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 Balthazar Raghnall Kael

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PostSubject: Balthazar Raghnall Kael   Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:33 pm


Name: Balthazar Raghnall Kael

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Symbol: None

Occupation: Student, "Amateur" Hunter.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 204 lbs
Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Vibrant Red
Build: Tightly coiled, athletic, and well defined.

Personality: Without any doubt whatsoever, Balthazar is not the easiest person to get along with. Sarcastic, rude, and dismissive, Ba'al cares little for the petty and small ways of others. In fact, he cares for little period. Power in its various forms are the only things he respects or values. Those with power are treated with respect, those without are ignored or treated with disdain. Materially, the only thing he values is his weapon. Apart from readily replaceable clothes and other basic equipment, Sicarius is his only worldly possession.

The only thing he loves is the killing of Grimm. Everything he does in his life revolves around becoming a better Hunter so he can kill as many monsters as possible. Having been in the practice of fighting monsters from a young age, nothing scares Ba'al anymore. The bigger they are, the harder they fall; The stronger they are, the more satisfying the kill. In this mindset he has faced virulent and terrifying beasts, unflinchingly, time and time again and has come away with little more than a few new scars to tell the tale. He rarely retreats, never surrenders, and has almost died on a dozen different occasions.

However, in the same vein that he values and respects power and those who wield it, when in the company of those at least close to where he views himself and those he views as his betters, a slightly softer side of Balthazar comes to light. Still sarcastic, he becomes personable and even perhaps sociable. Still not friendly by any means, he has no problems associating with those who he deems worthy.

At times, oh few and far between, on especially good hunts involving much Grimm bloodshed, Ba'al can lose himself in his enjoyment of the death of his enemies. During such time it's almost as if his asshole-switch is turned off. He becomes excitable, comedic, animated, and perhaps-- dare I say it?-- friendly. Loud, boistrous, and, above all, violent. It's a completely different side of the man as he revels in such primal combat. Even to the point where he can, if momentarily, become visibly depressed that there are no more foes to face as he stands tall amid a pile of Grimm corpses. Momentarily; before the switch flicks once more and he slides back into his abrasive demeanor with all the subtlety of a frag grenade across a frozen pond.

History: Balthazar never knew his parents. Truth told, he doesn't even know what happened to them. Alive, dead.... All he knows is that he was one of a number of orphans living in a small fortified town outside the normal realm of the protection by "professional" Hunters. In their desperation to combat the onslaught of the Grimm, what few normal hunters there were over time became Hunters and, along with one retired professional they managed to convince to move to the town and help them, began training the townsfolk to fight with an unkind focus on the children. Specifically the orphans.

From the beginning, Ba'al displayed a propensity for fighting that went beyond enjoyment or talent. Fast, intelligent, ruthless. Over time it looked as though the boy had been bred to fight. Bred to hunt and kill. As young as nine the town sent the children after small game. Natural animals like small boars and wolves. Ba'al, however, short-sword in hand, took it upon himself in short order to deem this training boring and go hunting for their real enemies: the Grimm.

And he found them. Small ones, luckily. Still, for a child to manage to kill even the smallest of the Grimm was an astounding feat, one that the local retired Hunter took particular note of and began training Ba'al, individually. Under direct tutilege, Balthazar progressed quickly. He trained in numerous styles. With (and without) numerous different types of weapons. By the time he was thirteen, he had settled on the Katana. A brutally efficient, lightweight weapon, fully capable of decapitating even Ursai with singular strokes. And more than simply instruction in combat, Ba'al was taught all the technical, historical, and scientific knowledge that the combat schools would teach. The town could little afford to ship its children off to such elite educational facilities.

The old man soon informed the boy that it was something of a tradition that Hunters design and build their own unique weapons. Ba'al deemed it a stupid tradition, and continued on with his own training until, after continual insistence, he relented if only to shut the old Hunter up. Putting his mind to singular focus, the boy soon came up with a sword capable of utilizing dust. However, once he had a taste of the value that a weapon not only tailored to his needs, but tailored to him by him provided, he continued with a fervor equaled only by that of his desire to kill monsters.

Unfortunately, he was soon forced out of his developmental blinders by the old Hunter, as Balthazar had been neglecting his training, studying, and hunting duties. As such, it took the boy another three years to finish the final manifestation of his weapon: Sicarius. Reverse engineered from the old Hunter's own "weapon", a massive armorsuit capable of casually ripping the tail off of a Deathstalker and subsequently beating the thing to death with it, the now seventeen year old had devised a modular, supercompact armor suit little thicker than that of traditional plate armor whose dust and aural circuitry directly accessed the wearer's Aura, augmenting and redirecting it to provide boosts to their physical capabilities as well as provide the boon of a dust accessible sword.

In the following year, the old man decreed that there was nothing left for Balthazar in the town. That if he were to advance any further, he would need to attend one of the Hunter academy's. While they were unable to fund all of their children to attend the combat schools, the town gathered together enough money to send Ba'al and Ba'al alone to Beacon Academy.

Though late for the current year, the young man took the qualification and entrance exams for the prestigious school and, after most of another year of sitting at home, enacting the same old rituals of training and hunting, Ba'al was accepted and subsequently shipped off. Now nineteen he was rather late for the normal entrance range, but what care was that to him? As long as the school itself would accept him as he was, he would attend and excel for no other purpose than to become better.

Dexterity: Ba'al is ludicrously fleet of foot and hand. Primarily a speed based fighter he uses momentum and inertia to pass his blade through his targets. Additionally, he's significantly flexible and well practiced in terms of balance and acrobatics.
Martial Skill: Ba'al has trained in various styles for as long as he can remember. Ranging from things so simple as street brawling to so complex as ancient martial arts. Both armed and unarmed. His speciality lay in swordsmanship, but he lacks in no particular area of close range battle.
Brilliance: He possesses a technical and tactical mind that has been honed by study and experience over the years. The result is a man who needs put little thought into schooling or combat situations to achieve optimal results. When he does actively apply himself, the results tend to be rather... extravagant.

Stamina: While his physical endurance isn't exactly lacking, his utmost capacity of speed overwhelms his own body. Moving at full capacity for extended periods can exhaust him. In extreme cases of over use, it can even cause physical damage to his muscles, tendons, and joints.
Armor Form: Using the third form of his weapon, while it relieves the stress on his physical stamina somewhat, directly drains his Aura. Similarly to utilizing his speed, he must carefully regulate his output while armored or risk running out of steam. This effectively limits how much his strength or speed he can use at any one time as well as the duration which he can fight while armored. Once his Aura is depleted, he loses all but its basic defensive qualities.
Range: Aside from the linear and simple dust attacks dealt by his sword, Balthazar is a close range fighter. Any- -one or -thing who can manage to keep their distance from him has an advantage.
Fearless: The young man barely even knows the meaning of the word 'fear'. He isn't intimidated by anything. Even things he knows he can't handle. In his fervor to kill the monsters he comes across, he can quite easily run into a situation beyond him and will probably stay there, regardless of what is most likely the ability to easily outpace his adversaries.

Semblance: Speed Demon. Amplification of movement speed over natural capabilities. Balthazar is an absolute monster when it comes to sheer, unhindered speed. He's fast without the use of his power. With it? He ends up a blur on the battlefield.


Name: Sicarius

Primary Form: A somewhat ornate forty-two inch gold bladed katana with a tarnished gold tsuba and kashira, and black and gold ito and same. Its scabbard is similarly stylized and abnormally thick. In this form, it does little but inflict stabbity.

Secondary Form: Upon command, the blade Opens. Dust of an element chosen by Ba'al then issues from the hilt of the sword, filling the gap in the blade and granting the sword a variety of elemental and magical effects. Said dust originates from a variety of crystals housed within the hilt itself.

Primarily it gives the blade an elementally oriented melee attack, allowing for a few different effects. Ignition and cauterization of impact points; Local freezing; Electrocution, stunning, and/or paralysis; Elongated energy blade for improved reach. The types of effects are defined only by Ba'al's ingenuity and that of the elements themselves.

Secondarily, the blade can fire bursts of aforementioned dust in relatively standard magical blasts. These can be fired rapidly at standard (small) size, or charged within the blade before firing for larger, more destructive shots. Charging, however, takes directly proportionate time to power output.

Tertiary Form: Upon command, the scabbard unfurls, deploying an uncountable number of tiny, modular cybernetic metal plates which slide across Balthazar's body before locking into the form of an intricate, skin tight, gold and black suit of Armor. This powered armor redirects and amplifies the effects of Ba'al's aura, increasing his physical capabilities and giving him direct modifiable control over what aspects of his physicality is amplified by his semblance (strength instead of speed, for instance) whilst somewhat reducing the strain on his direct physical stamina. It also gives him the general defensive benefit of good old plate armor.

History: Reverse engineered from an old armorsuit belonging to a man in his home town, Ba'al designed, built, and remastered Sicarius from scratch over a period of some four years. Though it might seem to be two separate units, the sword and the suit, they were designed and created with eachother in mind and are, in fact, one weapon of grim devastation.
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Balthazar Raghnall Kael
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