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PostSubject: Testing    Testing  Icon_minitimeSun Nov 10, 2013 7:36 pm

David had just left the arrival area. 'Well let's see if this system works.' "Icarus, online." With that David's backpack transformed in to two giant metal wings. "Alright, Hud is on, targeting system test." David looked around an yellow marker followed his eyes as fast as he moved them. "Lock" The marker turned red and stayed locked on the target.

'Lets see this work.' He thought as he picked up a rock. "Lock." The marker stayed on the rock no mater where he moved it. 'Here we go.' David through the rock in the air. As he did so he touched his right index finger and thumb together. As they touched the guns by his head opened fire on the rock. The rock came down almost completely destroyed. 'Sweet well might as well go for a fly.'

David took a few steps back. He than ran for the end of the cliff.
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