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 Sparrow Alms

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PostSubject: Sparrow Alms   Sparrow Alms Icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2014 12:53 pm


Name: Sparrow Alms

Age: 22, birthday: 12th day of 4th month

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Symbol: A green target with a coin pinned to it by an arrow

Occupation: Thief/Student

Appearance: Sparrow is 6’ with brown eyes and tan skin. He weighs 170lbs. His head is shaved, but he has a bunch of red feathers glued to his head. He wears a green tunic and a green hunters hat with a red feather in it (The hat actually has a hole in it, and the feather is one of the ones on his head). He wears white tights and has green moccasins for shoes. He will wear a bird beak over his mouth and nose when fighting. On his back, he has a quiver of arrows and a bow hanging on that.

History: Sparrow grew up in a poor and impoverished community by the name of Nathan Alms. While he lived there, he saw Faunus steal food from the local market stalls. He admired their courage and wit, and aspired to be just like them. This was difficult for him because he knew very little about them. Ignoring this dilemma, Sparrow shaved his head and glues feathers to his head to look like a bird faunus. He started calling himself Sparrow and preformed numerous heists to get food for his family and friends. He made a fake bird beak to hide his true identity. At the age of 16, he finally heard of Signal, and learned that Faunus attend it with Humans. He joined up and, after a few failed years, he graduated and headed to beacon at the age of 22.

Personality: Sparrow is very eccentric, and cares a lot for the misfortunate. He admired faunus and will usually follow(stalk) them. He will help anyone who needs it, even if he would get in trouble. He also isn’t very smart because he had no education prior to Signal. With his little common sense, he often makes a fool out of himself in public.

• Very accurate
• Very fast at drawing and loading his weapon
• Excels at sneaking and hiding
• He works very well with a partner

• Takes damage poorly
• He can’t help but assist the weak, even if it is his enemy (too merciful)
• He is pretty useless at close range
• Lacks most of his common sense
• He will not attack faunus unless it is a life or death situation

Semblance: Amplifeyes
-His vision zooms in 100%. This helps him hit targets further away. Using this will restrict his field of vision, making it easy to sneak up on him. After he stops using this, his vision goes extremely blurry for 10 seconds.


Name: Clout and Riser

Primary Form: Clout
-Clout is a longbow that can fire several types of dust tipped arrows, such as ice, fire and kinetic. He primarily uses the kinetic tipped arrows.

Secondary Form: Riser
-Clout separates in the middle of the bow and transforms into a pair of nunchuks, with the cord serving as a chain. The cord retracts significantly to actually be able to work. He will always wait to use Riser until he needs to because he is lousy at short range.

History: Sparrow had used a bow that was his fathers to perform his heists, and made a new one with dust tipped arrows at signal. He modified it so that it would turn into nunchuks for two reasons: It was cool to transform it, and he wanted to impress the faunus.
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PostSubject: Re: Sparrow Alms   Sparrow Alms Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2014 10:38 am

Little iffy on the mechanics of the semblance, but if no one else has issue with it I can give you +1.


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PostSubject: Re: Sparrow Alms   Sparrow Alms Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2014 10:59 am

Amplifeyes... Good name. Approved, 2/2.

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PostSubject: Re: Sparrow Alms   Sparrow Alms Icon_minitime

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Sparrow Alms
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