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 Yuuka Asaka

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PostSubject: Yuuka Asaka   Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:30 pm

Yuuka Asaka

Name: Yuuka Asaka

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Symbol: Will add later

Yuuka is fairly short, although only slightly below average for a woman. She has long, straight, light brown hair and brown eyes. Her face is soft and often has a smile or a kind look on it.

Her clothes are the same as the ones in the picture.

Personality: Yuuka cares greatly for others, and will help a person in need without any hesitation, as long as what they're doing doesn't harm anyone else, of course. While she's a kind and friendly person, she tends to have a bit of trouble socially sometimes, as she's spent a lot of her life isolated from others. Despite this loneliness though, she does actually want to have friends and people she can care for, but as she hasn't really stayed in one place for more than few months, and nor did she attempt to do much besides working had to graduate Beacon and Signal while she was there.

To strangers, she's a bit aloof, despite her attempts at being friendly, and she tends to get shy when she isn't sure how to respond to a certain social situation. However, once she warms up though she's a very warm person and a great friend to have.

She tends to be quiet about her beliefs, and out of habit attempts to stay as the neutral party in arguments and disagreements with two sides of equal moral standing, not liking to get attached to either side. However, when a 'good' and 'evil' party are involved, she sides with the good without hesitation, as she strives to help out innocents and people who cannot defend themselves, not thieves and cowards who prey on the weak.

Yuuka has a dislike for the violence, although she understands that violence is necessary at times, the events that lead to her parent's death, and how she was powerless to stop them, and how her parents themselves were powerless to save themselves to to help anyone with their non-violent beliefs. She dislikes human on human violence in particular, hating how despite the threat of the Grimm, people continue to fight amongst themselves. Having seen the kind of havoc and destruction the Grimm can wrought for herself, she knows that now is a time for humans, faunus, anyone to band together as brothers and sisters and care for each other, instead of fighting over petty beliefs while the Grimm continue to be a threat against everyone.

History: Yuuka's parents were kind, loving and people who believed that everyone had good inside them, no matter how deep. They taught her to care for the world and its people, to be kind and helpful to everyone she saw. They regularly practised their beliefs themselves, going out of their way to help others, helping out with community work and all kinds of volunteer work. Despite their hard work, they still always made sure to spend plenty of time with her, and would even bring her along to join in as she got older. Unsurprisingly, she grew up to be just like her parents, extremely caring, friendly and someone who never believed in violence.

However, one day as the family was out walking through a rather dangerous part of the city (They usually never had problems in the dangerous parts of the City, as Yuuka's parents were well known and liked among the poorer people of the city), they were interrupted by a group robbing some innocent passerbys. Yuuka's parents stepped between the two groups, as they knew the thieves, having helped them out of some rough times and seen them while helping out with volunteer work, asking them to stop and leave these innocent people alone. Despite the attackers knowing and respecting them, they refused, saying that these weren't random innocent citizens, and they deserved to die. Of course, the parents didn't listen, asking that the two groups sort out their problems without violence, smiling and saying that they were sure the two groups could come to an agreement without anyone having to die.

Neither group agreed, however, both stating that this was a problem that couldn't be solved without violence. By now, the 'innocent citizens' had pulled out weapons of their own, and were looking to be more than happy to use them. In fact, they had revealed themselves to be co-workers of Yuuka's parents, and members of the White Fang. They admitted that Yuuka's parents were probably the only non-Faunus that they respected, but that wasn't enough to stop them killing the group of 'attacker's who had robbed a group of Faunus earlier in the week. Even as her parent's pleaded, the two groups opened fire on each other. Even as dust-powered shots flew across the street, her parents continued trying to plead with the two groups to stop, and caught up in the crossfire they died quickly and without either group even noticing. By the end of the fight, only one member of the White Fang was left alive, although heavily wounded as he crawled away. Yuuka had been standing there, frozen in shock as she watched the whole thing.

Yuuka wandered aimlessly after the events that cost the life of her parents, keeping to familiar locations as she drifted through in a trance. Almost unconsciously she continued doing what her parents taught her - helping out anyone that looked like they needed help, no matter in how small of a way, and although there wasn't much she could do by herself and with nothing, people still appreciated her effort, and recognizing her, gave her food and a place to stay. She continued like this for months, hardly having a conscious thought the entire time. The entire time she merely pondered what she would do now, whether problems truly can be solved without violence.

It took many months for her to finally come to an epiphany, when she realized that helping people out as she had been attempting to do in her trance-like state was exactly what she wanted to do next. But she knew she didn't have the power, strength or skill to do anything helpful. She didn't have money to help out beggars, she didn't have strength to help defend people, and she didn't have skill to assist with anything else. The only things she could actually help with were too small for what she wanted. Yuuka wanted to really help people, to carry on her parent's lifestyle and beliefs. But there was one belief she now knew couldn't possibly be true. Violence isn't an issue to be avoided, a tool of demonic power that would tempt her to evil, but a tool that she could use to help others. She could fight Grimm, she could fight extremist groups like the White Fang, she could fight others preying on the weak and the helpless. She could make a difference.

With sheer determination, Yuuka managed to get herself into Signal at the age of 13, having worked hard enough and demonstrated enough drive to allow her to get in without having any sort of information that one would usually need (Everything was still at her house, but she didn't have a key, and her parents bodies had long been cleaned out. For the next few years, she applied herself to her studies and practise, spending weeks forging her own weapon with care and precision, and quickly rose to the top of her class, despite having to take as many odd jobs as she could for hours at a time to earn enough for food and a place to live. She could only leech off people her parents had helped out for so long, after all, but with so many friends in the city it wasn't hard to find people who had work for her. All the work helped her become an independant woman able to fend for herself, despite only being 17 when she graduated from Signal. With that, she managed to get into Becon with her excellent grades and fighting prowess.

At Beacon, she was able to focus entirely on applying herself to studies and fighting, though she still made a little time for a social life that consisted mostly of helping out others she knew. Without having to take jobs for food and housing, she rose even faster than before, and by the age of 20 she had graduated from Beacon as a fully fledged Huntress.

From there, Yuuka wasn't sure exactly what to do. She journeyed throughout the kingdoms, helping out with whatever she could, be it slaying infestations of Grimm, stopping bandits raids or simply helping out people with whatever they needed help with. But despite all the people she was helping, she didn't feel accomplished, nor did she feel like what she was doing was enough, but without any other goal to reach for, she continued travelling the Kingdoms for years, eventually having to charge a small fee for helping others, despite how much she hated charging any sort of fee, but there was no other way to get by. If she had a choice, she definitely wouldn't charge anything.

With her dream of being able to help out anyone for nothing, just like her parents had done failing, she began to lose her purpose. More and more she found that people found her offers of help for money suspicious, preferring the help of more local people as times got tougher. Discouraged, she returned to Vale, feeling her efforts to have been wasted. Surprisingly, she was offered a rather lofty job by the government of Vale - she had acquired some fame as a result of all the people she helped out, and they figured she was the right one for the job. She was to oversee a group of Pirate-hunters as they worked to stop the increasing number of pirate raids across the Kingdom. She had finally found something major she could do to help. Something she could do without any expectations of recompense, as she had specifically asked to not be paid, aside from her living costs being taken care of.

Strengths: Strong dedication and skill with her weapons, Kind and helpful, finds it easy to get along with others

Weakness: Slightly below-average aura, prone to being overly trusting, tends to risk and sacrifice too much for others


Name: Angel's Judgement

Primary Form: In its primary form, Angel's Judgement is a modern-looking Recurve bow made mostly from metal. It is about 3/4ths of her own height, and has a powerful draw weight and scope. However, the main function of the bow is its ability to fire specially made dust-arrows, along with regular arrows. Yuuka carries around 3 types of arrows, a flame arrow that bursts into flames for a few seconds on impact, a light arrow that emits a powerful flash of light to blind opponents (And unfortunate allies) on impact, and a special grappling arrow with a pulley attached that is strong enough to move her to the location of the arrow. She usually carries around 3 fire arrows, 2 light arrows and a single grappling arrow, along with a quiver of 12 regular, steel-tipped arrows. It has an ancient prayer for the slain carved into it.

Secondary Form/Function: Angel's Judgement can be pulled apart in half and then folded in several places to form two wickedly sharp curved daggers with fairly long blades and hilts. In dagger form, a fire or light arrow can be loaded into each one, and used to detonate their respective effects from the tip on impact, though doing so does still use up the arrow.

History: Angel's Judgement is a result of many years of experience and time with her weapon. It began as shortbow, but as Yuuka gained strength, experience and need, it developed alongside her. When she grew, it grew, when she learnt something new, it got a new trick. As she continued to fight and gain more experience, she would make adjustments to it, changing the draw weight, adding in a new feature, making it lighter. It has never stopped developing, and likely never will as long as Yuuka continues to fight, for she is always improving, and will always need to her weapon to improve with her.

She called in many favours and used whatever money she had that didn't have to be used on living expenses to buy only the best parts and materials for Angel's Judgement, and many a night she went hungry because she spent too much on it. Of course, it was definitely worth it as the improvements over the years to it have saved her life countless times.
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Yuuka Asaka
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