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 Nigrum Pardum

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PostSubject: Nigrum Pardum   Nigrum Pardum Icon_minitimeThu Sep 12, 2013 5:13 pm


Name: Nigrum Pardum

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Symbol: Nigrum Pardum KCMSeTL

Appearance:  He has dark purple hair. He stands at about 5’9” He typically wears a black leather vest with his symbol on the back as well as on the front above his heart. Underneath he wears a light colored shirt to contrast with the vest. He wears faded blue jeans that are tattered at the bottom. He wears black sneakers with a steel toe. He carries a small pouch on his waist filled with assorted dust crystals to use with his weapon.

Personality: Nigrum is a reserved person. He typically doesn't talk to people that he doesn't know, but will introduce himself to people and talk with those he likes. He tries to make people laugh and often fools around, choosing fun over classes. He always walks around using the panther despite not needing it, constantly stroking between the ears if it’s in his hand. He takes good care of the weapon making sure that it is always in tip-top shape. He enjoys a good fight but also has a slightly foolish fighting style.  He will never turn down a challenge.
His allegiance is hard to determine. At times he fights to protect the peace yet there are other times where he will seek to ruin it. He often fights for coin more than anything. He is trying to figure out which side he wants to fight for. To help him in his future he enrolled at beacon, knowing he would learn how to fight better but also to help him pick his alliance for good. He is a good liar with no tell on his face. He will however stop stroking the ears of the panther for a second, a sign he will try to avoid by holding the cane lower before getting into a conversation or not at all.

History: While growing up Nigrum didn’t have much. He would take odd jobs around the town to try and earn some money. During this time he learned how to talk to people and negotiate with them. As his negotiation skills increased he began to deceive the people tricking them to give him more than he needed or not completing the task and still getting paid. The jobs he did and people he worked for continued to grow till he would end up doing jobs for criminals or hunters and huntresses.
During one of the jobs a person he had trusted betrayed him. This ruined his mind and caused him to lose trust in most people he knew, including his parents. He continued to work for people wary of betrayal never trusting them more than he needed to.
He went to Signal while he worked on the different jobs choosing to skip class more often than not. He attended his classes just enough so that he could go to Beacon.
As the missions for both side began to increase he began to wonder which side he was truly loyal too. He decided to enroll in Beacon academy to learn more about the conflict and how to fight. He hoped that he could learn more and pick a side.

Strength: Lying, Agility, great at talking

Weakness: never turns down challenge, foolish fighting style, does not trust easily


Name: The Panther

Primary Form: The panther is a black metal cane with a spike at the bottom. It is about 3 feet long and 2 inches in diameter, with the spike being about 6 inches long. At the top of the cane is a panther’s head curving forward to make a handle. Each of the panther’s ears contains a button. There is also a button within the mouth of the panther. The cane is made out of light durable metal so that Nigrum can swing it easily but can still hit hard and not ruin it.

Secondary Function: The spiked bottom can be unscrewed and allow for three different dust crystals to be loaded into it. The eyes of the panther will change colors to indicate what type of dust crystal is being used. The buttons in the ears will change the crystal order either up or down, while the button within the mouth will deactivate the dust use of the weapon. While the dust is deactivated the eyes of the panther are white. There are several options that Nigrum has with how to use the dust that the Panther is channeling.

  • Thrust Forward to launch of ball of the element toward.
  • Swing to launch a arc of the element in the direction of the swing.
  • Slam the ground to send out a short distance omindirectional wave of the element.

Third Form: By twisting the head of the panther Can draw out a singled edged short sword that is 2 feet long and about an inch across, with a 6 inch grip. While the sword is out he cannot use the dust functionality of his weapon. He can still use the buttons on the panther head, which is the pommel of the hilt, which will cause the eyes to glow accordingly but he can’t use the dust until he sheathes the sword. He still uses the body of the cane as a weapon in this form.

History: Nigrum made The Panther during his time at Signal Academy. He loved the weapon and constantly would keep it in hand. He put much time into the weapon carful about all the details. As a result he has great pride in the weapon and always makes sure that it stays in top condition.

Nigrum Pardum
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PostSubject: Re: Nigrum Pardum   Nigrum Pardum Icon_minitimeThu Sep 12, 2013 6:30 pm

Crappy character. Denied.
Just kidding! I guess I have to approve it or I'll be fired, but it IS a good character! Should be some fun! Approved!
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Nigrum Pardum
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