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 Team Adjustments have happened!

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Team Adjustments have happened! Empty
PostSubject: Team Adjustments have happened!   Team Adjustments have happened! Icon_minitimeWed Oct 16, 2013 1:26 am

Greetings everyone! I have come here at this time to inform you that some changes have occurred to a few of the teams. Team AVAC, the purple one, has been disbanded. Two members have been inactive for a while, and Amber will be leaving that team as well. Kellenredx from AVAC has joined Team DYMC, as they have had an inactive player since initiation.

Additionally, three members of Team JARL have been inactive for a while now, leaving MrManix alone. He has been moved to Team DRED to fill their one inactive slot.

This inactivity has taken place almost the entire time since initiation for these teams and no warning was given. If the players return we will work with them to get them on a new/existing team. These situations are typically a case-by-case basis. We aren't hunting for inactive people too much, so if you have a question/problem/whatnot, please PM a moderator or admin so we can work with you.

Ah, I forgot another change. Team SNTS has changed their team color to Royal Purple in light of these events.

Thanks everyone!

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Team Adjustments have happened!
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