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 Silus Dawn-Riser

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Anders Mand

Anders Mand

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PostSubject: Silus Dawn-Riser   Silus Dawn-Riser Icon_minitimeFri Oct 04, 2013 7:44 pm


Silus Dawn-Riser

18, 18th day of 7th month


Sun rising over the horizon with two harpoons crossing over it
Silus Dawn-Riser Dawn-r10

-Short, scruffy dark brown hair covered by a navy blue sailor bandana
-Black eyes
-Round-shaped head
-5'8" (173cm) average build with a bit of muscle
-Plain white v-collar t-shirt under navy blue open sailor vest that only reaches to above the stomach
-Right wristband made of the scales of the Carcharodon that bit his left arm
-Navy blue prosthetic left arm aka Navy Mako
-Dark brown cargo pants
-Canvas brown boat shoes

-Really HATES those who speak ill of seafarers (Silus looked up to a few Faunus and human sailors)
-Talks a little like his fellow seafarers when his emotions get the better of him (eg. "I'm not taking crap from you, Carcharodon bait!"; "You don't have the anchors to take me on!")
-Behaves about as confident and boisterous as a young seafarer would, including treating mates for drinks whenever he's in cloud nine and telling slightly romanticised stories (eg. a past catch in the sea or  land game)
-Puts on a little Casanova act on the lasses, but will drop it if it is deemed unattractive
-LOVES to drink, be it coffee, some newfangled drink, or occasionally a little booze (which gives him nasty hangovers the next morning)

Living on land that meets the northernmost waters of the eastern human realm in Vytal like Ahab's Bay is a life of adventure and danger for its inhabitants like the seafaring Dawn-Riser clan, where threats come mostly from the waters, be it Grimm or sea raiders and bandits. The best consolations they will ever get is that they need only defend the watery front of Ahab's Bay for the bay is surrounded by rocky hills to cover its flanks, and thus the only access to it is by sea. Such geography shaped its settlers into hardy seafaring people, wise in the ways of the sea. Though they laugh at foreigners with poor sea legs, such weakness is highly unacceptable within their own kind.

Silus was raised in the seafaring life like any other child of Ahab's Bay, from swimming to navigating through the water and even hunting dangerous marine Grimm. After all, he has the Dawn-Riser name to uphold. His life went along fine until he was offered admittance to the prestigious Beacon Academy at the age of 17, an offer the young people of the bay occasionally receive, but taken only by a handful. Like most of the recipients, Silus hesitated since going to an academy as far south as Vale means leaving the comfort of his home town. He spent days considering the offer.


"Are ya sure 'bout turnin' down the offer, lad?" asked Morris Dawn-Riser, a fisherman Silus was accompanying for fishing.

"Not sure, Morris," Silus sighed as he and his uncle waited for fish to bite. "My whole life had been in Ahab's Bay. I dunno if I'm up for adventure beyond these waters."

"C'mon, lad," Morris interjected. "Yer given an opportunity fer a hell of an adventure beyond Ahab's Bay. At the prime of yer youth, no less. I'd go if I weren't so old and injured on me leg."

His words began to lift Silus's spirits. "That...does sound like a lot of fun."

"Besides, an Ahab's Bay lad abroad gives a fancy feather in the cap, if ye know what I mean," Morris nudged Silus with his elbow.

Silus snickered in reply before noticing a dark silhouette with a white head swimming towards Morris. He grabbed a harpoon by his right hand, shouting "Carcharodon!"

Before Morris could respond, the Grimm shark jumped out of the water, baring its jaws for a bite. Silus pushed him out of harm's way with his left hand just as the Carcharodon's maw neared them. In an instant, Silus was pulled into the water with his left arm caught by the monster.

"Silus? Answer me lad!" Morris shouted as Silus disappeared in the water for several seconds. "SILUUUS!!"

He swept his eyes around him for another few seconds and found two figures emerging to the surface. He then squinted a little and verified that one of those resembled a person.

"Silus? Hold on, lad! I'm comin'!" shouted Morris as he rowed his boat towards the figures as fast as he could.

As he rowed closer, he saw a battered Silus beside the smoking body of the Carcharodon that attacked them, a harpoon sticking out of its left eye. There was also a pool of blood between them.

"Silus! Thank goodness yer still breathin'!" Morris sighed in relief. "Are ya injured?"

Silus pointed towards his left arm as he hissed while suppressing the pain.

Morris was mortified by the injury he sustained on his arm. "Hop aboard, lad! We gotta get that fixed quick!"


A year later, Silus arrived in Beacon Academy, with his cabin bag in his right hand and a prosthetic left arm with a harpoon hand.

"There better be some good Grimm to hunt in Beacon, or I'm headin' back to Ahab's Bay," he quipped before marching to the prestigious school for Huntsmen and Huntresses. "Oh, and pretty lasses too."

-Better experienced at dealing with water Grimm
-Being raised by seafarers, Silus is a pretty good swimmer
-Navy Mako makes Silus very effective at close range, but marginally so at medium

-Prolonged usage of Navy Mako increases chances of triggering phantom pains on Silus' arm, debilitating him
-Unable to perform tasks that truly requires both hands (eg. lifting heavy objects)
-Less effective in low-light combat
-Clothing only provides marginal protection
-Occasional "landsickness" can slightly impede his focus and perception; the salty smell of the sea will remedy this
-Silus has no knowledge on utilising aura; "What's an 'aura'?" indeed


Navy Mako

Primary Form:
A navy blue prosthetic forearm with a harpoon blade for the hand. Can be used in combat as an armblade.

Secondary Form/Function:
The harpoon blade can be fired as a harpoon on a high tension rope, which can be wielded with his right hand or reattached into the left forearm. Dust is used only for harpoon propulsion.

Silus felt really depressed. He lost half his left forearm to a carcharodon the day before, just when he was considering to accept the offer to Beacon. But at least he brought home its white mask before its body evaporated. Still, he had to defer his admittance until he could sufficiently recover from the tragedy.

"My arm..." Silus muttered while suppressing his sadness as he gazed upon his bandaged left forearm. "Damn Grimm took my chance for adventure..."

Tears began to roll down his cheeks as he fixed his eyes on his arm. He thought that Beacon could never accept him with his current condition.

Sitting beside Silus's bed, Morris asked in a calm voice, "So...what're ya gonna do, lad?"

"I'm gonna..." Silus muttered. "I'm gonna..."

"Speak up, lad," Morris said. "I'm a li'l poor of hearin' 'ere."


"Too loud, lad!" Morris shrieked. "Yer hurtin' me ear!"

Silus reached for Morris's shoulder and rested his right hand on it. "The cruise may be delayed, but it's not cancelled! You're gonna help me rebuild my arm, Uncle!"

Morris however, hesitated. "Well, we can get Hardrad Steel-Peg ta 'elp, but--"

"Whatever it takes!" Silus interrupted him. "As long as my arm is rebuilt, I'll just go with any of his crazy ideas!"

"Didn't know ye 'ad big anchors, lad." Morris remarked. "Off ta Steel-Peg's, then."

Silus's plan to rebuild his arm and entering a prestigious academy like Beacon truly intrigued the eccentric local prosthetist who is also a tinkerer in his spare time. Thus Hardrad proposed the perfect prosthetic arm for Silus: a harpoon armblade. "Just do it!" was Silus's brief response as the green light for the operation. It took about a month to build the arm complete with its weapon systems, two months of physical therapy with the fitted prosthetic arm, three months of preliminary testing of its weapon systems, and six months of mastering combat with the weapons.

"It's been a 'elluva year, eh lad?" Morris mused as he and Silus viewed the sunrise.

"It sure was, Morris," he nodded. "With Navy Mako, I'm way ready for Vale. Hardrad even has a twin brother there who can help with maintenance for this beauty."

"Navy Mako, eh?" Morris raised an eyebrow. "Nice name ya gave it."

"It's my left arm, Morris," Silus replied. "Since she's gonna be with me to the grave, I might as well treat her as a precious personal item."

"That's great, lad," the old man chuckled. "Take care when ya leave fer Vale this afternoon."

"I'm gonna miss Ahab's Bay, Uncle," Silus sighed before giving Morris a hug.


"Boyo? You zoning out again, boyo? BOYO!"

"Huh, wha--"

Silus snapped back to reality thanks to Harald Steel-Peg. The ship to Vale arrived just in time for nightfall, and the journey taxed the young seafarer.

"Listen," Harald continued. "I just finished running the check on your arm. Everything's in tip-top shape. I'm amazed my crazy brother actually made a fancy gizmo that works."

"You're really nothing like Hardrad, are you?" Silus looked at Harald, puzzled that they are even twin brothers.

"Whatever, boyo," Harald muttered. "You may be attending an academy for hunting Grimm, but you still need to come to my clinic every six months for your check-up. You're free to stay here for the night, by the way."

"That's mighty kind of you, Harald," Silus nodded in gratitude.

Harald waved his hand in dismissal as he walked upstairs for a good night's sleep. And so should Silus. He rested on the patient's bed and shut his eyes, eager to start a new life of adventure in Vale, far from his beloved home town of Ahab's Bay.
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PostSubject: Re: Silus Dawn-Riser   Silus Dawn-Riser Icon_minitimeFri Oct 04, 2013 9:38 pm

Really good post, but before approve it, I have to ask--what's a "water grimm?" Did I miss something in the show?
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Anders Mand

Anders Mand

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Age : 28

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PostSubject: Re: Silus Dawn-Riser   Silus Dawn-Riser Icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 1:42 am

By "water Grimm" I mean Grimm that can be found in the ocean. Try a shark or any dangerous marine life as Grimm creatures.

I know that only Grimm found on land and air are seen so far, but I don't want to rule out marine Grimm just yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Silus Dawn-Riser   Silus Dawn-Riser Icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 2:28 pm

Fair enough. Approved!
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PostSubject: Re: Silus Dawn-Riser   Silus Dawn-Riser Icon_minitime

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Silus Dawn-Riser
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