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 Riley Sunburst

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PostSubject: Riley Sunburst   Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:55 am

Name: Riley Sunburst

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Symbol: TBA

Appearance: Spiky red-black hair with a streak of orange, usually swept towards the back. Tanned skin with a scar on the lip, along with brilliant storm-grey eyes, Riley looks handsome in a rough way. His most common apparel is a black jacket atop a red shirt, beneath which hides shoulder and forearm armor.

Personality: Fiery, hotheaded, and highly optimistic, Riley feigns ignorance to others and himself, and says only the most positive and possibly 'funny' things even if at times, these are insults. Always acting tough yet casual, you might nearly even call him an idiot.

Yet, despite that, he actually isn't one. Very rarely does he actually do things while controlled by his emotions; as such, he's a very planned out person, capable of thinking up tactics and strategies quickly and under pressure.

While everybody would say he's the "optimist idiot who strides on without a care in the world", there are definitely more somber times when even he would shut up. However, he's also the first in those times to understand that sitting around dwelling will do nothing, and that he has to move onwards.

Riley also has a very high sense of responsibility.

History: Riley was born and grew up in Lapru, a town situated upon a set of islands of the same name, located far southwest of the Kingdom of Vale. Well, town might not be the perfect word. Floating Party might be a better word; The Lapru Islets were glorious, with beaches of the most purest, softest sand, fruits that were juicy sweet all year round, and everybody was either laughing, shouting, or unconscious. This was the freest town in all of Vytal, and there weren't truly any threats. Accessible by boat and by airship, this was paradise on earth.

The people here were fine. Some were men of 'legit' businesses, others were outlaws. Neither would care; even if it was robber-haven, nobody needed to commit robbery where they were given everything.

Yet, it was so limiting as well. This was freedom, but in a location that wasn't even in one of the 4 pockets of Vytal.

Why can't the world function like this?

So Riley headed off, at first just to see why. Slowly though, he was captivated by the lifestyle that Lupra's residents had outside - piracy. Others forced Faunus into work; they would just steal the money. Others would live in stress, having to do everything they didn't actually like just so they could have a limited amount of time doing what they did. Pirates? They would just do what they like all the time until they didn't have enough, during which, they would do more of what they like.

It literally seemed more like common sense.

Captivation turned into motivation, and motivation turned into action, as Riley began a life of piracy and thievery, sailing the high seas and flying the blue skies, raiding, attacking, stealing, before returning back and enjoying the riches.

However, slowly but surely, government capabilities increased while pirates activity decreased. Slowly, this world of freedom was decreasing. So now what? For Riley, it only meant one thing - there needed to be one more, one big - massive - surge of spirit, one that would tip the scales, go over everything before seen and be forever burned within history.

And with that in mind, Riley headed off, to form a crew, and to find a ship. Luckily, a crew would be made, and a ship would be found......

Strength: Riley's main combat is based around Ranged Combat, although he does have CQC skills as well. He most commonly uses fire dust in his weapon, launching high intensity and high powered beams at long ranges. Alongside that, Riley is a capable fighter in bladed weapons, his own sword being his best weapon.

Physically, while he isn't crazy buff, he's definitely athletic and strong.

And then, there's his Ship. And Crew.

Arguably the strongest weapon in the entire game.

Semblance: Piercing. Riley's spirit is reflected in his Semblance that gives him to power to pierce anything, with his power being to focus energy into a specific spot, letting is burst through stronger and better. While he can do this simply with energy drawn from his Aura (Usually, this would be a red-orange glow fired from his hand like an arrow [Silver Crow's Incarnate System training]) he can do this with other types of energy as well - for example, his own weapon's beams. The more energy and the more farther away it is from each other, the harder it is for him to organize it into one point.

Weakness: Has a tendency to overexert himself, thanks to his feelings of responsibility. Refuses to be wrong; as a pirate, decisions usually are. (First Mate!!)


Name: Lapru Larondyte

Primary Form: Sword Mode, this form is a close ranged, doubled handed longsword that can channel dust specifically in a beam of energy in front of the blade. Usually, this is heat, allowing the longsword to easily cut through many materials.

Secondary Form: Cannon mode, this form folds up the sword's blade to unveil a cannon hole that can fire extremely powerful, multi-ranged and multi-form blasts of energy fueled by Dust.

Storage Form: The entire 'blade' of the weapon folds upwards and backwards, allowing the weapon to be held in the hand hoisted up parallel to the arm.

(Storage form/Channeled dust beam not shown)

Theme Songs: Eiyuu-Doa, Aoi Kajitsu.....and, like, every epic piece from PotC and Assassins Creed 4. :3 Apply when applicable.

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PostSubject: Re: Riley Sunburst   Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:11 pm

Looks good to me. +1 Approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Riley Sunburst   Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:10 am


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PostSubject: Re: Riley Sunburst   

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Riley Sunburst
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