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 Colin Costen

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PostSubject: Colin Costen   Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:28 am


Name: Colin Costen

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Symbol: A red stag

Appearance: Short at only 5' 4". Average weight of 120 lbs. Wears white and red clothing. Tends to be well fitting and casual. Hair is a medium length dark brown and he has blue-green eyes. Always wears his white jacket with the family symbol on the back that also serves to conceal his holsters and ammo rigs.

Personality: Reserved and quiet but loyal to the end. Once he gets behind a cause or group of people he will serve them loyaly. Not much of a leader but does whatever he does to the best of his ability.

History: Grew up in a family classified as 'new money'. Decided to not take the family business and instead wanted to be a monster hunter. Once this decision was made he was set to Signal and later to Beacon. He has never wanted in his life, but understands that hard work is still required to have the lifestyle he is accustomed to. Because of this drive he has worked to pay for his schooling because his parents did not support this endeavor. If he wanted to be a hunter he would have to do it alone. This caused him to start late at Signal because he had to work to make tuition, but once there he excelled and eventually got accepted to Beacon on a temporary scholarship.

Strength: His strength is his dedication to practice and knowledge in regards to his weapon and how to use it efficiently.

Weakness: His loyalty can sometimes be to extreme for his own good. He wouldn't hesitate to die for the cause or to protect another.


Name: Small Stick

Primary Form: This weapon is a sawed off lever action rifle that uses a tube based magazine system. The tubes can be filled with different ammo types from standard or dust infused. Dust infused rounds include incendiary (red dust), piercing (white dust), and stunning (yellow dust).

History: Created at Signal before attending Beacon by Colin. Was inspired by his great grandfathers rifle back from when the technology was still new. He wanted to go with a classic style but wanted it to be more versatile and light for combat.
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PostSubject: Re: Colin Costen   Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:38 am


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Colin Costen
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