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 2nd Initiation has come to a close

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2nd Initiation has come to a close Empty
PostSubject: 2nd Initiation has come to a close   2nd Initiation has come to a close Icon_minitimeSun Oct 20, 2013 3:32 am

So as I'm writing this the last of the 2nd initiation threads is wrapping up. So as such I think it's time I gave you guys your teams finally!

These of course will be learned in character at The Second Initiation Ball, which I might add is open for ALL players, not just those who were part of the initiation.

None the less, I hope you guys all had fun. This initiation went much better than the first one by miles.

Similar to last time you are to talk as a team somewhere out of the chatbox and decide on: leader, team name and color. Dorms have been created for each team so you can discuss your team there.

Now without further ado, here are the teams.

Nigrum Pardum
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2nd Initiation has come to a close
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