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 This... is VNN - Bombing in Downtown Vale City

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This... is VNN - Bombing in Downtown Vale City Empty
PostSubject: This... is VNN - Bombing in Downtown Vale City   This... is VNN - Bombing in Downtown Vale City Icon_minitimeMon Nov 25, 2013 9:18 pm

Flipping through channels, VNN pops up, one of the usual talking heads appears to be discussing a bombing. A picture of a Valestars Coffee in the City of Vale, its front windows blown out, sits in the upper right.

"-nd exploded, leaving one man critically injured. When bystanders intervened, a second explosive was detonated, wounding several more. There are no reported fatalities. Eyewitnesses report seeing a man in a white coat dropping the explosive, but City of Vale authorities aren't releasing any information, and no group has come forward claiming responsibility for the bombing, but security analysts suspect a White Fang involvement following allegations of wage discrimination at Valestars branches around the kingd-."

The screen turns off as the lights dim, and looking over the city, similar flickering appears to be happening all over. After a few moments, everything is back to normal.

"-om the City of Vale police department to talk about terrorism safety is Dr. Red Hosecle. Dr. Hosecle, it's nice to have you."

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This... is VNN - Bombing in Downtown Vale City
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