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 Darcil Avern

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PostSubject: Darcil Avern   Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:37 pm


Name: Darcil Avern



Race: Human

Symbol: Black Background with a silver blade and revolver crossing each other. (will post a picture of it soon)

Occupation: 1st year Student, hunter, bounty hunter

Appearance: 6 foot tall, thick bushy black hair with black goatee, Green eye, black eye patch covering his left eye. Wears a dark trench-coat over a silver colored chest plate. Has a black handgun holder on his right side that holds his 2 guns at waist level. Black boots with silver lining on them, and simple pair of jeans.

Face claim:

Personality: Usually calm and collective, can act brash and jokingly. He is friendly, but doesn't get very personal with others. Mainly due to the fact he is scared to lose them. Hunting grimm usually puts him in a rather good mood due to his fond memories of learning with his mentor, Rucks. His attitude towards criminals usually tends to be merciless, since most of the time he brings them in for bounties.

History: Darcil from a young age never had a family. His parents left him on the doorstep of one of the orphanages located in the city. Didn't matter though, he ran away at a young age. He defended himself, stole, did whatever it took to survive.

He was filled with so much hate as a child. He hated the citizens who smiled, enjoying their money in their pockets. He hated the scum that lived off of killing and ruining others lives. He hated not having parents. He essentially. He didn't know why, but he just kept surviving. He was nothing, trash, garbage.

Then one day he notices a man walking around....with his wallet sticking out of his back pocket. He had done this time and time again. "Pick pocketing was easy!" He thought to himself. This guy was just asking for it! As he approaches the man from behind he reaches out to grab his wallet, only to get his arm grabbed by him just before he grabs it. The man looks at the young boy and only smiles, gets down on his knee and offers the young Darcil some food and drink at a local diner.

Stubborn as the kid was he refuses, only to accept after his stomach gurgles. This is how Darcil would meet his mentor Rucks. Rucks took in the boy and lived with him out in his cabin outside of vale. He taught him manners, how to hunt, right and wrong, how to fight. Rucks taught him the art of the duelist, the art of one on one combat. Rucks used a revolver named Black Ice, when it came for Darcil to make his own weapon he fittingly named it White Snow.

One day while Darcil was out gathering wood for the fire, he heard shots coming from his home. He ran home to find 3 beowolfs eating away at the only family he had. Enraged he pulled out his weapon, gunning down the monsters. Not before though one of the grimm took out his left eye. He sat next to his only family member as he said his last words "......Zulf....".

Something didn't add up how did such a skilled fighter get taken out so easily? Why would beowolfs come so close to the cabin, they never had before? WHO IS ZULF!?

Darcil buried Rucks. Took his mentor's revolver and headed to beacon, to train to kill grimm and search for unanswered questions.

Strength:Agile and despite having only one eye, he has gotten used to aiming his weapons. Excellent in one on one combat, usually unmatched sense he was trained as a duelist. Never know though when someone may be harder to fight. Ambidextrous. Having two weapons allows to fight multiple enemies slightly easier

Weaknesses: Only real area of protection is on his chest piece. Leaving most of his other areas of his body exposed. Field of view is limited with only one eye. His main strengths rely on his gun skills rather than his sword skills, as he is not as effective in that mode. Also having 2 guns can take some time to reload. No real long range combat other than taking time to make a shot. Also smoking.....its a bad habit he should quit.

Semblance: Aura color is Viridian. His semblance applies directly to his reaction time. He has the ability to perceive time differently. Take note he is NOT actually slowing down time he just perceives everything around him much more quickly and process it better. Rather it be dodging a thrown knife to him, pulling out his weapon to draw, or analyzing a room before he attacks. He gets a nosebleed whenever he uses this semblance. The timelength for him to use this semblence is only around for about 10 seconds. Thats 10 seconds he has to analyze everything around him. He can only use his semblence every 6 hours.


Names: White Snow and Black Ice

The 2 guns:

Form 1/Main form: Each of the guns are double action long barreled colt revolvers. Each pack a deadly punch and can be switched with dust rounds given the user takes time to load them.

Form2/Sword form: Pressing a button, near the trigger, can pop the top of the guns off and an blade can be shot out to make a sword. The grips of the guns can be adjusted to make a more "sword" type of handle. During this mode the barrel become covered, so no rounds can be fired from this mode.

History: White snow was created by Darcil and his mentor, taking inspiration from Rucks Black Ice revolver. The weapon is designed to reflect duelists taking inspiration from modern day fencing, and old western duels. It is unknown who made Black Ice, whether or nor Rucks made it or not doesn't matter. Darcil never bothered to ask about it.

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PostSubject: Re: Darcil Avern   Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:17 pm

Good profile! Approved!--however, the images for the weapons seem to be be broken for me. If you could fix those if they are broken please do so--I won't put it in approved characters for a day or so so you can fix it. You're still approved and are able to role play even though your post isn't moved yet! Send me a p.m. if the images are actually not broken, however.
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PostSubject: Re: Darcil Avern   Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:05 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Darcil Avern   Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:59 am

Ok got a list of what I changed. Essentially this is the same character, I just re-worked him since he was outdated.

Big things first:

1) REWROTE WHOLE HISTORY. Bit longer and explains more of his past and relationship with his mentor. Added a mystery and motivation for why he joined beacon academy and returned to the city he once hated.

2) SEMBLENCE. He never had one......literallym, so I added one! Will change to balance of course.

3) WEAPONS. He is now the owner of 2 revolver/swords. Explained through history. Rifle form of the original revolver was scraped to compensate in balancing issues. (Cant be carrying around a whole armada of weapons now can we?)

Small things:

1) Added occupation and updated appearance. He now has a eyepatch (refer to history as how he received wound). Pretty much edited all of his personalities and weaknesses to new weapons, history, appearance. Switched up his personality as well. It is similair but overall its different.
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PostSubject: Re: Darcil Avern   Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:33 am

re-approved and moved.


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PostSubject: Re: Darcil Avern   

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Darcil Avern
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