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 Sclav Muncitor

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PostSubject: Sclav Muncitor   Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:07 am


Sclav Muncitor

17 (14th of the Sixth Month)



5'6", 155 lbs, thin and muscular build, pale skin. Hair is dark brown and hangs down to his collarbones and bottom of his neck. Olive green eyes with slit pupils and second clear eyelids. His most odd trait is the scattered patches of scales around his body. Sclav tends to wear no shirt and an open grey zip-up hoodie, worn brown pants, and  black sneakers. Each wrist has a metal brace around it with long chains connected to his weapons. Sharp teeth line his mouth and his tongue is partially forked in only the front, giving him a lisp. There is a large scar on his lower back where his tail once was.

Sclav has a tendency to seem very cold and emotionless on the outside. This is not the case. Sclav is actually very strong in his emotions and opinions, but speaks in a very monotone manner.  When around people it is hard to tell that Sclav very much enjoys being around other people. He is extremely self-conscious about his outward appearance, even though he has come to terms with it.

Born on a small island, Sclav was part of a large family. His father was a faunus, and his mother paralyzed bellow the waist. In an attempt to live somewhere safer with more opportunity, they jumped on the first boat to Vale. It was when they got there that they learned freedom does not necessarily come free. The owner of the boat, a wealthy man who collected rare things from all around, demanded indentured servitude. Worried about being turned in for illegal immigration, they agreed to give one of their children to take the place of the father so that the family could still be provided for. Reluctantly accepting the offer, the family gave away Sclav, a strange looking reptilian faunus.

Sclav grew up as a house servant most of his life, doing very simple rules from ages four through seven. He belonged to the wife of the man who had taken him. The woman tended to treat him fairly well, but would sometimes be very cruel as well. His appearance was usually the focus of most aggression. The harshest act she had put him through was cutting of his tail, which she said disgusted her. Though life wasn't good by any means, until he turned eight it could have been worse.

Once reaching the age of eight Sclav was put to do more, harsher work on top of what he already did. His body was strong for his young age and he was able to do some lifting tasks and yard work. His main duty became tending the large garden the family used to grow their own foods. This took many hours each day. Being near the forest, the garden tended to attracted any Grimm that moved too close to Vale. It was when Sclav was nine that he killed his first of these. A boarbatusk that had wandered into the garden and when the woman attacked it the Grimm easily knocker her down and tossed her gun to the side. Seeing this, Sclav attacked with a simple rake, outsmarting the boarbatusk into smashing against a wall before jabbing its eye out with the rake and killing it.

Work did not become easier. As he grew Sclav was given more and more difficult work and put to guard duty at night. He killed Grimm that wandered into the garden and thieves on one or two occasions. At the age of fifteen Sclav was slim, muscular, and very strong with a focused look about him and monotone way of speaking. His task then became much more difficult and dangerous, even being sent into the forest to kill Grimm.

After awhile of this Sclav decided that enough was enough and his work was fulfilled.  During the night he was chained by his wrist to the wall, due to the man noticing Sclav acting out slightly, on guard duty. Preparing an escape plan, he pulled the chains off with ease, quickly climbing down the house and running into the forest.

From there he lived on the streets for two years, fending for himself by stealing what he needed to survive and nothing more. Over time he started to help others, becoming somewhat of a vigilantly. This is also where developed a hatred for the White Fang after several times saving people who hate faunus from them.

When this caught up to Sclav and the police caught him fighting a group of thugs who had been attempting to mug a couple Ozpin contacted him. Sclav's was invited to join Beacon Academy and graciously accepted. Now he arrives at his now home, an the first he ever really had, meeting one of his long lost siblings for the first time and moving into a new life.

Sclav is a skilled, self-trained fighter with good reflexes. His physical strength is very advanced and he as very calm is confrontations. This allows Sclav to be very quick at thinking things through on the spot. Sclav also does not need to blink during combat due to his second eyelids.

The chains Sclav wears are very heavy. He refuses to remove them and uses them as an extension his weapon. When dragging on the ground they create much noise and make it virtually impossible for him to sneak. In combat he can not jump as high as he could naturally, nor can he move as fast. They also prevent him from being able to swim.

Sclav is capable of minor regeneration. His wounds heal fast and lost limbs can be regrown to a certain extent.


Milă și Răzbunare (Mercy and Vengeance)

Primary Form
Milă și Răzbunare, Sclav's sickles, are attached to the ends of his chains. This means he can not only hold them and use them but throw them and pull them back. They and curved blades that can also hook around things and be used as grapples. The chains themselves are twelve feet in length each.

Secondary Form
Milă și Răzbunare can also change into Uzis. The blades can be used slightly as the curve around the bottoms. The guns can not be fired when thrown so are used very simply.

When living on the streets Sclav quickly learned he would need a weapon. After hearing about the weapons used by hunters and seeing them for himself he quickly went to work. Having learned a bit of crafting as a slave Sclav was able to scavenge and steal the equipment he needed and craft his weapon in a bit less then two months. This is howhis trusty sickles Milă și Răzbunare were born.
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PostSubject: Re: Sclav Muncitor   Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:36 pm

The only thing I'm concerned about is that if you do lose your chains/remove them unwillingly etc, your weakness is gone. But we'll see how it goes.

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Sclav Muncitor
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