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 Kaltrina Watt-Schneidemesser

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PostSubject: Kaltrina Watt-Schneidemesser   Mon May 05, 2014 2:23 pm


Name:  Kaltrina Curtana  Watt-Schneidemesser

Age: 18yr old 14/05

Gender:  Female

Species: Smilodon Faunus.


Family symbol:

Occupation:First Year Student of Beacon

Voice Claims:
Marieve Herington as Celestia Ludenberg

FC - Edited Komaru Naegi:
Appearance:  Standing as a relatively tall girl at 5’7”, outside of her gear she  weighs 69.85Kg, and inside she weighs 83.08Kg. Heterochromatic, her right eye is chocolate-brown while the left is Gold, slightly tilted upwards at both ends. She has dark brown hair what is cut with part of her hair tied to the back of her head, an ahoge being constantly spiked up though, her skin. Being a Smilodon Faunus, she has a pair of Cat Ears, a Small tail and natural claws on her feet. However, her main trait is her upper canines. With 25mm visible, they are over triple the size of the average humans. Because of this, they are normally seen outside her mouth like she is a Vampire. She is very physically fit (Mikasa Ackerman level of muscle), which shows when she wears light amounts of thin clothing. Usually wearing Golden Maiden whenever she leaves the confines of her room, she is seen with a backpack on what holds one of the two other sets of armour, the last one left in her locker. Underneath of this (Or not wearing her armour), she wears purple sailor school uniform, consisting of a lightish blue-grey, skirt and light purple ribbon. The shirt of the uniform has her symbol on its chest, while the collar holds her family symbol. To go with this outfit, she also wears her backpack in case of sudden attack.
Another trait is her speech patterns. To avoid repressing back into having a lisp, she actively concentrates on her speaking, having an almost computer like voice coupled with an accent acquired from her parents, seeming out-of-place to most individuals from Vale.

History: Born as Kaltrina Fortuna to Maria Fortuna and a Smilodon Faunus known as Morgan Rutherford, she was left on the doorstep of a rich family of human aristocrats from Hagarba, the two adults already having a son, Horace Mortimer and a daughter, Opaline Marzia. Despite growing up knowing she was adopted, Kaltrina received just as much attention as her older brother and sister, being seen as a blessing for their family. However, at the age of Ten Opaline suffered an accident during her initiation when her dust backfired, crippling her and causing her to require an artificial hand. Deciding to take up her sister’s wish to be a fighter, she changed from her own personal desire to have a quiet life in the legal area to join Signal and hopefully, Beacon.
Attending Signal with the intention to pursue becoming a huntress, she got decent enough grades to be accepted to Beacon.  Flying through the initiation and getting into team WILL, acting as the Leader of Ingrid Thomson, Cyrano Lagos and Louis Finch who were all Wolf Faunus. Not that long after, she developed a relationship with Marcus Roberts. Having a peaceful life at Beacon, it was to be shattered Eight months in, when Marcus asked her to join him in the city. Bringing her whole team as a sort of field trip, they were touring around a Factory in the Industrial district when it occurred. White Fang having targeted the factory some time before, the attack came with no warning, the tour guide falling first from a well placed rifle round to her cranium. A fire fight ensuing in the hallway, the death toll on both sides mounted in the battle of quality vs. Quantity. Ingrid died first of the group, her chest being peppered with bullets but protecting the other four, Louis dying from a pistol round to the chest but not before killing four and Cyrano suffering the same fate as the guide, avenging Ingrid and taking out six from a distance before the rounds hit their mark. Now down to just herself and Marcus, the pair had managed to get close enough to engage in melee, police sirens already blaring nearby, giving the girl a sense of hope, that is until Kaltrina suffered a large slash down her back, barely missing her spine or organs as she turns her head to look at her attacker, the female member’s bear ear’s twitching. Trying to stand, covered in blood, the last sight she sees before she blacked out was Marcus having a sword run through his chest, his look of shock at her injury reflecting hers.
Being found miraculously alive afterwards, her weapons by her side and covered in the blood of Faunus, her friends and her own. Receiving treatment at a nearby hospital, it would take three days before she woke up from her coma, though it was obvious she had changed due to the incident. Not leaving the hospital bed for six months, the only exception would be to attend the funeral of the four dead, discovering that in Marcus’ possession was an engagement Ring. This triggered the first of her many suicide attempts during her stay at the hospital. Spending the other six months in a unit for both her mental condition and physical therapy, after having regained her previous strength and even increased her running speed, only then was she released to be allowed to return to Beacon. However when she returned she was told she would have to find a new team and redo from the entire First year. At first trying to persuade them to let her join from the second year, after realising it to be no use, she gave up and waited for her time, anxiously awaiting her second attempt at Beacon and trying to get her life back after it was snatched away from her, though with a passion to hunt down and kill the people who murdered her friends.

Personality: Arrogant and competitive, she still makes sure that everyone is all right if injured, and treats her friends or those she views as her retainers with kindness and rather friendly, if a still hubristic. However, the events in the Factory, she has become more strained in her relationships to other Faunus. She now views them under either two categories. If she views them as weaker than her, she acts as if they were humans, keeping her kind and friendly persona if they break through her shell. However, if she deems that they are or could be a threat, she acts increasingly hostile towards them, often attacking them whenever she can get away with it, however these people are far and few between, having a sense of hubris from her genetics. There are two anomalies for this however, if they are a member or known associate of the White Fang, or if they are a Bear Faunus. Whatever their appearance, she will actively try to cut them down, despising their very existence. However, this does not apply to humans, viewing them all as equals and thus those that she knows are stronger than her receive the same treatment as those weaker than her.
Because of her semi-muscular frame, she is highly self-conscious of her body despite her Semblance’s side-effects, she still shows her Faunus ears and her Teeth, tail hidden beneath her trousers though (Mainly due to how small it is compared to other cats).

Strength: Because of her parentage and Faunus type, she has a near unnatural amount of strength and endurance, being able to move in her armour is if it was just leather, though Terminus Est is an exception. She also has the ability to see in the dark and is ambidextrous. With the prior advantage of her time in Beacon before the accident, she has good analysis and leadership skills which have diminished slightly with her absence coupled with good reaction skills, allowing her to block quick enough to prevent a fast and fatal blow most of the times. Naturally proficient with the art of warfare and its teachings, using her analysing skills to analyse the situation and consider all the appropriate courses of action in an instant. Has a good deal of protection from pierce or slash damage, her armours designed especially for defence against both ranged attacks and blade attacks, on the flip side, her armours are not designed for dealing with blunt attacks, with hammers, clubs and staff weaponry doing more damage compared to sword or small arms.

Weakness: Has only short-range weaponry (Other than using her semblance) so is left unable to counter against long-range effectively with specialised ranged weaponry, becoming pinned down in her armour until assisted or can move closer. Her tendency to take all the damage for her allies mean she is more liable to injury in team or large-scale fights, she is also unable to fight well in a large fight against other humans due to their more unpredictable nature compared to Grimm. At the benefit of some abilities, she has also suffered a decrease in her sense of taste, being near nonexistent since birth. Has a fear for explosions after the injury of her sister, causing her to lose her calm when faced with close-range explosions and berserks, becoming unable to analyse an attackers moves and attacking both friends who get too near as well as her foes, however this can be countered with a pinch to her ear from another person as it does not work when done to herself.  Lasers pointers. Also known as her mortal enemy, for some reason she is automatically drawn to them, whether in combat or just relaxing, unable to take her eyes off them and try to catch it until it disappears.  This is coupled with bright lights dazing her, though this is only a temporary effect, with her eyes adjusting after a small period of time. Under sustained, targeted attacks, her joints lock up, immobilising the limb until it can be fixed. While her armour is supposed to be a good defence against ranged weaponry while staying fast enough to move, this also means that the kinetic force of the attack carries well over her body, dealing damage whenever she gets hit.

Semblance: : Metallic Will: Kaltrina’s aura has the ability to manipulate metals with Titanium in them. This is highly limited though, having to have had skin contact with the object for a cumulative 200 Days. She can control the speed of how fast they are pulled towards her, but it has a max range of 30m before it is too far to control. Despite these limitations, she uses it to good effect, swapping between heavily compacted armours in combat to take advantage of her enemy’s weaknesses, though it isn’t without disadvantages. Between armours, she is left in her clothing beneath her suits for ten seconds before the second suit is ready for wearing. It then takes a second while it puts itself on ( )  Though can be done while moving.  When her aura is in use, her eyes glow, also change, becoming central heterochromatic as well, the brown eye (Becoming Gold within brown) , while the opposite occurs in the other eye.


Name:  Lacuna, Rue of the Fallen


Primary Form: A large bastard sword at 1.1m long, it has a intricate  design on it. Within the hilt there is a collection of dust crystals on a rotator so whenever the primary crystal is used fully used, it swaps to another with the primary crystal shown on the hilt. Down the middle is a large line of gold coloured blocks with a letter on each one spelling its title, written in Hagarban. It also has a wire from the hilt, with the majority of it being kept inside. This is for easy retrieval during combat in the case it falls out of her hands, and has a range of 30m before it runs out, also being used to swing the sword as a ranged weapon with the help of her semblance to a max speed of 7m/s .

Secondary Form:By using one of the crystals Lacuna can perform an increase in performance caused by infusing one's weapons  with large doses of dust and large amounts of dust. This has the effect of the blade emitting a bright blue light before being used, increasing the speed of her blade over a period of thirty seconds.  Due to the time it takes for new crystal to be set as the primary fuel source, it takes two minutes before it can be used again. It also has the chance of backfiring, causing the dust surrounding Kaltrina and the blade to explode.

Tertiary Form:  By using carefully positioned dust crystals along the cross-guard of the sword, a large 'ice blade' is formed around the original metal blade. It's heavier and larger, causing the swinging to cause more fatigue. When the blade hits something hard, it shatters into icicles which explode outwards at the object and anything in its general area.  

History: The Ancestral blade of the Schneidemesser family, it is the twim sister blade to Zedvryar, Torment of lost souls , though this  was given to her older brother . Originally intended for her elder sister, with her accident and crippling, it became obvious that a new owner for it was required; Kaltrina changing the blade to ensure it does not repeat the same fate on her as well as lining it with titanium, though not enough to compromise its abilities.

Armour Sets:


Vehicle: Athena: A black sports car, it was a present from her parents for when she passed her driving license. As a joke, it has her face on the bonnet and two Saber-tooth Cats on the sides.  It can accelerate to 60 mph in 3.14 seconds and can reach 100 mph in 6.6 seconds. The ¼ mile time is 11.0 at 136 mph and the top speed has been recorded to be as high as 221mph.

Theme Song
Main theme / Combat Theme
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Kaltrina Watt-Schneidemesser
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