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 Lilliana Ferrell

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Frankenstein Joe

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PostSubject: Lilliana Ferrell   Wed Oct 23, 2013 3:17 pm


Name: Lilliana Farrell

Age:  24 – Fifth Day, 1st month

Gender: Female

Vehicle: Connla’s old Lamborghini Murcielago LP670–4 SV .

Theme Song: Pacific Rim Main Theme

Symbol: A stylised green butterfly.

Appearance:  5 Foot 5, 140Ib. Lilliana has managed to remain looking like her sixteen year old self even when she is eight years older, her eyes and hair are both light green, her eyes seeming almost gray when the light is not shining on them. Her face retains the looks of a child, her features giving off an elegence not normally seen in the type of places she resides. her pale skin making it seem as if she was sickly. Her voice can be rather androgynous, what can leave some to think that she is just a bueautiful male, if not for her broad hips and slight chest elevation. Her clothing normally consists of a simple white tunic and trousers, sandals and a small belt around her waist to hold her weapon to help remind herself of her religous backround.  The Clothing would be loose as if it was too large for her, though it is mainly to hide her taut limbs from being visible.  

Personality:  Normally happy and wearing a smile even during a fight, she can say stuff of extreme brutality without a single twitch out of place. She is rather slow to anger and to calm unless with Connla. Can be oppressive in a religious debate due to her upbringing and rather adventurous when given the chance, sometimes literally dragging along someone into the middle of nowhere. Matching with her appearance, Lilliana has a passion for Children Shows and collects box sets whenever possible.

History: Born the daughter of a Priest a priestess, she would grow up to embrace their religion and help out during services. At the age of eight she met Connla, who at the time was only a budding church goer. Developing a friendship near instantly, they would be near inseparable for up and even kindle a romance after three years of tension. When Connla left for Beacon, it left Lilliana alone so she decided to continue her training to be a priestess in the hopes of one day marrying them herself. Deciding to spend her time training her musical talents, she would quickly become well versed in playing the Organ, Piano and Violin. After doing this for a year, Lilliana decided to Take up part time work to pay for her new flat, going through multiple jobs before the recommendation of Connla’s father to work at the Hippogriff (Even if he had ulterior motives). Still working there four years later, she would have progressed from just a simple part time maid to also be the unofficial official model of the pub, appearing on many of the custom calendars used in the establishment. While working there, they would slowly develop their happy nature from it and be on good terms with most of the goers while continuing her relationship, secretly giving discounts to Connla whenever she can.  Despite having been living in a high end house on the outskirts of Vale until recently, she gives her spare money away to the poor and homeless to try and give them a better life, even if they just waste it and need more the day after.

Strength:  Has a high degree of patience due to her being a maid and being brought up in a church. Also works exceptionally well with Connla in fights due to their relationship.  Incredibly fast even with no footwear and has an above average endurance level to the point of being able to run 400m in 43.37 seconds, using the pair in conjunction to find holes in an opponent’s defences and exploit them before they have time to react. Was taught advanced hand to hand fighting styles and practiced them in the common bar fights, making her capable of fighting with no weapon if needed.  

Weakness: Due to not being a Beacon attendant, she is not as well at using her aura compared to others who went there. Also lacks any training in dust, leading to her relying on just her weapon and an underdeveloped aura in combat. Has a tendency to go a little deranged over small and cute animals, whether their origin is Grimm or not. Lacks any form of armour, so leaves her vulnerable to strikes what would be easily deflected by it. Lacks a way of manifesting their Semblance manifest due to her lack of training.

Semblance:  Hidden Virtue.  Her aura becomes a form of camouflage, melding into the background to make her harder to see, but not invisible. During the usage, any sudden movements such as attacking will instantly remove the form, leaving her unable to perform it for a small duration of time.  It is currently unavailable to Lilliana due to either not knowing about it or due to its nature being low cost to activate but rather high to maintain.  


Name: Butterfly’s Grace

Primary Form: A 6Ft long Halberd. The shaft a green the same shade as her eyes and hair, it is like any other Halberd in appearance and form except for a small trigger being by the handle, the axe blade and spike being a black colour to contrast the green.

Secondary Form: Turns into a semi-automatic Rifle with the spiked tip rotating off the end and acting as an iron sight. The magazine’s held inside the axe-head and is twenty shots large but has no dust bullets, being the simple lead based projectile.

Tertiary Form: When not in use, it collapses down into a cylinder, the blade and spike moving inwards to avoid accidental stabbing while not in combat.

History: Built using an old schematic within the family Chapel’s crypt, she forged it at her time in Signal with the help of Connla who wanted her to better protect herself due to an increase in violence and gangs within Vale.
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PostSubject: Re: Lilliana Ferrell   Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:55 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Lilliana Ferrell   

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Lilliana Ferrell
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