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 Silva Dalang

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PostSubject: Silva Dalang   Silva Dalang Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 1:47 pm


Name: Silva Dalang

Age: 37

Gender: Female


Silva wears a pink jacket hanging about hip length with tattered edges, the sleeves of which have been sloppily ripped off at the elbow. Underneath she wears a blouse and changes color based on the day. She usually has the first button or two undone on the blouse showing off her cleavage. Her eyes change color based on her blouse color. Additionally she wears a pair of gold wristlets with dust crystals embedded in them in around each wrist. She has a small pouch on her right hip that holds her weapon, Kugutsu Tebukuro, as well as a transmitter. For shoes she will generally wear 1 to 2 inch heels.

When she goes off to hunt or battle seriously her appearance will change. She pulls back her hair into a bun to keep it out of her eyes. She wears a hard leather body vest and light flexible leather leggings, both with pink highlights. Her shoes are tennis shoes; however, they are lined with iron plating to make them harder for kicks and punches. She wears her glove weapon Kugutsu and has on a pair of spiked bands on her forearms. Around her wrists she always wears her wristlets with dust crystals. Just above her caboose she wears the bag that contains her weapon’s transmitter.

Personality: Silva is one of the newer teachers at Beacon Academy and strives to keep a balance of fun with the students as well as order. She tries to break up fights and enforce the rules as well as come up with fun activities for the students to do that aren't strictly educational. She has a split personality and can change quickly. She at times has trouble communicating with people due to her interesting brain.

Her brain was modified when she was around 28 to have a third section. This section provides communication between the two main hemispheres of the brain while at the same time allowing for that link to be restricted. At first the change was hard to adjust to but after having it for several years one wouldn't notice the difference between her and a normal person except for in three cases. With her brain there was also two small microchips attached to the different hemispheres of her brain. These chips have power transmitted to them via the dust crystals in her wristlets. The chips then relay signals two and from her “puppets” allowing her to see/hear/feel through them.

One side effect of her brain is that she will occasionally suffer from extremely painful headaches shutting her down almost entirely. In battle she is typically using her split brain to its maximum potential, easily able to control her “puppets” Tengen and Kidal as well as fight effectively herself, turning potentially 1 v 3 matches to 3 v 3. Another effect is that she will talk to her pets to talk to herself sometimes as it’s hard for her to communicate her thoughts and bounce them around, but this isn’t absolute that she has to always do this. Her puppets have a small voice box built into their collars for limited conversations back and forth in English. The puppets speech is mostly broken as Silva's speech center in her brain is in the third section.

Silva has the ability to choose which of the senses she hones in on. Typically while not battling she will ignore the touch sense from her puppets and mostly tune out the vision. To best understand his imagine having three large screens in front of you with three different movies on them and focusing on one of them with the volume on two turned very low. While in battle she mainly sees through her own senses consciously; however, the other hemispheres of the brain allow her to still receive and respond to all sense without necessarily realizing it. If she needs she can control her puppets if they are up to 4 miles away, however the further away they get from her they are worse the connection gets: slower responses, some actions not happening at all. She can also switch which "screen" she is looking at.

She has a large fear of heights; while she can handle them to an extent she hates them.

History: Silva grew up as the daughter of a psychologist and by osmosis learned vast amounts of information. Her mother was a genetic biologist and filled Silva with knowledge as well. By the time Silva graduated from combat school many universities were begging her to apply and come to their schools. She however decided to go to Beacon with her weapon at the time, eagle striker. She continued to study both of her passions: psychology and biology worrying her fellow teammates of the Team SNTS second. She on many occasions would venture into the emerald forest and experiment on Grimm. While experimenting she managed to create a function within certain Grimm that allowed them to grow to near full adult state and return to cub state in a matter of moments with no harm to the creature. In school she would use eagle striker which was a hand to hand combat based weapon. As a result she became highly skilled in it.

When she graduated she and her partner, Milo Teserac, graduated from beacon rather than becoming a hunter and huntress they went into experimental science. One thing they researched was the ability to control other people or creatures. The research had less than satisfying results on human test subjects which were few and far between. But had amazing results on Grimm test subjects which were responded well under initial testing. Silva suggested to Milo that they create a system that would allow control of the subject via a direct connection to the brain. After a year of experimenting and studying the brain Milo had managed to create a prototype version while Silva had identified the prime location on a hemisphere to implant the chip. The prototype worked perfectly on the grim subject when applied to the brain as well as a test human brain that allowed for more human testing. There was resistance though from the Grimm as it would at times not respond at all to the thoughts.

A few days after the success of their test Silva came up with a pair of hypothesis. The first involved a controller, not necessarily the brain directly but a go between that would work in tandem with the brain to control the subject. The second involved splitting a brain on the corpus callosum to allow one half of the brain to control the Grimm while the other controlled the body of the person. This created a dilemma when proposed to her partner who could see no way to rig a test brain to function as though it was severed so the theory was thrown into the pile. They spent the next few months creating the controller glove. The idea behind the glove was that it would make the Grimm operate like a puppet but without the strings. The subject would control the grim as though they were controlling a puppet, making the Grimm worthless to complete any tasks; however, when combined with the chip it would allow them precise control like that one has over themself. However it was hard for a subject to control their "puppet" as Silva and Milo had come to call them, and still function themself. Silva pointed out this flaw and brought the split brain idea up again once again troubling Milo, who decided they should think on it and refine the current technology they had to make it more effective. And by we it more meant him being the tech genius.

For the next year they experimented making the existing tools more functional. Silva invested time in a side project, one that would allow for severing of the Corpus callosum without in fact severing it. The results of her research were astonishing, as it had in some ways allowed for the creation of a third major section to the brain. The section itself was small in comparison to the rest of the brain. However upon successfully growing into the brain it attached itself to different neurons of the other sections pulling off their functionality into itself. A subject’s brain would be overtaken by this section which processed both sides of information without requiring the corpus, even being able to act as its own section that had a combination of both hemisphere’s motor sections and senses. The third section also liberated from of a subjects frontal lobe unto itself allowing for it to form thoughts and properly allow the person to move. However thoughts from this section are very simple and most movement while using this section alone is caused by the cerebellum. This section however would not allow for thoughts to be transferred between sections, as subject would begin to vocalize their internal thoughts so that they could communicate with themself. She then brought it up to Milo that this could be the key that would allow for people to use this technology. Milo refused saying they could find no willing subject. Silva volunteered herself as the subject and Milo reluctantly agreed.

Following the implant of this new hemisphere Silva was out of commission for several months as her body adapted to the modified brain and she learned how to function with it again. Her thoughts became more vocal so she could communicate with herself. While she recovered she watched hundreds of videos about puppeteering so she would be able to control the puppets even better, even picking up small puppets and practicing with them. One day while practicing with a small puppet she was interrupted by Milo. She kept the routine she had been doing with the puppet running perfectly fine, even adding in more complex things she had seen while holding the conversation. Milo said nothing about this having been amazed by it, as it showed promise for their experiment.

A few months after Silva had almost completely recovered they began the second part of the experiment. Milo once again performing the surgery to implant the chip. He had modified the chip during Silva's recovery so that he could remove and change part of it if needed. In the test following the surgery Silva performed perfectly able to control the puppet easily through a complex challenge. Upon completion Silva asked for a second puppet saying that she would be able to do this, and that she was though it wasn't amazingly smooth at first. She described the experience to Milo and it was unlike they had expected. She could experience the senses of the puppets making the challenge easier. During the explanation she learned of a tragic flaw. If the device began transmitting straight thoughts then the puppets would begin thinking back creating a cacophony of thoughts resulting in a locking headache.

Milo then modified the chip so that thought could only be transmitted one way, since it appeared that puppets would not be affected by the headaches. The modification fixed the headache caused by thought chaos, but there were times when she would still experience migraines that would lock her down.

The next years Silva trained with using the puppets learning to become more effective with them. Additionally she learned that she could still function perfectly fine while operating the puppets. Sometimes sitting down and having some conversation with Milo, the conversations not very deep due to the T. section, as they had taken to calling it, not having much thought process ability, sometimes Milo would remark that she seemed like a different person depending on how many puppets she was controlling. At other times Silva would practice with some hand to hand combat while operating the puppets, learning to use this as her fighting style and putting eagle striker away. Silva with Milo's help genetically created her Grimm puppets/pets Kidal and Tengen. The collar they were given allowed them a slight ability to speak. Their personalities when they spoke showed that they were extensions of Silva's personality.

A few months ago Silva received a message from Ozpin asking that she come to beacon to be a biology teacher for the school. She gladly accepted being able to work on her work outside of the lab.

Strength: Split Brain allows for one fighting as three combat.
Skilled in hand to hand combat
Weapon allows for overwhelming with numbers.

Weakness: Headaches that happen randomly shut her down completely
Some difficulty communicating
Split personality
Combat is basically 3 separate people fighting as a team and can cause chaos.


Name:Kugutsu Tebukuro (Kugutsu for short)

Primary Form: The primary form of her weapon is a pair of gloves that she wears. Each glove is black and has 5 small. Collapsing spikes on the fingers that have a very light white glow when in use. The main part of her right glove is white with red fingers, and the left is white with black fingers. The fingers and back hand of the glove light steel plating on them for defense and to put a little more kick in her punches. At the base of the glove it has a cuff that connects around her wristlets. The glove is skin tight on against her hand and forearm keeping it locked in place. Within the glove wires run to each of the spikes in the fingers. The glove acts as the primary controller as the intermediary control for her puppets while in battle form. She can control a puppet entirely without the gloves but in doing so leaves herself unable to do anything, with the help of the gloves she is able to fight using the puppets and her own body, and however the control of her puppets isn't perfect.

Secondary Form/Function: Silva has two puppets she controls. With her right hand she controls an Beowolf named Kidal and with her left a tiger grimm named Tengen. These were the primary reason that Silva created her weapon. The two puppets while not in battle form are fully sentient "cubs". They have a chip implanted in their brain that allows communication with Silva and allows her to control them. Each wears a durable collar that stretches. The collar functions as a power source for the chip, transmitter and voice box (with limited ability, see above). Each of the cubs has the intelligence of a human teenager.

Due to the genetic modification to the puppets when Silva snaps her fingers on the respective hands (left for Tengen, right for Kidal) they will almost instantaneously grow to the size of a young adult, this is their battle form. In this form they are no longer sentient and are controlled completely by Silva. The only functions that work if Silva isn't controlling them are their life supporting functions. They have the about 3/4 the strength of a full blow Grimm. Silva can return them to their cub form with a snap of her fingers again. The puppets can be controlled in either cub or battle form by the gloves.

Kidal about Kidal the Beowolf: Kidal is a white Beowolf with Black arms and legs. Kidal has a much more playful personality while in cub form. It is good at finding and following directions because it has better spacial awareness due to being connected to Silva's right hemisphere. In some ways Kidal acts a lot like a dog. In height Kidal is about 3 feet tall when standing on all fours, and 4 feet when standing up. In his battle form Kidal grows to be about 7 feet tall. When Kidal talks he has a higher pitch male voice full of excitement (think Timmy Turner).

Tengen about Tengen the tiger: Tengen is a white tiger with red tipped hairs. Tengen has a calmer personality than Kidal. It is good at solving puzzles and putting things together due to it being linked to Silva's left brain. In some ways Tengen is similar to a cat. Tengen is about 2.5 feet tall when. In battle form most of the hairs on its body become fully white except for hairs on its head. In this form it is about 6 feet tall. When Tengen talks it is an apathetic female voice. (Think Raven from teen titans)

History: created with Milo during their research on how to control people/grimm. This is the most recent version of the device that has been modified to be used as a weapon. (Basically history of the weapon is more or less covered in the history)

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