon the upper body, he normally has three layers in total. The first would consist of some type of shortsleeved, graphic T-shirt, with a collared dress shirt over it that has an equal chance of being longsleeved or shortsleeved. Over this second layer would either be a longsleeved hoodie or a vest hoodie; regardless of its sleeved/sleeveless state, it would have some assortment and design of zippers and chains; around the shoulders if sleeved, and across the upper torso and lower torso regardless of it being sleeved or sleeveless. The collar upon the dress shirt is always popped upward. and a tie is normally tied around the neck and against the collar; sometimes rather loosely, giving it a look that makes it seem like it's about to fall and slip off. Often times, the hoodie will be opened when the dress shirt is buttoned up, or completely zipped up depending on the whether.

As for the lower body, he has an equal chance of wearing one of three things; cargo pants, jeans, and sometimes even slacks. When wearing cargo pants or jeans, he'll always have chains hanging from the waistband/belt loops that hooks on the front area by one end, slings around the side of the leg, and hooks once more from the remaining end upon the rear belt loops. Regardless of the type of lower body wear that he's wearing, he'll always wear a studded belt that has suspender bands tagged to it that hang against the sides of his legs. They're somewhat longer than the chains that he wears. Never does he wear them on his shoulders, so he's adjusted them to serve another purpose. Various pockets have been sewn onto the lining of each suspender band, and he stashes a selection of lighters within them when out. Each band has a row of five pockets, which enables him to carry a maximum of ten lighters at a time.

The bottoms of his pants will drag along the ground if cargo or jeans, thus tears will be seen around the heels on occasion. Regardless of the pants that he wears, however, they will always drape over the shoes that he wears; athletic if wearing jeans or cargo, and dress shoes if wearing slacks.

When entering the accessories portion of his outfitting, there are several things to take account of. Haven has a pair of deep, navy blue-framed transition glasses. When he doesn't wear them, they're normally hooked onto his shirt. Around either the right or the left shoulder, there will be a bandana (normally of either a black or navy blue shading) tied and, often times during battle, it will be tied around the bottom half of his face. He also wears a pair of black, fingerless gloves on both hands. He also has a hat that he's seen wearing a lot. When it isn't worn on his head, it's normally seen strapped onto the chains that hang from his pants.

He also has an mp3 player that he almost always carries around, and is almost always listening to. He has a pair of earphones and headphones to go along with it, and has a half chance of taking and using one of them in public, while leaving the other at the dorms. His earphones are wired through the back of his shirt and, when they aren't used, are hooked over the shoulders, and tucked beneath the shirt and over his collarbones. His headphones will just remain rested around his neck when he isn't using them. Both the headphones and the earphones are of a navy blue shading.

Within the zipper pockets on his hoodie, there will be several spare ammo packs for his weapon. (Located within the pockets toward the upper torso/the chest.)

On the back of his hoodie is his symbol. It's also located on the bandana that he wears on his shoulder/head.

-The color of his clothing can vary, but:
---His hoodie is normally either black, grey, or white with some light blue design.
---The inner shirts can be seen in the majority of colors, but are normally some variation of blue.
---If cargo pants or jeans, his pants are normally black, a dark navy blue, or grey.
---If slacks, then they will always be black.
---If wearing dress shoes, they'll always be black.
---If wearing athletic shoes, they'll either have a base color of black with white and teal markings, or will have a base color of white with black and navy blue markings.

If the weather is hot, then Haven will most likely lose the inner shirts that he wears, and just wear one of his vest hoodies while keeping the zipper partly empty to reveal part of his chest. Alongside this, he just might switch his pants for cargo shorts, revealing the mid calf-high socks that he wears.

[Completely Casual/Around-the-Dorm Outfitting]
When around the dorms (or the times that he just can't be bothered to get fully dressed), Haven will resort to the clothing style that he has, primarily when hanging around the dorms. Excluding the suspender bands stated in the battle gear (so he can still keep track of his lighters) as well as his glasses, the boy's other accessories are left behind with his other belongings. He'll also just wear a single tank top or a shortsleeved (graphic) shirt on his upper body, with a pair of cargo shorts on the lower bottom. As for footwear, he'll either wear a pair of slippers/sandals, or a pair of his normal athletic shoes.

Like the battle gear, the color of his shirt varies, but it's mostly seen in some shade/tint of blue. As for the cargo shorts, they'll either be a faded green, a faded pale-tan shade, or just black.

(Quick side-notes for both primarily appearances)
-Haven is really one for layering clothes, which is why he normally finds himself triple-layered upon the torso. He really wears multiple layers because it's more of his style; rarely because he's actually cold. (He actually embraces cold weather abnormally, compared to others.) Due to his hateful opinion toward warmer weather and the warmer seasons, he'll only willingly layer down on his clothing during the seasons of spring and summer, as well as the times when it's just hot, or if the location he's in calls for light clothing.

-Haven does have a sheathe for his weapon, but rarely ever uses it. When he has it with him and isn't using it in any way, he tends to just sling it over his shoulder and hold it there while walking along.

History: Little Haven was born sometime after nightfall within the first week of January, somewhere in Vale. As a child, he was actually quite energetic, spontaneous, very hardheaded, rebellious, etc. In addition he was one of the most hyper and gleeful kids that both he and his parents knew of --- and those two qualities of his would only become more visible soon after the birth of his younger sister, Sianna, when he was around seven years of age.

After the girl’s birth days would pass, soon shifting into weeks, months, and finally years. Haven laid his more rebellious side to rest bit by bit as Sianna grew, allowing it to be replaced by a more guiding, brotherly aspect. She was held above all else alongside his mother and father; when she was bullied, Haven would be there. When she was hurt, Haven would be there. Whenever Sianna needed help in any type of situation, Haven was always there.

There would soon come a time when Haven would be sent over to Signal Academy, marking the start of his long journey to become a Hunter. The time he spent with his mother, father and sister would decrease as he began his schooling years at Signal, though he tried his best to keep well in touch with them day by day. That day by day connection would soon began to crumble ever so slowly, as he became rushed and overwhelmed by work, assignments, and training. Eventually the bond he had crafted with his family would soon pass into near oblivion because, by the time he was fifteen, there would barely come a time where he would even speak a mere word to his beloved kin --- and even on the events that he did manage to fit a word or two in, Haven’s family seemed to be busy. This caused the lad an immense amount of stress and, yes, depression. Around this time, his personality would begin to slide downhill and shift into the more strong, silent, and somewhat agitated type.

By the time Haven was sixteen and was preparing for the move to Beacon --- as he had gotten a letter stating his acceptance a month or so prior --- he decided to take a break during his free time to stroll about the areas around his home. Eventually, he would make the decision to take a visit back home. Before he was able to set one step toward his newfound destination, however, his reflexes would kick in as he saw the faintest blur of movement trail from the corner of his eye. When he turned around to watch his back, he was only greeted by a knockout blow.

He would wake up some time later that day during nightfall by the blinding light of a hanging light, bound by the wrists and ankles by what felt to be a quad set of heavy duty leather straps. His consciousness held up for a short amount of times, though during the period in which he was awake he managed to catch sound and sight of his surroundings. Numerous chains of muttering and the distant, muffled yells registered within his intellectual capacity, soon followed by pictures of industrial medical equipment. These pieces of equipment were oddly and frighteningly matched by a selection of odd-looking needles, vials, and other things of the sort. Before he could utter a word of thought to himself, he shifted his vision over to the left and caught sight of numerous children and teens alongside him. He would’ve looked off into the other direction if one thing hadn’t caught his attention; he thought he had seen Sianna off near the opposite corner of the room, stationed upon a similar table to the one he laid on. In a sudden adrenaline surge he screeched out, catching the attention of his sister, the other subjects, and several white-coated adults who were seemingly “doctors” or “scientists” of sorts. Haven and his sister managed to shout a few rushed, frantic words to each other before the lights veered off into oblivion for the lad. The last thing he heard that night was a scream from his kin; afterwards a couple of blows were delivered to primarily the left side of his face. The first strike busted a cross-shaped wound below his eye, and the second would both permanently lower the vision within his left eye, give him a couple of noticeable scars, and knock him back out.

His second awakening would take place within a similar, yet much brighter facility. Instead of laying down as he had been prior, he was laying down in a much more comfortable bed --- a hospital bed to be exact. A single-eyed gaze would be taken eastbound, and the chap would soon catch sight of his mother, who was sitting bedside next to him. She hadn’t noticed his awakening and was instead staring at the TV stationed in front of both herself and her son’s bed. In an act of curious mimicry the boy took a glance toward the television, surprise immediately overtaking him.

From what he learned from the program running on the TV, as well as information from his mother and the roaming doctors and nurses, there had been an abduction stretching across Vale. Many subjects --- including himself, Sianna, and apparently his father --- had been held captive and had experiments conducted upon them. Hours before, a chain of disappearances had been filed, thus driving the local police and detectives to make a search. They eventually found the facilities in which the experiments were being conducted and, after capturing and chasing some of the experimenters out, brought those who were held to the hospital for necessary treatment.

The surprises weren’t done, however. By the time that the explanations were done, Haven’s mother and doctors took the liberty of pointing out his new features --- the ones he hadn’t noticed until they were pointed out due to a heavy focus on the whole experimentation business. He was presented with a mirror, and was allowed to gaze upon appearance.

He had small, nicked ears on the top of his head…
The majority of his teeth were abnormally sharpened…
Though he couldn’t see it, he felt a small tail toward the tip of his spine.

He held attributes of a Tasmanian Devil, courtesy of the Faunus researchers that the police had flushed out.

Several days after he was taken into the custody of the hospital, Haven was released after countless arguments that he put up, declaring that he was fine. He immediately went back to school as if nothing had happened to him, but there were, of course, some changes. Those who knew him (somewhat) began seeing him and treating him differently, eventually leading to a still awkwardness and a fading of bonds between them and Haven. There were also short period of “bullying” attempts which were put out within a matter of days thanks to the lad’s new, stronger personality and way of action.

A couple weeks after his dispatch, Haven got word about his sister’s location and status, as well as his father’s. His father was already up and about, free of the experimental attributes that would’ve been given to him. The authorities had gotten into the lab facilities a while before the scientists would have gotten to him, as he and the other abducted adults were stationed in a sector farther from the younger subjects. Sianna wasn’t as lucky, however, since she was caught in the same room as Haven at the time. As a result she was one of the people who were conducted upon, and had gained attributes similar to a red panda. She had the ears, she had the tail, and her initial hair color had begun to fade into a red-orange color, streaked across with darker stripes of the same color.

Unlike Haven, Sianna stayed bedridden and confined to the hospital for a longer period of time, primarily due to the fact that she was of a younger age and didn’t have a fully-built strength and physical stature because of it. Haven took this as an opportunity to stop by and talk more, and had begun to rebuild his relationship with his younger sister because of it. There would come a time where she would be dispatched from the hospital, and would continue her life with their parents the best that she could with her…alterations. During that period of time, the two’s communication levels decreased once again, but ever so slightly. To this day he talks with his family at least twice per week, which is an improvement from what things had been ever since he started schooling. Despite the more constant communication rates with his bloodlines, however, an immense amount of inner rage and depression continues to course throughout his veins.

Some of it branches from the lack of attention he received and gave to his family.
Some of it branches from the alterations that he received.
…Though the majority of it comes from the fact that his sister had been altered in a similar way to himself, and is further strained by the fact that he couldn’t do anything about it --- both then and now.

Personality: Around the majority of people, Haven is the strong and silent type. If spoken to he won't completely all-out ignore the person/people talking to him, and will normally just give several polite replies until the one/ones that had engaged in conversation with him had left. (Exceptions are made for the people that he knows he doesn't like, or the snobbish/high-thinking beings that he sees and knows.) If one were to engage in conversation with Haven without knowing much about him, you can guarantee that he'll be awkwardly silent for the majority of the conversation. This is because he's...socially awkward. Very socially awkward.

He also has trust issues, thus making it hard for those around him to earn his trust and befriend him. Unless he can completely relate to them on every single level, if often takes a sweep maximum for the lad to grow attached to someone. When one is able to gain his trust, however, they can guarantee a change in personality for him over time. Around those that he actually knows and cares for, he releases his true way of action; he'll converse more often, and reveal that he's actually one of the more active jokers (punny people hahahah) in the group. If befriended, one will also find out that he's somewhat shy and, yes, grows somewhat confused/flustered at times, given the correct chain of words spoken. He'll also reveal information that's he's kept strictly to himself to his friends - though only if he considers them extremely close or, once again, if he can relate to them on every level.

An important thing to know about him - regardless how he's acting - is that Haven has a strong seal of inner rage and insanity that he keeps well-cased. These two components have grown over the years due to a deal of stress that he's experienced over his past. Many don't know a thing about the rage and insanity he holds within until one - they enter battle, two - he sees any of his friends/loved ones getting injured physically, emotionally, or perhaps both, three - he's fighting in a battle, or four - they witness him having an emotional breakdown. Out of these four, witnessing the breakdown is least likely, as he normally seals his emotional matters and keeps them strictly to himself, even if he really wants to talk about what he's thinking about. This is primarily why he's so stressed. Seeing him being insane and all-out rampaging in battle would be most likely, as battling is the only way he's able to completely pop some steam off.

The fusion of insanity and rage is quite the display when used in action...and not in a good way. If it gets unleashed in a casual time, he'll probably just shout for a period of time then just walk off to a more silent, secluded area. When he sees a friend get hurt, he'll take no hesitation to go up to the assaulter(s) and beat the crap out of him/her/them. If a fight would break out between two or more of his friends, then he'd attempt to resolve things in a peaceful, understanding vocal speech and discussion, rather than handling things physically. (Because they're his friends and he doesn't want to hurt them, yada yada...) Now, if he unleashed both his rage AND his insanity in battle...then things would get quite wild. As said above, engaging in combat is one of the only ways for this little fireball to relieve himself of stress and rage.

Whether he's being the strong, silent type he built for himself, his true joking, happy self, or an all-out demented being, one thing will remain true. He'll gladly make sacrifices for his friends; even if it costs him his life.

...Aaaaand taking a huge veer off of things, he's also the type who likes to cuss.

Strength: High reflexes, enhanced strength due to T-Devil genetics, quite the knack for sparring, parkour, and other physical activities.

Weakness: Talking about family (Sometimes overtaken by a deal of stress which may lead to him snapping when family is mentioned), somewhat low stamina, somewhat harsh and ignorant at times.

Semblance: Pyrokinesis, also known as the control over fire. When using his semblance, Haven becomes a sort of fire and heat conductor. He maintains control of flames with a well amount of ease, but there will be moments when things will get too…hot for him to handle. (ahahahah oh im so punny its not even funny) This can often be seen when he goes up against a pyre much larger, wild, and hotter than he’s used to. Doing this causes him strain that will certainly hit him the next day, if not the same day that he pushed past his limits and comfort zone.

Haven himself has noticed that the color of the flames that he manipulates often changes when his mood/emotional state vary. The majority of the time his fire shifts from its initial color straight to black and/or red, to symbolize the darkness, depression and whatnot that he holds within, as well as the wild rage that he keeps to himself. When he’s enraged, the flames shift to warmer colors such as orange and red, and tend to rampage about more often. When sorrowful and saddened, the blazes may be blue, violet, etc. In the past, he has noticed a swirl of different-colored flames --- examples would be a fusion of black and red flames, blue and red, violet and black, and so on. Color combos occur when the lad feels more than one thing in emotional stature.

As read above, Haven can only control fire --- not generate it. If there is an open flame or necessary elements up and about, he can easily manipulate them to his will. If there aren’t any sources of pyre anywhere, then…well, Haven just can’t use his semblance. This is why he keeps multiple lighters hidden on him at all times, excluding the times that he’s roaming inside a school building. Due to a high hazard rating fused with a chance of emergency, he keeps a single lighter hidden within his coat when roaming about Beacon for classes and other things of the sort.


Name: Silver Sanctum

Primary Form: Seen as a dual pair of katana, connected from the base of both handles by a silver chain. The blades themselves are a shining tint of silver, just shades off from his initial, snowy white hair. Three diamonds are seen upon the surface of each blade handle, streaking across in a vertical fashion. When the first button is pressed, a bullet is fired through a small, hollow tube that makes up the hidden barrel, and is visible through an opening in the center of the blade’s point. The same button also shifts Silver Sanctum back into its primary form after being switched into its secondary and/or third form.

Secondary Form: One blade is seen in the primary form, while the other blade is a sword-sniper hybrid. Triggered by holding down the second button upon the katana handle for a few seconds. In its second tier, one of Silver Sanctum’s handleguard dismembers and takes on a different shape. Several parts of it slide all about the handle area, forming the trigger guard and the handle, while the rest remain in their initial places. In this form Haven still uses both swords as…well, swords. The only basic difference is that there are two handles and triggers on one of the blades.

Tertiary Form: The blade that had been transformed prior to the third form further shifts, fully turning into a sniper-like shape. The tip of the blade folds down and reveals the tip of the barrel located within the blade, surrounding it with several sharp, miniature blades. In addition, the central section of the blade unfolds, unlashing the scope sealed within and mounting it up by chains and a couple of built-in bars. The remaining parts of the handleguard shift about to form the rifle’s recoil pad and monopod.

The second blade undergoes a similar change to the first one, as it unfolds its tip and surrounds its point with many smaller, yet equally sharp blades. In addition, the central area is designed to unfold and maintain a similar arrangement, causing it to basically become a mess of mini daggers, lodged together to create a painful sword. The main difference between the two blades of Silver Sanctum is that only one is a katana-sniper hybrid, while the other is just…an upgraded sword. It has no gun features, but it serves as a deadly melee weapon.

---In all weapon forms, the gun-blade's reload area is also the katana handle. It's able to be slid open and closed by pulling the chain, which is attached to the base of the handle/the ammo cover.

History: Forged within his years back in Signal Academy. Haven was always used to sparring with a dual set of weapons, and also adored long-ranged weapons. Because of this he incorporated long-distance fighting into one of his blades, and just upgraded the remaining blade to become a deadly bouquet of blades.

In addition, it was a sort of…symbol, one could say, to represent his sister. He had known one of her favorite colors to be silver, so he left both blades this color when creating his weapons. This gave the “Silver” part of Silver Sanctum. He also knew that his name meant a safe location, or a protective area, and he knew for a fact that he was very protective over his sister. By the time he had finished building his weapon, he had to come up with a name with it, so…he named it something that had a personal, hidden meaning. “Silver Sanctum” --- silver coming from being Sianna’s favorite color, and sanctum from being a synonym of the meaning of Haven’s name: a safe place; a protective/protected area. In his mind, “Silver Sanctum” means the same thing as “Sianna’s Protector,” and that’s why he stuck with the name.

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PostSubject: Re: Haven Kyoujii   Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:46 am

Really only changed two things for now;

1 ||| I added a bit to occupations. Haven is now a bounty hunter on occasion, as well as a part-time waiter and a part-time dance instructor.
Decided to add this in instead of just changing the appearance because...why the Hell not? The boy does need something to do, anyways.

2 ||| Excluding the first paragraph in the appearance section, I changed everything. Haven has an all new, updated description, now --- physically, anyways. I also changed the description to have two 'sub-sections;' there's one for his battle gear/the gear he wears when out in public, now, as well as the type of clothing that he wears when around the dorms, lounging around...or, when he's just flat-out lazy to dress into his normal attire.

Everything else should be the same as it was before, completely untouched.
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Haven Kyoujii
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