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 Seth Volupo

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PostSubject: Seth Volupo   Mon May 05, 2014 5:27 pm


Name: Seth Volupo

Age: 16 12/12

Gender: Male

Species: Fox-wolf faunus


Occupation: Student at beacon

Seth's Appearance:
Seth is 5'6” tall and weighs 130 lbs. His eyes are dark orange. He has light gray hair with a few light orange stripes on the tips of his hair. Seth's hair is mildly shaggy but short. His Canine ears are exposed, but his tail is hidden under his shirt. His canine teeth stand out more than most people.

He wares a gray hoodie with orange designs over his orange t-shirt. His ammo cartridges are held inside of his hoodie. His light gray paints are supported by a belt that holds his two weapons. He also wares solid black combat boots.

History: Seth was raised in the town of Autumnville with his twin brother. There parents trained them to fight and make tactical decisions. His family where huge supporters of the White Fang before they got a new leader. From then everything went down hill.

Disagreeing with the new leader, they stopped supporting the White Fang. Evan though the White Fang  started attacking innocent people, Seth's brother still thought the White Fang's actions where just. He started threatening his parents and Seth that he would join the White Fang. One night he got into a argument with the rest of his family and left.

The following night Seth's brother came back, but not with good intentions. He started attacking Seth and his parents with an unbelievable amount of rage. He managed to kill his father and severally injure his mother. It was at that moment Seth became scarred for life and has ever since had a death wish for the White Fang and his brother.

Seth decided to apply too Beacon to train to be a hunter and protect vale from any attacks by grim and the White Fang.

Personality: Seth is a cheerful and somewhat of a goof despite his dark past. He can be rather tense and becomes rather reckless when some one is being picked on. Despite this he has hardly any friends, but he tends to be loyal to the ones he has. In combat he tends to be vary serious, but manages to say some one-liners from time to time.

Strengths: Because of his lessons from his parents, he relies heavy on tactics and looking for weaknesses of a target. He has a lot of strength in his arms and legs witch he uses for speed and strong melee attacks. Being a Fox-wolf Faunus, he can sense when someone or thing is trying to attack him off guard. He can also evade attacks rather quick.

Weaknesses: His main weakness is the fact his armor is vary light and is manly for looks. Another weakness is that his weapon shoots a small pistol round witch does little damage. Another con of his weapon us that the blades are rather small too.

Semblance: All-A-Round: Seth's aura allows him to increase a bullets accuracy and speed. Instead of increased accuracy he can add an affect, like blaze or thunderbolt. However, it is limited by the weapon having a dust cell. A dust cell can run out of liquid dust after long use. Once a round is shot, his orange strands of hair give of a faint glow.


Name: the Grateful Blaze

Primary Form: The Grateful Blazes' primary form is a SMG that uses pistol rounds. The weapon is rather compact and has simple iron sights. The weapon has a collapsible handle where the trigger is located. Where the shoulder rest should be, there is a second handle which holds a dust cell.

Secondary Form: In its secondary form, the pistol grip folds towards the front of the gun and a curved blade pops from the bottom of the gun. In this form it can be used as a Kama but cant be used as a gun. The Kama give vary deep wounds, but has a short range.

History: The instructions for making dust cell weapons is passed down from generation to generation. For the most part the Grateful blaze is made by Seth himself, well except the ammo and ammo cartridges.
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Seth Volupo
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