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 Character Template(Updated 11-01-2013)

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Character Template(Updated 11-01-2013) Empty
PostSubject: Character Template(Updated 11-01-2013)   Character Template(Updated 11-01-2013) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 12:19 pm

Make sure you read the rules before creating a character! They can be found here.

Below is the character template. Not all sections are required, but are recommended. You can also add extra ones if you see fit. Your profile describes your character as much or as little as you want it to, and the more detail, the better. The sections of the template are described below as well, but most are self-explanatory. If you aren't sure about something, or have a question, PM a moderator or ask in the chatbox above. Otherwise, have fun! Copy the code in the box below to grab the template, then create a new thread in this section. ALSO: Do not ask us to review your character. We will get to it when we get to it!


Name: Your character's name or names.

Age: Character's age and time of birth.(Do not use Earth years, just a day/month, i.e., 20 years old, Birth: Third day of Fifth month.)

Gender: What is your character's gender?

Species: Is your character a human or a faunus? If so, what type of faunus?

Symbol: A symbol is not required but they can add flavor to your character. Images should use spoiler tags.

Occupation: What is your character's job? Student? Baker? Minion?

Appearance: What does your character look like? Height? Weight? Have animal ears/tail? Images should use spoiler tags.

History: Write the history of your character. The more detail the better! A strong history will often dictate how your character's personality will be.

Personality: Describe the personality of the character. How do they typically act toward others, and how does that change in varying situations?

Strength:  What are your character's strengths?

Weakness: What are you character's weaknesses?

Semblance: Everyone has an aura, and everyone has a semblance. Its a reflection of your character or his/her personality. Describe its effects and capabilities.


Name: The name of your weapon(s).

Primary Form: Describe the appearance of your weapon and what it is capable of doing.

Secondary Form: If your weapon can change forms, describe how it does, and what its new form looks like and can do.

Tertiary Form: A weapon can multiple forms, but it has to make sense!.

History: Detail the history of your weapon. When/where was it created and by who? Is it a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation?
















[b][u]Primary Form:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Secondary Form:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Tertiary Form:[/u][/b]


If you have questions consult the FAQ section. If your question is still not answered message a staff member.
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Character Template(Updated 11-01-2013)
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