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 Aphelion Messier

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PostSubject: Aphelion Messier   Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:42 pm


Name: Aphelion Messier

Age: 18

Gender: Male

A circle split into two halves, one with a part of the sun and one with a crescent moon. To him they represent the balance of the universe, how two very different things have so much in common.

Aphelion is a man of height slightly above the average. He maintains an acceptable figure for a martial artist. Through continuous training he has achieved a healthy muscle mass. He’s a bit beefy but not extremely. His hair is black with a small brush of hair where his pigtail once was. He has a pretty proportional build, allowing him to be both moderately agile and moderately strong.

Personality: Aphelion was brought up with a pretty strong sense of morality and stern principles of being both strict and respectful. When in dangerous situations he prefers to not be the highest ranking leader and listen to the leader attentively, while being strict on any subordinates of his, to the point where he’s been known to bring people to tears. He tries not to verbally assault those under his wing but a few insults may slip up here and there. This strictness does not in any way mean that he panics or loses his cool – he stays true to his teachings and acts so fluently it’s almost mechanical. Life under strict rule could’ve either cost him his self-esteem or any care he had, and he is still very forward. Insults and filthy words rarely throw him off.

With no danger present Aphelion is very easy-going. He likes to have fun when no peril is around. It is almost as if he changes completely whenever combat begins. This bipolarity cost him a few possible friendships at times but he doesn’t give up easily and continues to try to make friends instead of becoming a loner.

Ever since his camping excursion with some friends, during which he has suffered some brain damage as a result of a fair amount of hits on the head, his normally unified mind became more split - it can be seen when some strong physical or emotional shock is brought upon Aphelion, some aspects of him seem to disappear, making some more distinct.
His insatiable lust, for example, can turn him into a bigger pervert than he already was at slightest mentions of sex or otherwise different stimuli.
His somewhat nice nature can be replaced by cold factuality where he becomes much more to-the-point and even takes advantage of all the things that he learnt from his days as a delivery man, things he usually wouldn't flail about.
In contrast to that factuality, he can also become really emotionally brittle, at which point his emotions can change drastically in seconds, from laughter to tears, from pleasantries to rage etc. He is very easily hurt in this sorry state.

History: Upbringing among the Wootini tribes is quite different than being raised anywhere else. Whereas in many societies children are protected, the Wootini waste no strength. Although you are excused until 3 years of age, after that you either have to learn to hunt or to fight, or both. He was always a very eager kid, to the point where it became his undoing.

Aged 3, he started training in disciplines of both hunting and fighting. It soon became apparent, however, that he was not hunting material. He simply didn’t have the will to kill animals. He loved them, no matter what size or shape. The Beasts, on the other hand, he found repulsive and his parents, despite wishing for him to overachieve, ultimately settled on him being a fighter alone. As his fighting peers, he was taught in the Stance of the Tiger for four years before being deemed of age to participate in battle. That’s when he obtained his first and currently only horse, one with which he bonded closely and whom he named “Monochrome Flash of the Waning Equinox”, although as he has grown up he refers to him as Equinox to give out commands faster. From then he was allowed to pursue his own style of fighting in any of the 6 Divine Dojos of his tribe while also teaching Equinox commands to listen to in battle.

After tasting each Dojo’s style he had made a decision – he liked them all! The idea of training in all six Dojos, however, was never even brought to light to the elders and they rejected him promptly, saying that to not choose a Divine above others is a heresy to all. Sadly, Aphelion wasn’t stupid and therefore quickly applied for the job of a delivery boy, a post that is usually vacant due to nobody wishing to travel the beaten paths between villages, carrying scrolls from one Dojo master to one of the smaller training camps.

With applause from the elders that he has redeemed himself from his heretic thoughts, Aphelion started a life of travel between settlements, dotted across the jungle in which they were raised. It was not how it seemed though, for while other horses were fast along the tracks, Equinox was very much a horse for rough terrain. Aphelion cut through forests in a straight line and the saved time he spent on reading the scrolls which he was meant to deliver to camps. As time passed, he slowly mastered each of the six stances. He found life on the road hard at first, but through trial, error and different scrolls he learnt many things like which herbs could be used to make medicines and how to brew ones own cider, the latter coming to use more than former. Through continuous consumption of increasingly stronger drinks he eventually built up a resistance to alcohol. He also found a passion for writing stories between training and travelling.

There came a time when he came across a group of travelers. They spoke of Signal, a place where one could apparently build their own weapon to fight the Beasts with. Aphelion was quite intrigued as the Beasts often stopped him from taking his shortcuts. He began spending the time between travel, training and rest by designing an upgrade to an existing hunting tool. He started riding out not on shortcuts but on longer roads, passing by settlements which were not of Wootini and trading useful things he found in the jungle for money which he then used to buy components to upgrade the weapon with, straying away from Dust crystals as only elders were allowed to have them, and he didn’t want to break any more rules than the one he already broke.

His history as a delivery boy ended when he was 16. He finished his beautiful weapons but his ‘slacking’ started to raise suspicion, to the point where he was once caught red-handed, re-reading one of the scrolls he was delivering and training his moves anew. After he knew all the stances, he used the scrolls as a means to decide what he’ll train. When he was brought to the court, the elders threatened to have him beheaded. His parents passed away due to a disease, so nobody was there to defend him. All hated him and his heresy. Yet he had one friend left. He called upon Equinox and revealed his weapons, breaking free from his bindings and running away on his horse, behind him threats of banishment and death. It so happened that he had to leave his tribe. His people weren’t too up-to-date with technology but he found it simpler to navigate normal cities thanks to his earlier visits. He soon set his sights on Beacon, so he could protect wildlife from the Beasts.

TL;DR In a Wootini tribe born and raised, on the road is where he spent most of his days, delivering scrolls from school to school and learning to fight cause it was so cool. Then a couple of guys told him 'bout Signal too so he remade a weapon from his neighborhood. Then he got caught and was trialed and almost dead, but he escaped on his horse and joined Beacon instead.

Strength: Wide knowledge of fighting stances(Tiger, Panda, Mantis, Snake, Monkey, Crane), easy movement in forests, calmness in face of wild animals, moderate strength, speed and agility, high alcohol resistance, medicinal herb knowledge (which brings about a good chunk of knowledge about ingredients and proportions, turning him into a rather good cook)

Weakness: Animal man, bipolar, extreme attraction to female Faunus, blunt, likes to help people who don't show any sign of needing help, pervert to the nth degree

Semblance: Power Passage - By combining his Aura with some physical and mental effort, Aphelion can transfer it as energy to his limbs, making them harder, better, faster, stronger, at expense of some weakness during or after usage - paralysis, fatigue, heart attack, knock-out to name a few. He can also manifest the aura somewhere beyond his body - simple visual clones of him, for example, only cause him fatigue while his Ascension techniques cause him to be knocked out and even lose a grip on his morality and sanity for a while. Since his aura isn't especially developed, he needs to borrow energy from other body functions to transfer it anywhere but progressively as it would be stronger it would need to borrow continuously less and less.
Here are the techniques Aphelion currently knows how to do with his semblance.
Divine Blessings (Aura):


This amazing technique combines increased circulation with aura to give Aphelion's punch the amazing power of ploughing through anything which gives resistance and exploding at anything which doesn't. Of course, this amazingness comes at a price - Aphelion's heart stops for a moment when the punch connects, making consecutive punched continuously more dangerous for him.


Name: -

Primary Form: -

Secondary Form/Function: -

History: Since the meltdown of Sol Dexter and Luna Sinister during the camping trip (mentioned in the personality section) Aphelion never got around to getting new weapons, deciding that he'll just stick to keeping his body as a weapon and not relying on tools for battle.

Previous Weapons:

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PostSubject: Re: Aphelion Messier   Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:25 pm

Bravo! *clapclapclap* I love this character! Awesome! Approved!

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PostSubject: Re: Aphelion Messier   Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:43 am

pre edit:
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PostSubject: Re: Aphelion Messier   Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:39 am

Age upped to 18

Appearance changed - pigtail removed

Personality - added one paragraph about his brain damage

Added a strength in cooking.

Added a weakness in perving.

Edited Aura-techniques into the Semblance and added 'Ascension 4' to the Ascensions.

Removed current weapons.
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PostSubject: Re: Aphelion Messier   

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Aphelion Messier
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