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 Vates Terrae

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PostSubject: Vates Terrae   Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:40 pm


Vates Terrae
Male Faunus
The dragons from this.
5'10", 140 Lbs. Large fox ears, like a Fennec fox's. Long, brown hair usually kept tied in a ponytail. His eyes are bright yellow. Has a medallion in the shape of his symbol that he fiddles with a lot.
Casual Attire

Combat Attire, minus the helmet and scarf.
Vates prefers to think of himself as a bard and so he wants to get in everyone's buisness for new stories to tell, with no concern about who gets hurt or dies during that. It just makes for a better story. He gives people nicknames based on their weapons and fighting styles, instead of using their real names. His ears are always swiveling around picking up any sounds, so he never has them hidden. Also carries his guitar around where ever he goes, and likes to burst into song depending on the situation.
History:Vates grew up mostly on his own, his faunus nature causing most other kids to bully him and his parents working a lot to keep afloat. Because of this he spent most of his time reading books, which inspired him to become a bard of some renown. He went to Signal purely so he could get into Beacon and experiance the next legends with his own eyes, but came away with a new fighting style and his drill-rapier Dökkálfr. He did get into Beacon, but was expelled after a few months due to his hijacking the intercom system to play metal songs during sparring matches. After this he watched the regular hunter hangouts looking for groups that would take him on for a hunt, until he found out about the formation of a pirate group forming nearby and decided to try his luck them, at least for a while.
He's a adept fencer, and is decently fast. He's also hard to sneak up on because his ears give him a greater than normal hearing range.
Vates doesn't have much he can do against heavily armored opponents, and heavy hitting enemies can get through his armor pretty easily. He's also useless in being stealthy, as he sings battle songs when he's fighting.

Primary Form:
Secondary Form/Function:
Chambered for .357 magnum, and uses a top loading 5-round magazine. Uses both conventional ammo and yellow dust stun rounds. Vates mostly carries FMJ and steel Penetrator rounds, as the stun rounds cost a fair bit.
Vates won this in a bet with a drunk during one of his earlier preformances in a little dive bar.

Primary Form:
40 inch long rapier shaped like a thin drill, with the tip being the only actual cutting point.
Secondary Form/Function:
Can have yellow dust inserted into it, allowing the "blade" to spin and act more like a precision drill.
Vates made this during his run at Signal, with the help of his fencing tutor. He still doesn't quite understand how it works, but can get it to work. He doesn't much like to activate the drill function, due to the cost of Dust.
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PostSubject: Re: Vates Terrae   Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:32 pm

Should be fine. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Vates Terrae   Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:16 pm

Looks good to me. Approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Vates Terrae   

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Vates Terrae
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