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 The 2nd Initiation is here

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The 2nd Initiation is here Empty
PostSubject: The 2nd Initiation is here   The 2nd Initiation is here Icon_minitimeWed Oct 02, 2013 9:55 am

"Attention Students" Glinda's voice said over the intercom. "Would all students participating in the initiation please report to the Beacon Cliffs. I repeate, would all students participating in the Initiation please report to the cliffs." The intercom switched off with a click as the announcement ended.

The Noise level in the halls rose rapidly as eagar students began to talk and move to the cliffs. For many of them they had eagerly been awaiting this moment. The moment when they would get a team and officially join Beacon Academy. It would be a day full of excitement and danger as well as reward.


for this initiation it will be similar to RWBY's initiation.
Your goal will be to meet up with a teammate, get to the forest temple and retrieve a relic. Then you will return with the relic.

The difference between the RWBY initiation is that while your partners out of character are already determined by the staff. These are done randomly based on time zones such that people in similar timezones are in groups.
teams of 2:

Important Info:

  • Posts start in the cliff where details about the initiation will be learned in character. Characters will be launched in this thread and will post landing strategy. Cliff Thread
  • Teams will be in individual threads post launch unless they meet up with another team.
  • Possible to run into other teams while in the forest: it will be a max of 3 teams in a thread though.
  • Also will encounter grimm
  • Staff controlling grimm
  • Staff control movement/discovery through forest. Post something along the lines of moving through the forest. A staff will then post where you move /what you find.
  • BE ACTIVE. Rude to other players for you to post once then vanish or not post at all. posting once a day is alright if it's all you can manage.
  • If you don't post for 2 (two) days in a row you will be removed from the initiation are replaced, Team MIA can get bigger.

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The 2nd Initiation is here
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