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 Carolynn Louise Vondrow

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PostSubject: Carolynn Louise Vondrow   Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:07 pm


Name: Carolynn Louise Vondrow

Age: 26

Gender: Female (Faunus)

Symbol: A fluffy toy

Appearance: Carolynn is a well built medium sized woman. She has black hair, usually flowing during public appearances but when working she keeps it in a ponytail. Formally, she wears long and frilly dresses, but whenever she can she keeps it simple - an orange jumpsuit, wrapped around her waist. Both of her legs from knee down are prosthetic legs, using a piston system to let her walk and jump. She has a pair of bunny ears protruding from her hair, but she keeps them low to give and illusion that they're a headband.

Goodbye, Carolynn...:

Personality: Carolynn will usually act diligent and nice during parties - she gets into conversations often and doesn't bother people about her disability. This is, however, just the tip of the iceberg that she is.

In reality, Carolynn is really interested in the business stories of the corporate world. She attends very rich parties and charity events only to check on the status of companies, finding out if she should sell out stocks or not to keep her money train rolling. In reality, she drops all the manners and lives in a pretty messy lab, only things concerning her are money and her machinery. She dislikes charities and people who blame their 'circumstances' for anything since she had it pretty bad as well and managed to make it this far through her own initiative. She's pretty adventurous and finds the normal city life boring, so she loves action. She also hates keeping her ears in check all the time.

History: Carolynn grew up in an orphanage in the deepest suburbs of Vale. Aged 5, she got into an accident which resulted in the need to amputate both of her legs from knees down. She had to be stuck in a wheelchair since then. Getting around the orphanage was no easy task due to to incredible amounts of stairs involved, and with so many children (most of which didn't like her due to being a Faunus) to care for the orphanage staff couldn't always give her attention. This made her very frustrated.

It wasn't until she was 7 when she decided to do something about it. She went to see a local toymaker and a friendly old man, William Nay, to ask him if he knew of anything that could help her. Despite her being just a child, he gave her a book about prosthetic limbs. Despite barely knowing her alphabet, Carolynn worked hard to learn to read and read the book with a lot of enthusiasm. Through years, she slowly taught herself about mechanisms and 5 years later she managed to built a working pair of prosthetic legs using scrap metal she found inside bins. She re-learned walking but by then she craved for more knowledge.

She continously visited a library near the orphanage and kept reading books about more mechanics, finally getting to computers and writing programs. It seemed she had a brain built for logical calculations. After 6 years she could finally leave the orphanage, and she set off to build more awesome stuff. From a job of a lowly dishwasher in a restaurant, she spent her funds on basic food and upgrading her prosthetics. With some spare money, she started gambling and playing on the stocks, slowly increasing her funds.

Aged 20, she started working on three more projects - a piston-operated crutch, an improved electrical wheelchair and developing an artificial intelligence for both machines. Soon she completed the crutch, but she felt it lacked an 'edge', especially since she heard of Grimm attacks, and decided to upgrade it to contain not one, not two but three projectile propulsion systems, in which case it could turn into a ranged weapon. While developing the artificial intelligence ICEA (Intelligent Combat and Emotional Assistant) Carolynn incorporated it into the gun-mode of the crutch, additionally adding shields and a tripod mechanism, to be able to turn it into a sentry gun. Her wheelchair, she made into a compact tank, capable of housing the crutch and able to bring up remote control of it if it's stationed elsewhere, as well as able of driving up most terrain thanks to its ability to switch between wheels and caterpillar tracks.

When she was 23 she started buying her way into various charity events and parties. Everyone instantly fell in love with the "kind and helpless wheelchair-bound girl" image, for which she hated them, knowing that they all probably thought of her as another way to make themselves look better. Still, she stood her guard and refused help from any of them, despite actively engaging in conversations about their businesses.

Ever since then she alternated between parties, working on her weaponry and going hunting. Unlike others, killing Grimm is a sport for her, not a job. She signed a contract with the Schnee Dust Company and also funded them, thus ensuring that her new addition to the weapon, the dust tunnel, would have high-quality dust Dust for usage. She also began sponsoring and funding Beacon academy, as a genuine gesture of wishing to ensure that many strong people would come out of it... with a little side plan to learn as much about them as she could to make sure they were never a threat, but always a possible aide.

Strength: Very knowledgable mechanically and cybernetically (computer literate), extremely precise, great aim, large funds, good actress
While not letting her run fast, the prosthetic legs do let her fall fairly large distances and land on her feet without getting hurt.

Weakness: A bit physically impaired (can't move faster than at a walking pace without her wheelchair), not very physically strong, greedy, loves fluffy toys beyond anything, not good with alcohol, loyal to money


Name: Crutchshot

Primary Form: A crutch-like machine which is layered with metal plates for protection and a retractable tube which serves both as a kind of tonfa and an actual crutch to help Carolynn walk at times. The plates can spread out to form a larger shield to help Carolynn block attacks.

Secondary Form/Function: The plates near the retractable tube can spread out to allow a scope to rise. Two parts of the tube break off the hinges to form a bipod and the whole crutch becomes a sniper rifle, which fires both bullets and custom-made mini-harpoons created by Carolynn. There is a Dust-flow system within the tube, allowing the projectiles to be coated with Dust as they leave the barrel.

Alternatively, the whole thing can be flipped, because at the backside of the weapon is another set of smaller barrels, letting Carolynn fire like a minigun, using both bullets and mini-harpoons once again. She can also use the Dust-flow system in this mode. The tube becomes a tripod in this position.

Tertiary Form: While ICEA inside the Crutchshot responds to Carolynn's commands directly, Carolynn can order ICEA into Sentry mode where it'll stand on the tripod and fire at any hostiles identified by Carolynn (max range is 15 metre radius). Carolynn can also control the sentry from her wheelchair to fire at specific targets (here the range depends on her aim).

Accessory: The TMD (Tactical Movement Device, pronounce 'Timid') is a Dust-powered wheelchair designed and built by Carolynn. It is controlled by a joystick and has two variable movement modes - wheels and caterpillar tracks. It has a mounting and storage space for the Crutchshot.

History: Carolynn built the Crutchshot, ICEA and TMD due to her fascination with mechanics as sorts of experimental machines, although she changed the Crutchshot to be able to defend herself and the TMD to get around faster.

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PostSubject: Re: Carolynn Louise Vondrow   Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:35 pm

Looks good, approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Carolynn Louise Vondrow   Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:42 pm

Carolynn and Crotchshot Crutchshot, Approval Count ++.

Player of...



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PostSubject: Re: Carolynn Louise Vondrow   

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Carolynn Louise Vondrow
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