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 Fei Xian Zi

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PostSubject: Fei Xian Zi    Fei Xian Zi  Icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 6:42 am


Name: Fei Xian Zi [Fey-si-en-ji]

Age & Birth: Seventeen; Sixth Day of Tian-Zhai [December]

Gender: Female

Fei's symbol is etched with ink onto the back of her right hand; it is obscured and hidden behind her battle garment. The five pillars represent the five elements of Fire, Water, Wood, Air and the fifth binding force that represents the unity of all four under the universal element Earth.

Physical Characteristics & Appearence
Height: 5'6"/167cm
Weight: 146lbs/66.3kg
Build: Lithe and Toned
Eye Color: Light Grey
Hair Color: White Blue
Skin Tone: Pale


Personality: Fei is a reserved individual, slow to convey what she personally feels and thinks. She can also when under pressure, put her trust into complete strangers. Her trusting nature can cause some issues to pop up when dealing with other individuals. She does her best to integrate into the new environment but lacking any skills of socialization, finds the prospect daunting without guidance.

History & Personal Life Fei was born in an isolated city-state called Xiake Shequ [shiya-ku-ju-chi]; warrior community] located in an eastern land far from the Kingdom of Vale surrounded on all sides but one by tall impenetrable cliffs.

It is a small piece of territory dominated by four warrior families called the Baohu [ba-oh-wu; protectors and defenders responsible for defense against demon raids], Lieren [li-er-yen; hunters and foragers responsible for gathering resources from exotic locations, occasionally travelling long distances to establish trade], Zhencha [jin-cha; warrior-scouts responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with each other and smaller communities] and the Xian [Si-en; a strictly militaristic family responsible for actively seeking out and terminating demons.]. Fei was born into the Xian family as the third child of two sons and one daughter. She was the daughter.

Historically, the Xian family have proudly produced generation after generation of strong warriors, all being men. Concerned of this sudden change, the then Lord Tao Xian of the Heaven's Spear hid Fei's true gender from the populace whilst working in the background to ensure she would remain a secret from the rest of the three family's with whom they regularly mingled with.

Each family have their own unique weapon style and specific methods of training related to the duties they would perform for the rest of their lives. The Baohu trained in unit cohesion, teamwork and defensive tactics; favoring the sword and shield; the Lieren trained their strength, coordination, survival skills and how to read the signs of their environment; favoring the bow and arrow; the Zhencha trained in the martial arts of hei-gung [hey-go-ng; usage of chi or 'Aura' in combat both attack and defense], stamina, endurance and perception; favoring chi-enhanced martial arts. The Xian on the other hand, being the most militaristic of the four, took the best of each family's, removed what was unnecessary and incorporated it into their own unique form. Attack, Defense, Teamwork, Stamina, Endurance and Martial Prowess with the Spear were it's foundations. The usage of "chi" or 'Aura' by the Zhencha Family was respected by the Xian Family but nevertheless was not incorporated into their routines.

At the age of 3, Fei and her two older brothers, begin formal training and education [ ... reading, writing, calligraphy, philosophy and history followed by learning proper stance, footwork, physical training and military tactics ...] alongside the sons of the Baohu, Lieren and Zhencha families.

At the age of 7, Fei was taken away from the rest of the group by order of Lord Tian Xian, now fearful of her developing "qualities"; specifically the strange and subtle changes displayed in her hair and eyes. The natural black of her hair and dark brown eyes were slowly being overtaken by an infection of foreign colors, something he could no longer hide as easily. Horrified and fearing that an evil spirit had chosen to possess her, he kept her isolated and away from the rest with Lord Tian Xian disguising Fei's disappearance as a deadly illness. Confused by the abrupt change but not wanting to neglect her own studies, Fei continued her education away from the others in private with permission from her father.

By the age of 15, Fei was given her first wooden training spear and sparred regularly with the Xian Palace guards, learning the basics and eventually mastering how to wield it properly in a fight. At this point in time, it was already apparent to those with knowledge of her identity that Fei was growing up to become a young woman. Therefore a plan was hatched by the now paranoid Lord Tian Xian to be rid of Fei.

Two years later, a strange rumor was spread throughout the four territories that a foreign warrior from a land far to the West had come to challenge the four houses in combat. This rumor was spread from within the Xian Palace, propagated by the Xian Family's many political servants. His plan coming into fruition, Tian Xian gifted Fei a suit of light armor, a white mask that when worn covered the entire upper-half of her face, and a unique spear specially crafted called Tang Mao. Knowing she would be excited by these gifts, Fei's father fueled her exciting, knowing how she would react by saying she was to fight in a "tournament worthy of any great Xian warrior".

And so it was. With the help of the other three families, the rumor transformed into a sensational tournament for the best of each families greatest and skilled. All looked forward to meeting this daring foreigner, rumored to be as beautiful as she was deadly. Manipulating these news, Tian Xian twisted what was told to the public into a fairy tale for the young Fei, fully donned in her battle garments and wielding the spear Tang Mao proudly. She would fight against her brothers and fellow countrymen in epic battle, finally earning the right to face off against the foreign challenger. When night fell, she was instructed to rest for the night in a hut outside the city borders by her father. Fei, too excited and nervous for the coming day to judge this strange request, happily went to sleep unprepared for unforeseen consequences.

As morning came, Fei was awoken by the sound of a rapping knuckle against the wooden side of the tiny hut. Instinctively, she reached for her spear and stood up, ready to strike before asking whom was at the door. "Xian Guards, mi lady!". Relaxing, she dusted the straws off herself and was soon met with an escort of men she personally recognized. Staying silent throughout the whole trip, she soon heard the tell-tale signs of excitement and realized now why the guards were present. To protect her from flying vegetables thrown by the crowds held back by a long line of mixed Baohu and Zhencha guardsmen. Confused once more but understanding of the people's apparent rage towards her, she held her head up high as a warrior of Xian would and noticed Lieren bowmen stationed high atop the walls and towers, their green uniforms standing out among the yellow bricks.

As she and her small entourage of vegetable-crusted guardsmen neared the stadium, loud trumpets were sounded to announce her arrival. The cheers from within could be heard even from the outside, their deafening roar caused her to feel both anxious and nervous. Escorted into the preparation room, she noticed that there were burly-looking men present she did not recognize, followed by the sons of the Baohu, Lieren, Zhencha, and her two brothers in the distance, conversing with their father. They looked sad for some reason and Fei wondered what had happened. However, before she could begin approaching them, the rumbling sound of a gong could be heard by all within. With that sound, the warriors within filed out into the circle of spectators, she would have followed out had it not been for the same group of guards stopping her, instead Fei was instructed to sit and wait until the semi-finals of the tournament had ended. Disappointed but once again accepting of the situation, she patiently awaited her turn. Minutes and hours passed and one by one she could hear the announcement of each match's winner and loser.

In the middle of this, the guards surrounding her suddenly dispersed, surprising Fei. A figure then approached her, covered from head to toe in a brown robe reminiscent of a monk's garb. Wary of the mysterious stranger, Fei kept her guard up but was reassured by an extended palm, signifying he was peaceful.

"There is something sinister about today, young lady. This event that's bringing such joy and excitement hides a darkness behind it's light tone. Be careful of your surroundings and note the intricacies of your blade. It may just save your life."

He turned to leave, however as if hesitating, he went down on a knee in front of her and pulled off his hood. Fei did not recognize his face and realized [stupidly] that this must have been the foreign challenger. His mannerisms and strange way of speaking affected Fei, causing a rush of blood to surge into her cheeks. She knew not who he was, but his blonde hair and green eyes reminded her of those prince's in tales. A smile and another extended hand, this time with the intent of taking hers in his. Carefully looking around, she noticed that all of the guards were gone, Fei was alone with him. Something like this would go against what she had wanted her entire life .. but what exactly did she want?

"Come with me. I'll take you far, far away from here."

Maybe she didn't want this after all ...  

Still so young and susceptible to the advances of a handsome man, Fei put her trust into him. She slowly extended her own hand .. and when her hand touched his, her vision blurred. The last thing she could remember was the fragrant smell of apples and the smile of the mysterious stranger .. then .. darkness.

An unknown amount of time later, Fei awoke, sore all over. As if expecting something or someone familiar, she instead found herself in alone in an unfamiliar room. Dazed but intact, she pulled herself out of bed and felt nauseous as her feet touched the hardwood floor. As she tried to remember the events leading up to now, a piercing headache struck out from nowhere, blurring both her vision and thoughts. Moments passed as the headache slowly subsided, allowing Fei to recover her senses and examine her surroundings. It was a plain, if not quaint, room with a bed she had previously occupied, some pleasant decorations, and a small dresser with what appeared to be a folded note on top. Still groggy and sore, she shambled awkwardly towards the dresser and picked up the note. The note itself was addressed to her by name, a neat scrawling of her full name in a script she did not recognize. Unfolding it, it read ..

"To the beautiful little lady that might read this letter, I know it must be strange to wake up in a place such as this but fear not for you are safe and unharmed. This isn't the nicest place in the neighborhood, but whatever happened to you before, this is your new home and life now. This note won't tell you much about why your here, but I can tell you where you need to go. At your age, with your skills, Beacon Academy is the way to go. Find it, apply for it, enroll in it, do whatever you want after that."

Yours truly, P.C.
P.S. Your belongings are under the bed. The dresser has some clothes that I thought may suit you, not what your used to but it's better then nothing.

With more questions then answers, Fei pocketed the note to the dresser and pulled open the first drawer. The note had not lied, there seemed to be a modest assortment of garments and under-garments. Unsure of what to do, she supposed following the note's advice was the best course of action. It was the only direction actually given after all. Retrieving her belongings from underneath the bed, she began the first step of her journey.

+ Acrobatic, supple and in good physical condition
+ Adept martial artist and spear user
+ A cooperative individual
+ An enthusiastic learner

- Inexperienced
- A follower, not a leader
- Sealed Aura; reliant on weapon and personal skills to defend against damage
- Socially inept

- ?


Name: "Tang Mao" ["Fairy's Spear"]

Primary Form: In it's primary form, "Tang Mao" is a 7 foot long metal shaft ending in a leaf shaped blade and a red tassel covering. The metal itself is surprisingly flexible, it's most distinguishing features are the intricate grooves carved into the start of the spear shaft, spiraling downwards in a circular motion. All in all, it looks and functions like any other spear, no other defining qualities. It is an overall lengthy weapon meant for close to mid-range combat. Fei is already well-trained in using the spear.

Secondary Form: The secondary form [when it is discovered by Fei] resembles a three-section staff that functions as shotgun with two barrels protruding from each end, with one replacing the spearhead and another appearing at the base of the shaft. Lacking any noticeable trigger, it instead relies on the energy of physical collision [acting as the charge] to fire off powerful blasts of kinetic energy. In this configuration it is mainly a dual-purpose weapon used for defensive and seldom offensive maneuvers in extreme close-range. A loading flap in the middle of the staff serves the purpose of reloading, able to fit a total of ten standard shotgun shells. It fires like a lever-action but reloads like a break-action in that the "chains" linking the two momentarily draw back the separate ends, using the same momentum required to fire, and slams a single shell into the individual chambers. This configuration takes training, trial and error to use in combat.

History: The weapon's history is non-existent, it's creator further surrounded by a blanket of rumors, mystery and speculation. Fei is only currently aware of it's use as a spear. A long way from it's home, the history instead will be forged by it's wielder.
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I like it all. +1 Approval.
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sounds good. Approved.

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Fei Xian Zi
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