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 Blood and Liberation (Closed)

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Noble Eagle

Noble Eagle

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PostSubject: Blood and Liberation (Closed)   Sun May 11, 2014 9:36 pm

I wish I had a nickel for the number of times I've heard someone say "meaningless violence", I would have become a very rich woman by now. Being someone who has built her career on violence, I can assure you that it is never meaningless. Hunters seem to understand this better than most of the people I have come across. I am sure that you want to know who I am, yes? Well, there are many people who would like to know that as well. I'll tell you what I tell the rest of them.

I am Emissary.

A group of men with hearts of coal have risen on the far southeastern border of Vale. They call themselves the "Black Hand", and they have ravaged settlements on the border for several months now with no clear sign of why. Their activities have drawn the attention of two influential parties. One, being The hunter program. They want to put these dogs down before they become a problem like the White Fang, or worse. The other being "Oxygen", a privately owned company that supplies peace, at a price.

A blonde girl made her way through through the gates of a city near the southeastern borders of vale. The place was pretty much  ghost town since the raids had been hitting closer to town, people had either moved, or were staying somewhere safe to avoid attention. People that were out and about were armed to the teeth and ready to fight. Aria tried to avoid making eye contact with the flood of suspicious glares she was receiving from the local town militia. Man, these guys are really ready to fight. She tried not to let her sympathy distract her while she was on her mission, but it was difficult with the faces of so many frightened people around her. She sighed a bit and opened up her scroll to look at the message she got from her handler at oxygen.

"meet me at The Blue Parrot bar once you get into town."

that was all the message said. Aria strode cautiously over to one of the citizens that was smoking outside a building and tried to smile in a nonthreatening manner. The man had an assault rifle strapped over his shoulder, and a deep brow on his face that furrowed as the girl approached. "excuse me, sir, you wouldn't happen to know where the, Blue Parrot, would happen to be, would you?" The man let a cloud of smoke escape his mouth before glaring at Aria. "your too young to drink, girly, besides, the bar is closed. Go home!" Aria growled a bit at the mans uppity tone and quickly replied back. "I'm not trying to sneak some liquor, I am meeting someone there." the man looked at Aria for a few moments, as if trying to determine if she were telling truths. He took in more of the smoke from his cigarette before pointing in the direction of a street sign. "down that block and take a right. The bar will be on your left, can't miss it." Aria brightened up a bit when he gave her directions. "thank you very much!" "might want to save your thanks. I think someone broke in there and is hiding out. I'd be careful hanging around there if I were you." Aria gave a bit of an awkward laugh and tried not to act to suspicious. "aheh, you don't say. I'll be sure to be careful then." she started to head down the street that he pointed out. The walk was quiet. The girl could almost feel the tense atmosphere bearing down on the town as she thought to herself. I guess that these buildings are great places for refugees to hide, they are probably dealing with a lot of that right now. She knew that her handler was the one who broke into the bar, Aria couldn't help but wish that she could have used a little more discretion with things being as tense as they were in the city.

Aria came across the bar that she was searching for in a few short minutes. The logo on the sign above the building was a beer mug with a blue parrot perched on the side. Another interesting sign was one lit in neon, advertising the establishments infamous topless Tuesdays. "you couldn't have found anywhere else?" she asked with a bit of a blush on her face. Aria began warily walking into the building. The doors were kicked off of heir hinges, so it was no chore to get inside. The interior was dark, but the light from the door allowed one to see what was inside. The bar was off to the right side, somewhat close to the stage up front where the girls who worked there would dance. Aria moved through the awkwardly placed tables around the main lobby and took a seat on the stage, she couldn't help but look back at the pole that stood tall in the center. "go ahead, if you want to try it." Aria nearly jumped off of the stage as a familiar female voice rang out from the dark reaches of the building. The blonde girl's face was burning red from being caught staring in longing at a stripper pole. "n-n-no no no! I was just.....looking f-for you!..w-well, not on that, but-" "you know, for a girl with many talents, you still scare quite easily." the woman giggled a bit before moving out of the shadows so Aria could see her. "am I here for a mission, or did you just want to tease me in this indecent place?" Emissary was a darker skinned woman, with long black hair that was put up into a ponytail with small fox ears sticking out on her head, she also had dark yellow eyes that seemed to cut through the dark of the room with ease. "a mission, of course. Though this will be a bit different than how we normally do things." "huh? how so?" Emissary pulled a scroll from her pocket and laid it on one of the tables. "Beacon and Oxygen are launching a joint operation against these terrorists. The goal being to see if co-mingling our operatives with Beacon's hunters is a fruitful venture. You are going to be representing Oxygen in this, Aria. I believe that you have already met the hunter that they are deploying for this as well." Aria moved over to the scroll on the table, her eyes widened when she looked down at the picture of a familiar face on the pad "Raven?" "you have some history with that boy, do you like him?" Aria's face broke out into a blush again. "what kind of question is that!? H-he's a lot older than me," Emissary giggled a bit at her reaction. "girls marry very young where I am from. Having a crush on an older guy isn't as crazy as you might think." "can we please stay on task here!" Emissary tapped the pad a bit after Aria's outburst. "I've informed beacon of where we are, so your friend should be here soon enough. I assume they will debrief you two via your scroll, but that is just a guess, we won't know for sure until Raven arrives."
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PostSubject: Re: Blood and Liberation (Closed)   Mon May 12, 2014 9:29 pm

The female pilot of the drop ship calls back to the lone operative, sitting in the passenger hold by the door. The ship speeds over the thickly-forested terrain, a few klicks from the village, but starts to slow its pace. In his mind, Raven goes over the briefing of the mission's details that he received upon the assignment's acceptance once more. The voice message is still fresh in his mind.

Greetings hunter.
We have received information about an uprising within Vale, on the Southwest boarder near the town of Venlar. Surveillance shows they are held up in a small, four-story compound and large, detached garage, with 12 ft. high, concrete walls around the property. The building has a long history since it was confiscated and used as a command post during the Faunus war. There is a high density of opposition forces within the camp but intel suggests most are abductees from the local and adjacent areas that have been given weapons and forced to work with the rebels. The civilian combatants' ages range from the elderly to children and likely have no wishes to fight so try to avoid them if possible. They could be very unpredictable in their actions.
Intelligence also reports that the rebels have seized and began a breading process with the local Creatures of Grimm to use against any opposition against them. Unfortunately for us, they know how to properly keep them and use them so there have already been a few successful uses with them and no unsuccessful ones. That is were the services of a hunter is required.
As part of an effort to reduce the stretched limits of our operation capabilities with the limited resource, that is manpower, we have reached out to a local private mercenary business, by the name of 'Oxygen', to test them and initiate a sort of relationship with them, in the hopes that some assignments can be given to them for completion, instead of Beacon Students, like we often have been doing lately. So, you will go in alone, but with the help of one of Oxygen's operatives.
You will be sent, by V/STOL dropship into a largely-abandoned village, 10 klicks Northwest of the camp, by the name of Lariss, to rendezvous with the operative and receive additional tactical information there from an individual believed to be called 'Emissary.' Someone who, we admit, has more knowledge on the rebel encampment's layout than we do.
Your objectives are to:
Establish contact with Emissary and the Oxygen Operative.
Infiltrate the facility undetected.
Dismantle the rebel chain of command.
Eliminate their ability to make war.
Avoid harming unconfirmed targets, they may be a civilian-combatant.

Raven grabs Faire Taire and loads a magazine in. He then holds the carbine by the hand guard with his left hand, pulls back on the charging handle, and switches the weapon's safety on. He leans forward, opens the hatch as the aircraft begins to hover and descend on the outskirts of Lariss' Eastern side.
The aircraft spins so the open, right hatch faces the town and finally reaches a hover just above the ground. Raven stands and steps off with a hop. "Thanks for the ride!"
"Send a message when you're ready to be picked up again!"
Raven steps away from the ship and it takes off again; arcing around the town on its way to the direction of the city of Vale. With his weapon loaded, he puts Faire Taire back on his thigh.
When he is half way to the rendezvous point, he is greeted by a few locals. He halts after spotting a man walking close to him and is surrounded by a few men. One with an assault rifle speaks after throwing away a cigarette he had been smoking. "What are you doing here?" Right away, Raven is a little intimidated by the men, even if they all-except the one with the assault rifle-have pathetic-looking weapons. His voice seems to shrink as he speaks.
"I-I-I'm supposed someone here..."
He roles his eyes and points behind him, already knowing who the older-looking boy is looking for. "Can't miss it. Be warned, though. Someone else is in there with your girlfriend. They broke in a little while before she came so I'd be careful if I was you." Raven begins to blush violently under his bandanna and wants to say something but is too embarrassed to say anything. So, he nods at the gentleman and walks past. I-I-I-I-I-I-I'M MUCH TOO OLD FOR H-HER!
Within half a minute, Raven arrives at the Blue Parrot and looks at the sign. ...Please don't meet up with a girl-please don't meet up with a girl... The boy sighs and then cautiously peaks around the corner to the inside of the building.
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Blood and Liberation (Closed)
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