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PostSubject: Witches   Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:44 pm

Description: Rogue Huntsmen and Huntresses that take on underground jobs for nothing other than their own personal gain and as long as it pays well. They can be compared to Mercenaries except that they are a lot more dangerous. They mostly specialize in assassination, acts of terrorism, major hits (especially hits on other huntsmen), "security" and so on. Most usually wear masks while working  but those who don't are to be considered the most dangerous as they tend to try and kill every witness, an act also known as "wiping". Because of their hunting prowess regular law enforcement can only do so much against them and it's extremely rare to catch one alive, as they tend to either commit suicide, or kill their attacker. the majority of Witches have a high bounty on their head and are wanted Dead or Alive. Normally Huntsman are assigned to take the Witches down. Beacon students are allowed to hunt down these "Witches" but only if it's an entire team of four. Again these are full fledged hunters that have "gone rogue" and if a student decides to take one on their own they would be considered extremely lucky to have survived. ONLY 3rd year teams and above are permitted to take on a mission to bring down a witch and these teams are almost always accompanied by a teacher whether they know it or not. This is to ensure their safety during such a task. witches do not discriminate between human or faunus as long as they are getting paid.
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