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 Dreyphus Black

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Jacob Reaver


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PostSubject: Dreyphus Black   Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:39 am

Name: Dreyphus Black

Age: 25 9th day of the 2nd Month

Gender: Male

Occupation: Law enforcement officer, Peacekeeper division

Appearance: 6”3 solidly built. Usually dressed in his Peacekeeper armour, a jet black reinforced flakk jacket with several segmented plates, interlocking over the top, very few places are not covered by the armour in order to allow for flexibility and prevent the wearer from being too restricted. Bandolier containing an assortment of specialist ammunition clips and utility belt with a range of devices designed to promote combat efficiency. Dreyphus wears the standard issue Peacekeeper helmet, crafted from a lightweight blast resistant alloy, a black tinted visor masks his eyes and means that all his charges see is the lower half of his face. Without the helmet however, Dreyphus looks slightly more forgiving, with tightly cropped hair and ice blue eyes.

History: Dreyphus grew up on the streets of Vale, affiliated with its dark underground often in the employ of information brokers and crime lords. However after he became aware of the pain that he was causing others through his seemingly innocent missions he turned his back on his former employer. For several years a bounty was placed on his head until Dreyphus sought asylum at Beacon, where he was trained in combat and the ways of the Hunter. However his persuers still lingered, monitoring his movements and waiting for their chance to strike.
  After graduating from Beacon, Dreyphus began work in the field, hunting and slaying Grimm, but this life was not for him. Why should humans go unpunished for their actions whilst Grimm were condemned for theirs? Especially considering that Humans understood what they were doing.
  It was after that that Dreyphus joined the ranks of Vale’s peacekeepers, an elite unit of law enforcement officers recruited from Beacon graduates. There he was taught how to hunt criminals as opposed to Grimm, and he has walked the streets of Vale ever since.

Personality: Dreyphus’ colleagues would describe him as robotic. He is completely single minded in his duty and bunt in both speech and approach, he cares little for humour or recreation, and approaches anything he does with ruthless efficiency. He tends to be very closed emotionally and tries not to develop strong bonds with any of his fellow Peacekeepers, for fear that it may have an effect on his performance if they fall in the line of duty. On his exterior, Dreyphus is stern, callous and tough, though this does not mean he feels nothing.

Strengths:  Dreyphus is physically strong and an excellent shot, capable of hitting a moving target accurately from several hundred metres away, despite the somewhat innacurate nature of his weapon.

Weaknesses: Dreyphus is never one to ask for aid and will refuse to accept defeat, which has lead to his sustaining serious injury in the past. His main combat weakness lies in close quarters, as despite being a brutal brawler, his close combat talents are not as refined as his skills with a gun.

Semblance: Dreyphus’ semblance grants him the ability to mimic the semblance of another individual, provided he has maintained physical contact for at least 5 seconds. Dreyphus then retains the abilities granted by this ability for the number of minutes equivalent to the number of seconds he held contact (e.g. 5 seconds = 5 minutes). Dreyphus is not however, he is not immediately aware what the semblance is, and only gains basic knowledge of how to use it once he has activated it.


Name: The Mediator X-22

Primary Form: A snub barrelled handgun, approximately a foot in length with a drum magazine just in front of the trigger. The weapon’s ammunition is infused with a specific payload according to the commands of the user, Ice, Fire, electricity, stun, grenade and flare are all accessible through either verbal or physical command.

Secondary Form: Truncheon. On the user’s activation the Mediator may be transformed into a truncheon, the barrel extending and the magazine ejecting in addition to the grip folding backwards so that it is in line with the barrel.

Additional Items: Dreyphus’ utility belt contains smoke pellets, impact foam, mag clams and semblance neutraliser handcuffs, all of which are standard issue for Peacekeepers. However he also keeps a small array of personal devices that are not in the Peacekeeper armoury, the sonic grenade and shock dusters (knuckle dusters with inbuilt tazers).

History: The Mediator has been a more recent addition to the Peacekeeper armoury, Dreyphus himself was one of the first to use them in the field to great success, since then they have become standard issue, with larger versions being used by the Peacekeeper, anti Grimm and Riot divisions.

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PostSubject: Re: Dreyphus Black   Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:41 pm

I think the semblance, as a whole, is too broad. I really don't think we will be able to approve this semblance, or one of similar tone. I did have one question that might help my view of it however, but since I'm not the only one that feels a different semblance would be best it may not matter.

Once he gains another's semblance ability does he gain their knowledge of it? Let's look at my own character, Chiu, as an example. She has a semblance. Soul Shield. However, due to the broken nature of her history and personality, she is unable to use it. She even believes that she has no semblance at all anymore. So, if Dreyphus were to actually touch Chiu for 5 seconds, would he be able to use a semblance she could not? Or is he limited by the knowledge and limitations of the original user?

In addition, under strengths you mention Dreyphus is "capable of hitting a moving target accurately from several hundred metres away." However, the only ranged form of his weapon is a revolver. Now is this just a generalization or is he actually capable of making a moderately difficult rifle shot with a handgun? And a snub nose at that.


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Jacob Reaver


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PostSubject: Re: Dreyphus Black   Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:17 pm

Thanks, those are some really good points, I'll make a few changes and see how that looks
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PostSubject: Re: Dreyphus Black   

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Dreyphus Black
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