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 Mya Kombfustis

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PostSubject: Mya Kombfustis   Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:43 pm


Name: Mya Kombfustis-Phyrous

Age: 16

Gender: Female.

Symbol: A light blue flame coming out of a golden blooming flower.

Occupation: Blacksmith and Metalworker

Appearance: Mya is 5'10 tall, weighs roughly 122 lbs and is slim. She has short curly blonde well kept hair with a metal hair clip of her family symbol located on the upper left of her hair, and royal yellow irises, a small nose, and tanned skin. She wears a plated blue jacket with a leather strap covered with vials and canisters of yellow fire, light blue ice, and purple electric dust. The strap it held together by a steel chrome buckle in the shape of a spiral in the center. On her back she wears a fine white silk cape printed with her symbol and the Family motto "Wɪl əv ðə spajrəl əv ɛnlajtənmənt, gajd ði" underneath, and black padded pants.

History: Born into a branch of the wealthy Phyrous family of the dessert city of Vahir in Kerozen (a country off to the east of Vale). She was raised to be creative and of a higher education in science and philosophy at her home for 6 years, and later trained in martial arts at a local prestigious college for 3. She had no friends outside her family. Her life was very uneventful due to her sheltered upbringing so she transferred to Beacon University looking for a life of adventure as a huntress.

Personality: She is very mentally active but can focus if it is something that she really enjoys (i.e a good book). she loves experimentation and discovering new things. When she is excited she misses social clues. She has a fear of cats. She is left handed. When exited enough she skips words or sentences. Is highly passionate for physics and puzzles.

Strength: Quick on her toes, flexible with strategy and combat, good at fixing and enhancing machines, high aura.

Weakness: Poor control of aura, sheltered, below average strength, finds it hard to read every handwriting but her own, can't swim.

Semblance: Unknown/locked.


Name: Pole of Phyrous.

Primary Form: A long red bo/quarterstaff with gold ribbon wrapped around the body that can be fitted with multiple attachments on one side, while the other side can fire all dust types.

Secondary Form: The bo can be disconnected into two pieces held together by steel thin fiber wire with the attachment side two thirds larger than the other.

Tertiary Form: The attachment side can be split to reveal the blade of a iron Wakizashi with the family symbol and motto etched into the side.

History: The Pole of Phyrous is a standard issue bō given as one of three inheritance weapons to members of Phyrous family by elders. The weapon is a copy of one of the tools of the god of war 'Tou' called Prəmiθiəs.
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PostSubject: Re: Mya Kombfustis   Fri May 02, 2014 6:48 pm

First of all, I would like to see more substance in the strength and weakness sections.

Additionally, while the aura rules are more recommendations than official rules, one that we are enforcing for new characters is that everyone has a semblance. While a character can be unaware if their semblance, or unable to use it, it is still there. As such, it needs to be a part of the profile.


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Mya Kombfustis
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