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 Roy Atenwood

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Roy Atenwood

Roy Atenwood

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PostSubject: Roy Atenwood   Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:38 am

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Everything involving Coran Demer is done with Ghazman's permission.


Name: Roy Atenwood

Age: 17 (Febuary 5th)

Gender: Male

Symbol: Purple and gold gauntlet on a black background.

Occupation: Student

Height: Five foot eleven

Weight: One hundred and seventy pounds.

Build: Strong, but thin. He has some muscle, but what is there is usually overshadowed by how thin he looks.

Hairstyle and color: Blonde, usually pulled back or kept under a helmet. Occassionally he wears it loose.

Usually wearing white and blue armor with gold trim. It is made of hardened leather with metal plates reinforcing vital areas.


History: Roy grew up in the same barbarian clan as Coran Demer, though they knew eachother only in passing. The Blitzchach clan was fast to accept young Roy and his father Raymond, as Raymond had married a high ranking warrior who had been wounded in combat, after coming to the village to treat her wounds.

As a doctor's son, he found it hard to fit in with the children of the clan. He was small, sickly, and something of a neat freak, obsessed with learning. Eventually he came to learn the history of the clan from the Chieftan. The history of the Blitzchach clan was long and storied. As far as barbarian clans go, really. The stories amounted to them being at odds with the Grimm in the nearby forest for ages, really.

But it still interested him.

When his stepmother passed her weapons onto him, his father encouraged him to become a hunter rather than a doctor, as the stories of the clan's hunters fascinated him to no end. The sickly boy eventually became a young man, who was thin but much less sickly. He had learned to use his weapons efficiently, and actually guarded the hut that several children hid inside when the monsters attacked the village with spear in hand.

When the attack was over, only a few survivors were left. Roy's father and step mother went about helping patch up the survivors and burying the casualties, while Coran and Roy set out to become Hunters, both enraged at this loss of life.

Personality: Roy is a two-sided coin. On one side he is kind and caring. Fastidious, bookish, and a bit of a neat freak. On the other side of the coin, he is full of rage towards the Grimm, and will go to any length to destroy them. In battle he fights with a fury that would put even the members of the Blitzchach clan to shame.

Around people, he tries his best to be quiet unless he is needed. He's really not much of a leader, much preferring to follow orders than give them. Once he becomes your friend, he is generally jovial and friendly around you, but he is rather shy around people he doesn't know. However, as he fancies himself a warrior-poet, he's trying to get over this...

Strength: -Fast. Despite wearing armor most of the time, it's relatively light armor.

- Hypercompetant in combat, close and mid ranged melee.

-Surpirsingly good stamina when it comes to running and dodging.

- Stronger than he looks (Though that doesn't mean much.)

Weakness: -Can't take a hit, so to speak, due to his thin frame.

-Despite his skill, his lack of mass means he doesn't hit quite as hard as others.

- While he is a rather quiet young man, it's easy to get him angry to the point where he can't strategize or think straight.

-He's not good with women, always seeming to make himself look silly in front of them.

Semblance: Roy's aura provides extra speed to those around him, making them move about two thirds faster than they already could. However, it does not increase his own speed.


Name: Blitz Chain

Primary Form: A six foot spear with a Partisan style head. The spear has a twelve foot, very thin but very strong chain inside of it, attatched to the spearhead.

Secondary Form: The spearhead detatches from the haft, attatched only by its chain, and acts as a flail-type weapon with a six foot haft. Rather simple. Usually not used, however, as he usually uses the chain to bring enemies to him or himself to larger enemies.

Name: Journeyman's Boots
Primary Form: A pair of dust-powered rocket boots. The boots have retractable blades built into the toes. They are used for "Jumps", and are not capable of sustained flight.

History: Roy's weapons belonged to his Stepmother, a Huntress of some small renown that had come to reside among the Blitzchach. When she lost her leg in combat, she handed them down to her stepson, not having been able to have a child of her own.
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PostSubject: Re: Roy Atenwood   Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:24 pm

I learned a new word today. "haft"

Anyway looks good by me.

Plus One Approval.

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PostSubject: Re: Roy Atenwood   Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:34 pm

Second approval.

Player of...



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PostSubject: Re: Roy Atenwood   

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Roy Atenwood
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