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 Melissa Stern

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PostSubject: Melissa Stern   Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:16 pm


Name: Melissa Stern

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Appearance: Melissa is has quite a slim build and is shorter than average for someone of her age. While her expression is usually cheerful, you can always see a sort of mischievous underlay beneath it. As if she's REALLY thinking of how to trick you or something and is merely being cheerful so you wont suspect anything. She acts nice and kind most of the time, but like her expression, you can tell she really just wants to cause some mischief usually.

Contrary to every other aspect of her, her hair is a light brown shoulder length mess. She has deep brown eyes that always seem to twinkle with mischief, right until you look at them, upon which they'll revert to a more innocent looking twinkle.

Melissa's choice of clothing (Both in regards to styles and colours) change very often and on a whim, although she does seem to prefer a t-shirt (With a jacket if it's too cold) and a skirt most of the time, though she doesn't have any specific preference in regards to colour.

Super Vox Renders:
Personality: Melissa has always been full of two things - Energy, and a need to use that energy for mischief. She is mischievous and used to play pranks and jokes all the time when she was younger(And although she grew out of some of the more childish ones, she still pulls some from time to time to keep herself entertained) and she is also very over energetic. Naturally, with a mix of traits like that she also has a dislike for authority and rules, resulting in her getting in trouble a lot.

Although she loves mischief and playing around, she is still a good person at heart and so none of her jokes or pranks are malicious or hurtful. She does care about people (And friends), even though it might not seem like that's the case at times.

Melissa keeps a cheerful attitude up at all times, even when in danger. Strangely she literally keeps up her cheerful, carefree attitude almost one hundred percent of her conscious time, even during tense or dangerous moments she manages not to panic at all.

Perhaps this is linked to the fact that she's... a bit insane and detached from the world. She does extremely odd and random things from time to time with no real reason for it including things like randomly skipping, giving strange answers to questions and just acting a bit crazy in general. She isn't utterly insane though, she just sort of has lapses in sanity.

She tends to be rather childish at times as well, making up silly nicknames for people and refusing to use their actual names. She often finds it difficult to control herself simply because she has too much energy, so instead just goes with it.

In battles she prefers to use the same strategies and style she uses in regular life - mischief and trickery. She doesn't really care for 'fair play' in battles and will use more unsporting tactics if it helps her win, such as distracting the opponent. She combines the thrust from her weapon with her aura to move in quick bursts, along with allowing her to use her naginata with deadly force, despite her relatively small/weak frame.

History: Melissa lived a relatively normal childhood, although once again it had her own twist on it. She had a normal family consisting of her father, her mother and herself and she went to school, learnt, played with the other children and everything normal people do in their childhood to teen years. But she would constantly cause mischief and trouble both with the teachers, classes and also with the other students. At first it was little jokes that people usually forgot instantly, but as the jokes and pranks became more frequent and became somewhat bigger, eventually people started to get annoyed.

Inevitably she was kicked out of the school for constantly getting in trouble and causing problems. While Melissa didn't see a problem with this, her parents did and were starting to get worried. She was slowly starting to get stranger and crazier bit by bit (She didn't notice this, of course) and her parents were frantically trying to work out what they should do to help.

One day though, after thoroughly annoying someone enough, she was beat up quite badly in school. Before the assaulter was pulled off and stopped, she had gotten quite a few nasty bruises on her face. The assaulter was arrested of course, but Melissa's parents were more worried by the fact that this might cause her to either have more problems or some sort of emotional scarring. What happened was much stranger though. Instead of being depressed or traumatized by the event, her outlook on life changed to being even more cheerful and after recovering she seemed to have a smile on her face at all times.

Her parents became extremely worried and frantically seeked out psychiatrists to see if someone had been damaged in her head. Eventually she was officially diagnosed with having a medical disorder that wouldn't interfere with any work, fighting or learning, so she was allowed back into school. With another whimsical decision she decided she wanted to fight the Grimm. Her parents assumed it would pass quickly like her other random choices, but surprisingly she stayed true to this one. She continued training, going to a nearby school specifically designed for training people to fight monsters. Even more astonishingly, it seemed to calm her more, and stopped her spiralling descent into madness, so her parents allowed it.

The only way to help her puts her in great danger - a sad reality her parents had to face, but they knew their child was not normal (Mentally at least). Regardless, after many years of hard work she was finally accepted to Beacon.

Strengths: Unpredictable, Agile, Tricky, Little sense of morals

Weaknesses: Rather Insane, Relatively weak physically


Name: Soothing Mayhem

Primary Form: A long, sleek Naginata with the staff part segmented into 3 parts (Although it stays rigid, the segments are only so that it can be converted to the weapon's second form). The entire thing is made of metal, though the inside is hollow to reduce the weight. On the back is an exhaust vent, similar to what you would find on the back of a car. Dust-powered flames can be shot out of this vent in short bursts with intense power to propel Melissa.

Secondary Form/Function: Soothing Mayhem can fold up on its self to form a rather bulky flamethrower, turning the exhaust vent to the front and expanding its mouth as well. The naginata blade ends up on top of the vent, allowing it to be used as a bayonet. In this form the dust-powered flame can be fired for a longer period of time and with a much larger radius, but with reduced strength. It must be manually reloaded after around 15 seconds of fire (Pun intended).

History: Despite its elegant look and unique name, Soothing Mayhem was assembled rather randomly by Melissa. With a variety of materials one of her schools had provided, she threw a bunch of parts together, messing with the metal and parts until amazingly, they formed together into an actual, useable (And powerful) weapon. Many said she had some sort of talent with making weapons, but she paid them no heed, instead beginning to play with her new toy.

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PostSubject: Re: Melissa Stern   Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:53 pm

Sounds like she's gonna be a fun character.


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PostSubject: Re: Melissa Stern   Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:29 am

Edit Note: Changed a few personality details, clarified a small part of weapon and added/changed some pictures.
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PostSubject: Re: Melissa Stern   

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Melissa Stern
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