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 Connla Knight

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Frankenstein Joe

Frankenstein Joe

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PostSubject: Connla Knight   Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:53 pm


Name:  Connla Knight

Age: 22 6th day of the 6th month.

Gender: Male


Appearance: : 80kg with gear, 185 cm. Has Golden hairs what is spiked up like a blazing flame and crimson red eyes. He normally wears full golden armour except for a helmet, what also has a red cloth flowing from the bottom. He wears golden earrings and necklace. Underneath his clothing he would have red tattoos over his body.
With Armour:

Without Armour:

Personality: The calmest of the family of four, he is more than willing to talk out a conflict if it is needed, though if forced to fight he is merciless to his enemy. Outside of combat he is rather sociable and friendly.  

History: : First born of the Knight family. He was raised to be the successor of his father.
As such he was raised to be a hunter and nothing else, however as he grew up, he came to become highly religious and even went as far as to name his two most prized possessions –His weapons in honour of the religion, having them blessed by the local priest. Connla is also the main cause of Aoife’s musical and gaming activities due to his initial thinking it would solve her instability problems, however it developed into him pushing her to learn so that he can relax in her presence. A former student of beacon under the team team ALTR, he trained to hone his training as a hunter to the best of his abilities. However, in a recent mission to take out a Deathstalker, he failed and his weapon destroyed. Remade to a different form, he decided to take minor jobs in Vale, using his spare time to drink in the Hippogriff with his father, and to check up on his sister at Beacon.

Strength: Connla is well versed with his weapons in combat and is able to use them with efficiency. He also wears plate armour to protect against penetrating strikes.  

Weakness: When caught up in a battle, he can be alike his Sister in that he disregards the life of his opponent. He also is significantly slower than Aoife, being only average in speed.  And has a tendency to also border the inherent hubris of the Knight family.  Due to wearing his armour, he likes to think he can take more hits than he can, sometimes leading to serious injury before he surrenders.  


Name: Holy Desolater

Primary Form: A 4 Foot long drill with the grip and hand guard of a longsword. The edges would be completely dull except for the tip, and would be shaped like a cylindrical pillar made of five parts, with each segment spinning in alternate directions, with every odd numbered part spinning clockwise, and even; Counter-clockwise.  It is fully capable of dust for both melee and ranged as well as having engraved inscriptions in the same colour as his tattoos.

Secondary Form/Function: None

History: Initially a longsword forged by him, it was destroyed in a fight against a Deathstalker. Upon reforging, he decided to swap the design to that of a mix of a Spear and Bedrock drill, keeping the remains of the sword incorporated however.


Name: Chains of the Unworthy Saint

Primary Form: A Chain 20m long in length, though most is stored inside the handle, it would be have a form of spear-head at the endand a handle at the beginning.  It is specifically designed to restrain human targets, with it being highly durable and a high melting point.

Secondary Form/Function: None

History:  Forged at the same time as Holy Desolater, he at first made it only to keep a certain individual in check; he quickly found it could also be used against other people for a high amount of effectiveness.

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PostSubject: Re: Connla Knight   Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:03 pm

Looks good to me. +1 Approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Connla Knight   Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:49 am


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PostSubject: Re: Connla Knight   

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Connla Knight
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